“You’d agree with us that everyone desires a good bang for their buck when they buy new products. The irony, however, is that many jump the gun and end up regretting some purchases. Why? The product does not match their desires!”

Vitamix A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black

We don’t want you in such a state with the Vitamix A3300 ascent series smart blender. That’s why we are giving out this top review to help you decide on either purchasing it or not.

We’ll be reviewing the Vitamix A3300 blender based on the following criteria:

  • Effectiveness
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Pricing

Is the Vitamix A3300 blender worth buying? Is the price equivalence of its value? What edge does it have over previous Vitamix ascent series blenders?

Just chill! This review does justice to the above questions and much more that concerns every regular buyer. Read More Our Review: homelabs portable washing machine

Overview of The Vitamix A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender

The Vitamix A3300 blender is a top member of the Ascent series. It is an amazing innovation! This is evident in its sleek design and high-grade tech qualities.

Like others in the ascent series, the blender has a self-detect technology that automatically modifies performance based on the size of the jar being used on it. It is also equipped with a speed dial of 10 turns, a programmable timer, and a pulse control, having a digital interface.

However, the Vitamix Ascent Series A3300 does not have in-built preset buttons. Meaning that you can’t manually set it to specific blending options. Nevertheless, Vitamix produced a mobile App that you can wirelessly pair with the blender. With the app, you can easily unlock the preset functions and explore the wide range of blending methods.

Also, the blender only comes with a 64-ounce (1.89 L) jar, which is suitable for family size blending. It will be too big for small size blending, though, which is another not-too-good aspect of the Vitamix Ascent Series A3300 blender. It does not come with variable jar size, limiting you to the 64-ounce profile.

Although, you can separately purchase smaller jar sizes from Vitamix. The smaller sizes would perfectly fit the blender, only that it would cost you extra dough.

That said, how effective is the Vitamix A3300 blender? Let’s find out!

The Vitamix Ascent Series A3300 Blender Effectiveness

Are you a lover of smoothies, frozen desserts, hot soup, and dips? Or do you fancy snow-like crushed ice? The Vitamix KC33000 can do that and much more for you!

Being a high-powered machine – with a 1,640 W rating– the blender can easily and smoothly blend your favorites. In terms of blending power, the A3300 performs almost equally compared with the A3500 in the accent series.

In addition, the speed of its blades generates much heat when running for up to seven minutes; this heat is enough to steam your blended soup!

Apart from making great smoothies, crushing ice, and hot soup, the Vitamix Ascent Series A3300 blender can also make spreadable Almond butter from Almond nuts, your favorite sauces, and dips; frozen desserts, and many more!

Although, it is worthy of note that the A3300 blender experienced difficulties when blending some hard and fibrous leaves like kale. Nevertheless, it is a great option for your everyday needs.

Vitamix Ascent Series A3300 Blender Ease Of Use

An excellent machine that can be easily operated and maintained catches everyone’s fancy! The question now is, based on the Ease of Use rating, what grade are we giving the Vitamix A3300 blender? How about we do the explanation and you be the judge? Okay then!

The Vitamix KC33000 would have been perfect if not for the absence of manual preset buttons. As a result, you have to access the mobile application before maximizing the blender’s abilities. This means that without connecting to the app, the blender functions just like every normal blending machine.

Although, the digital interface is a huge plus for the Vitamix A3300. That said, you can set a timer on the blender too. This stops the blending after the set time elapses. Also, with the presence of adjustable speed and a pulse control, you can easily blend your favorites to your desired texture.

In terms of maintenance, you can effortlessly clean the blender by adding some drops of dishwashing soap and filling the jar halfway and then running the machine within 30-60 seconds. Easy peasy!

Also, the self-detect feature makes things cooler. When you place a jar on the machine, it can easily detect the type of jar and then adjust blending settings based on that. With this, you can be sure to get the most efficient blending with that particular jar type.

Furthermore, the machine automatically disables some settings based on the type of jar placed on it. For example, the hot soup only works on the 64-oz. container.

In all, the Vitamix A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender, although having obvious cons, offers you some of the latest technology available in blending machines today!

How Durable Is The Vitamix A3300 Blender?

The Vitamix A3300 has a good build quality. The plastic casing of the machine, coupled with the plastic nature of the jar, makes it long-lasting. You can be sure that the jar won’t easily break when compared to glass ones.

Besides, the blender comes with a 10-year warranty! That’s a really good one. This assures you of free repairs if the blender fails within its warranty period.

How Much Does Vitamix A3300 Blender Cost?

The Vitamix Ascent Series A3300 blender costs on Amazon is one of the lowest prices you can get anywhere. It is also available at other popular online stores.

When you think about it, is the blender worth its price?

For us, we’ll say a big yes. This is because when compared with previous Vitamix Ascent series blenders, the Vitamix A3300 stands out for its smart features like the touch interface and the programmable timer.

Our Verdict

Based on our expert judgment, the Vitamix A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender is a great product that suits modern technological needs.

However, if your needs don’t exceed the normal blending, you may stick with a low-cost blender. But, if you desire something better than the norm, then the Vitamix A3300 Ascent Series Smart Blender is a great option you should consider! Give OnlineGroceryReview.com A Try? Expert-Led Reviews, Recommendations, And Roundups The best Shopping Content From The Top Grocery.

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