“It is not only fun to cook in the backyard but also refreshing. A change from the usual kitchen routine can do more good than harm. Change is as good as rest- someone lamented.”

Blackstone 1814 Tabletop Stainless Steel Propane 17″ Flat top Gas Griddle with Hood Rear Grease Trap for Kitchen, Camping, Outdoor, Tailgating, or Picnicking, 17 Inch, Black

There is a need to make a change from the usual four walls of the kitchen. Besides, chefs are likely to increase as Blackstone 1814 Tabletop Griddle brings out a new experience. Open backyard cooking has an unusual urge to make new cuisines.

This temptation to try your hands on new or unique cooking is well supported by Blackstone 1814. You cannot go wrong with this fantastic device in your home. Indeed, outdoor activity can be fun and memorable with this apparatus in operation. Read More Our Review: homelabs portable washing machine

What Can You Cook With Blackstone 1814?

Why spend a lot of time with typical appliances when Blackstone 1814 has made cooking much easier? There are several dishes prepared using Blackstone 1814. Some of the simple foods easily prepared with the device include burgers (can take nine at a time), eggs (twelve at a go), and pancakes (nine at once).

The making of simple foodstuffs to complex cuisines is done effortlessly with the device. For proper cooking, enormous cooking space is afforded.

Some meals typically don’t fit cooked in a kitchen. Imagine when you need to enjoy a BBQ. Whenever you use Blackstone 1814, you are almost sure that it takes only a few minutes to have your meal ready.

Why Is Blackstone 1814 Unique?

In the market, you find several devices purported to do the same job. However, under scrutiny, you are likely to figure out the outstanding indifferences. Some are just imitations.

The device has a stainless steel body-work to inhibit rust. As a result, the beautiful apparatus finds its usage in several areas, including;

  • Kitchen
  • Picnics
  • Outdoor
  • Camping

The big size makes the cooking easy and glamorous. The actual dimensions of this beautiful machine (with Hood and rear grease) are 21.7 x 20.5 x 14.7 inches. This device is easily put on the table hence the tabletop griddle.

For an item to fit well as an outdoor, one key factor to consider is portability. Blackstone 1814 is easily portable because of its weight and size. The product weighs 36 pounds, making it a candidate for outdoor and other adventures item.

This product is ideal for literally everything you desire to cook. From hot dogs, pancakes, stir fry, steaks, burgers, to mention just but a few.

Typically, most machines oils themselves when cooking. The design for this particular product allows it to collect the spillage on the fixed drip-catching tray. The drip collection prevents the machine from unnecessary hardship when cleaning.

How Efficient Is Blackstone 1814?

The type of burner integrated into this product is an “H” style. The choice of this burner is to ensure even distribution of heat and thereby cooking across the steel griddle.

Notably, none of your bacon gets burnt or undercooked. Thanks to Blackstone 1814.

How Is Blackstone 1814 Fueled?

This particular apparatus, unlike the others, use gas (propane) for cooking. As a result, there is no emission of smoke or unnecessary noise. The device, however, does not come with a hosepipe and gas regulator.

Furthermore, the fast heat up suggests you can start cooking immediately. Other facilities demand you wait for some time before the device acquires some significant heat. The net result is fast cooking and saving of energy and consequent bills.

Do Blackstone 1814 Clean Easily?

Most indoor and outdoor apparatus are difficult to clean. However, for Blackstone 1814 tabletop griddle, since it has an integrated drip tray, all oils and juices are collected before they soil the tabletop.

Moreover, the tray has a high capacity to trap all the drips. It would be best if you did not bother much to empty the tray. Quickly wipe the cooking surface with a paper towel, and it is good to use.

For you to easily clean the griddle, slide the tray out and wipe the griddle cooking surface with a wet piece of cloth and continue enjoying your primary activities.

How Easy Is Blackstone 1814 Setup?

One way to encourage a customer to buy a product is the ease of installation. Although this product has other unaccompanied parts, its installation is straightforward. The most critical area is to ensure that the propane tank is connected to the griddle through the hosepipe and adapter.

The propane tank holds 20lb of propane which is sufficient to do several dishes. It is essential to ensure all safety measures are adhered to save people’s life.

Can You Regulate Heat With Blackstone 1814?

While cooking, some foodstuffs require a little heat while others need high-intensity heat. Fortunately, the in-built igniter in Blackstone 1814 allows you to customize the heat as needed.

Not all facility has this unique feature. It is not surprising to find most other products get challenges in cooking light meals that only need less intensive heat.

Are Warranty Given On Blackstone 1814?

One of the core businesses of Blackstone Company is to satisfy its customers. Sometimes this role is partially achieved. The customer base exceeds the number Blackstone can easily handle.

