“Are you looking for a new Blackstone indoor grill and want to know if the grill is actually worth your investment? Do you know, grilling is what’s done outside and griddling is done inside? A griddle is a large flat sheet of metal that is heated and used for cooking. Blackstone Products is the company behind the revolution of the grill.  “

Now you can bring all your outdoor cooking indoors. The indoor grill is perfect for those who live in an apartment or are looking to bring a hassle and gas-free griddle. Blackstone’s E-Series 22in Electric Tabletop Indoor Griddle is the first electric griddle that you can use for both indoor and outdoor cooking.

Is The Blackstone Grill Worth It?

Blackstone grills or griddles are packaged and designed to be ready to use. They are popular too, as there are a lot of advantages of using a Blackstone griddle over a traditional grill. If you want a high-quality, well-built, durable piece of equipment with a large cooking surface, Blackstone is worth buying. Blackstone offers a variety of models and sizes, so it’s easy to find one that will fit within your specified range.


Amazing Features of Blackstone E-Series Indoor Grill

  • First Electric Griddle  

Blackstone’s E-series 22in electric tabletop indoor griddle is the first electric griddle designed for indoor and outdoor cooking. It is convenient to use. On Blackstone’s griddle, you can easily prepare food for 2 to 6 persons.

  • 358-square-inches cooktop  

Blackstone griddle’s 358 square inches cooktop surface has space to cook up to 12 pancakes, 12 eggs, 12hamburgers, 9 steaks, 16 bacon strips, 12 chicken breasts and 30 hotdogs.

  • LCD Digital Display  

You can easily read with the help of a large LCD digital display.

  • Glass Hood  

Blackstone Indoor griddle comes with the patented rotate and remove glass hood. It helps to provide sleek protection and traps heat for cooking and steaming.

  • Non-Stick And Dishwasher Safe  

The griddle surface is non-stick, ceramic and titanium coated. Which makes it easy for cooking and clean-up. It comes with a dishwasher safe grease cup.

  • Touch Control And Rear Grease Management System  

Blackstone griddle’s EZ-Touch control dial is easy to use and control two independent cooking zones. Its clean-catch-low-profile patented rear grease management system makes the cleaning process quick, discrete and easy.

Difference between Grill And Griddle

  • Griddle  

A Griddle has a smooth, flat surface. It transfers heat from the entire metal surface to food, cooking and browning evenly. The flames or heat source (gas, charcoal, or electricity) never touch the food.

  • Grill   

A Grill has raised ridges if it is a solid plate or distinctively raised bars with the opening in between allowing food to cook directly over the heat source (gas, charcoal, or electricity). Grilling uses a higher temperature than griddle cooking. The metal absorbs and intensifies the heat, burning or browning at the point of contact.

Advantages of Choosing A Blackstone grill

  • Variety of Sizes  

Blackstone’s grill or griddles are available in a lot of sizes. The sizes start from 17 inches tabletop griddle to 36 inches griddle in size. Whether you want to cook a few burgers or have an outdoor party, you can easily select the griddle which one will best suit you according to your needs.

  • Quality  

Blackstone has become popular in the griddle world with its high-quality equipment. All Blackstone products are finely engineered and well built. Everything is made wonderfully to long-last if you take proper care and do maintenance.

  • Affordability  

The Blackstone stone products are neither too expensive nor too cheap in terms of price. They are very affordable. Blackstone offers a variety of models and sizes, which makes it very easy to find the one that fits within your specific price range.

  • Cooking Experience  

Blackstone indoor grill provides a wonderful cooking experience to indoor and outdoor chefs. You can easily cook four different types of food into separate zones, in Blackstone large models. Come with four separate burners, with the ability to adjust temperature control over each burner.

Drawbacks of Choosing A Blackstone Grill

  • Maintenance Issues  

A drawback of the Blackstone griddle is the maintenance of the cooking surface. You need to thoroughly clean and do the oiling of the surface after each use. Otherwise, it will be prone to rust.

  • Storage And Maneuverability  

The smaller Blackstone models are easy to store and keep safe. Blackstone provides a counter height cart with a side shelf, folded or removed for easy mobility and storage. The larger ones provide very little or no accessories removal, making it difficult to store them.

Warnings to Keep in Mind for Using Blackstone Indoor Griddle

The Blackstone Indoor product comes with DEHP and DINP warnings. The product can expose you to chemicals including Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) and Diisononyl phthalate (DINP). They are known to cause congenital disabilities, cancer, or other reproductive harm.

Do Blackstone grills rust?

Steel is just iron and carbon, so rusting is obvious. Rust only forms at the surface of iron, so it will not affect the whole metal. Just scrape off the top layer of your flat top, and you are good to go.

Can You Use A Grill Brick on A Blackstone Grill?

Yes, you can use a grill brick on a Blackstone Grill as it is perfect for effortless residue removal. The grill brick is safe for hands and is non-toxic. You can use grill brick safely on hot or cold grill tops.

How Long Does A Blackstone Griddle Last?

A Blackstone griddle should last about twenty years or more. It will last forever as long as you season it and take proper care and maintenance. The Blackstone griddles are built to resist wear and tear, so even the rustiest flattops can get back to life for delicious cooking.


Blackstone indoor grill features traditional quality and style. It brings indoors what once was strictly outdoor.

The simple and elegant design of the Blackstone griddle with a wheeled cart gives you the flexibility to decide if you want to decorate your countertop or adorn the patio. It’s amazing dishwasher safe rear grease management system will remove your cleaning distress.

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