Top 5 Hot Selling Hey Dude Shoes (5 Best Hey Dude Shoes In 2021)

We Like
Hey Dude Men's Wally Sox Shoes Multiple Colors
+ Comfortable Durable
+ Healthy Feet
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Rainy Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes
+ Synthetic Sole
+ Soft Fabric Linings
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Wet Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Wally Woven Loafer
+ Fabric
+ Synthetic Sole
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Rainy Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes
+ Manmade outsole
+ Synthetic Sole
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Wet Seasons
Hey Dude Men's Welsh Shoes Multiple Colors
+ Textile Upper
+ Synthetic Outsole.
+ Option of Socks or Without
- Not Appropriate for Rainy Seasons

“Launched in Italy back in 2008, Hey Dude shoes has remained one of the most popular high-performance footwear brands. The Brand which offers designs for men, women, and children uniquely combines fashion and quality.”

Hey Dudes come as both lace-up shoes as well as a slip-on designer version. The company offers a wide selection of highly stylish and comfortable footwear. However, the variety of options also means identifying Hey Dude shoes is a little challenging. Many people wonder how to identify Hey Dude shoes. Read More Our Review: Are NordicTrack treadmills worth the money?

But certain features make these shoes stand out from others. This includes:

A Flexible Upper

One of the most remarkable features people tend to praise about Hey Dude shoes is the unique quality and design of the upper materials. Hey Dude shoes typically have a textile upper. Whether it is made from canvas, knit or stretchy material, the upper is usually designed to be flexible and gives the wearer much freedom while also providing optimal protection for the feet.

One major advantage of this textile upper asides from being flexible is that Hey Dude Shoes are also highly breathable. The material allows air to flow in and out of the shoe briefly. Of course, this also means that you should steer clear of the pool or any other watery environment when you have Dudes on.


Another remarkable feature of Hey Dude shoes is how lightweight they are. In fact, they are so lightweight they have about the same weight as two pairs of socks. You can expect the average weight of a Hey Dude shoe to be about 5 ounces. This low weight can be attributed to the EVA outsole. The midsole is also made of light memory form while the upper textile is lightweight as well.

Excellent Cushioning

Comfort is one of the trademark features of Hey Dude shoes and one of the major factors that motivate its design. The memory form insole of these shoes gives it a well-cushioned and comfortable footbed- allowing it to absorb shock excellently. The inner part of the shoes is lined with a soft material that makes them fit snuggly on your foot whether you are wearing socks or not.

Typically, you can also find a foam lining around the shoe’s closure which hugs the wearer’s ankle giving it a subtly firm fitting. This also makes it more comfortable. Underneath, the EVA sole of Hey Dude shoes is toothed. This gives it maximum traction when you work.


Although Hey Dude Shoes do come with laces, they are not designed to be tight fitting. The lace is only meant for gentle adjustment. Dudes also feature elastic bands around the sides and heels that boost the grip feature of the shoes.

What’s So Special About Hey Dude Shoes?

Given the popularity of Hey Dudes shoes (more than 11 million pairs were sold in the third year of its launch alone), it is common to ask what makes this shoe brand so special.

Perhaps the most obvious answer to this question is that the brand offers a variety of designs that makes it perfect for different occasions. Whether you are looking for traditional-looking shoes or you need something to match a more modern fashion outlook, Hey Dude has a shoe to suit your fashion choices.

They are available in different colors, styles, and patterns so pretty much everyone can find something that’s just for them. The brand makes shoes for men, women, and even children all crafted with flexible and comfortable fabric that people are likely to find very comfortable no matter their foot type.

This point is further emphasized by the use of elastic laces. This makes it convenient to simply slip the shoes on and off. Asides from the slip-on styles, there are also booties and sandals for those that prefer firmer fitting shoes.

Finally, the Hey Dude’s brand advertises itself as an eco-friendly brand. The company is committed to environmental preservation. Hence Hey Dudes are designed to be as eco-friendly as possible.

They come in biodegradable packaging while the shoe has cork insoles and is made from recycled materials and organic cotton. There are even vegan Hey Dude shoe models such as the Mistral. While there are Hey Dudes with leather and suede materials, these also have parts made from recycled materials.

Are Hey Dudes Machine Washable?

Not all Hey Dude shoes can be washed in a machine. But most of them are indeed machine washable. Models with a fabric or canvas top can be easily washed in a machine. However, if your Hey Dude is made of leather, wool, or suede materials, those do not belong in a washing machine.

Also, there are specific instructions for washing Hey Dudes with a machine. For instance, the canvas, stretch and sox models should only be washed under cool conditions on a very slow cycle. Be sure to remove the insoles, toggles, and badges that may be fitted into the shoe.

What Do People Like About Hey Dude Shoes?

  • Comfortable and flexible designs for women, men, and children
  • Many Hey Dudes are made from ethically sourced and recycled materials
  • Wide variety of options to choose from
  • High quality and durable shoes

What Are the Limitations Of Hey Dudes?

  • Some Hey Dude shoes are not true to size. They tend to run wide after use. Generally, it is recommended that you purchase about half a size down your regular size.

Top 5 Hot Selling Hey Dude Shoes(5 Best Hey Dude Shoes In 2021)

1. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Sox Loafer

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Sox Black White, Size 11

2. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Stretch Loafer Shoes

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Stretch Fleece Grey, Size 11

3. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Woven Loafer

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Woven Beige, Size 10

4. Hey Dude Men’s Wally Canvas Loafers

Hey Dude Men’s Wally Free Light Grey Size 9 | Men’s Shoes | Men’s Lace Up Loafers | Comfortable & Light-Weight

5. Hey Dude Men’s Welsh Shoes Multiple Colors

Hey Dude Men’s Welsh Grip Steel, Size 12


The Hey Dude brand offers quite an impressive collection of comfy and stylish footwear. Hey Dudes are unique for being stylish yet top quality in their design. You might want to look out for flexibility, lightweight, and impressive cushioning when shopping for Hey Dudes.

Even though they come in several styles and varieties, these unique shoes are quite recognizable, and finding the right one for you should be easy. Give A Try? Enjoy The Best Treadmill Experience.

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