That notwithstanding, the company still endeavor to assist clients but replacing faulty parts of the device or incompatible accessories.

Can There Be Products Similar To Blackstone 1814?

Several products are closely related to Blackstone 1814. However, there are striking differences in terms of the volume of foodstuff prepared at a go. Other products differ in size while others use a different source of fuel.

Some of the competitor’s items similar to Blackstone 1814 include;

  1. Sizzle-Q SQ180
  2. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast
  3. Griddle Accessories

Sizzle-Q SQ180 can operate with either charcoal or gas. This is an excellent option, especially when camping. All the listed devices have their pros and cons.

The net result indicates that Blackstone 1814 is much more superior to the other products. You can perform further check to ascertain the allegation.

What Guides A Customer In Choosing Blackstone 1814?

It is pretty confusing to pick the correct item in a market flooded with genuine and fake products. While searching for this type of product, there is a need to critically explore all the product catalogs.

People who are not conversant with the product are likely to get items with low specifications or, worse still, fake devices. Always take your time and carefully select a product that meets your needs.

Some of the critical areas worth thinking through while looking for a product include;

  • Ease of cleaning
  • Capacity
  • Durability
  • Warranty
  • Design and Compactness
  • Effectiveness

The above-listed areas are core in determining the viability of a device. However, you can always add to the list.

Ease Of Cleaning

Due to proper hygiene, every item used to prepare foodstuffs needs a suitable cleaning protocol. The appropriate method of cleaning helps to prevent food poisoning. A thing with an easy cleaning option is likely to be adopted faster than a hard-to-clean item.

Capacity or Size

Every commodity you purpose to buy must have the capacity to accommodate your needs satisfactorily. For items that do not meet your family’s needs, buying them is wasteful. Therefore, the thing must have the capacity to meet your needs, both qualitatively and quantitatively.


As you buy a home or an office device, the question of how long the item will last lingers in our minds. Answers to the question may be as diverse as the number of inquiries made.

You need to buy a product that guarantees maximum time for you to get value for your money. The longer the item lasts, the better the deal. Do not go for a quick fix that is temporal.

Warranty And Customer Service

Every item in the market has a degree of failure associated with myriads of factors. In mitigating customer’s troubles, manufacturers or the selling company offer warranties. To others, they have a return policy for the goods bought and do not satisfy the customer.

Whenever you use the product and realize you do not get what you were looking for in the machine, you can return it to the store. Please note that the return policy has time limitations, and you must return within the suggested period.

It is necessary to check for such arrangements before committing your money to a particular product.

After-sale service and customer care are also significant considerations when looking for a device. There are companies with outstanding products but are very poor in both after-sale service and customer care.

Whenever your product fails, and you wish to have it checked by technicians, especially when still under warranty, the period becomes difficult. Nevertheless, ensure that most if not all the devices your purchase have a form of warranty.

Compact Design

The current environment requires easily managed products. The size of these products is a significant value to consider. A smaller item may easily fit in a small kitchen leaving room for other things.

Most products associated with outdoor activities are preferred smaller and lighter to make them more portable. In this regard, consider products that are easily portable and well-designed too.

The design of an item should be eye-catching. Besides, the product’s color, stylish design, and smooth edge designs are likely to sell faster than others.

Product Efficiency

Every device you buy has a sole role in making work more accessible. The item, therefore, needs to have a positive impact on your operations. Notably, the device needs to use less power and afford excellent output.

The amount of time consumed to get the desired result is of the essence. The longer the time, the more power or energy consumed. Endeavor to look for products that operate optimum within a short period.

Ease Of Operation

Before you think of operating a device, consider the ease of installation. A good product should not require complicated modes of setup. Indeed, if you can personally set up the apparatus using the user manual, the better.

How easily a device is operated has a significant impact on a buyer. You need to buy an item that you can use easily to produce the required products. A user manual for every device you buy is critical.

Some products may have control panels that are friendly to use. Such devices are worth considering when in the market for one.

What Are The Advantages Of Blackstone 1814?

There are many reasons why owning a Blackstone 1814 cannot be a mistake. The volume of the foodstuff made at once is enough to feed a family of four. This capacity to make a great quantity of quality food is crucial.

The provision of a large capacity grease tray to catch all drips enables you to concentrate on cooking, yet cleaning the gadget and surfaces of operations is not compromised.

This particular device has a compact size. The small size makes the Blackstone 1814 candidate for a picnic and other outdoor activities.

Whenever you have Blackstone 1814, you are assured of cooking everything from pancakes, scrambled eggs to burgers and bacon.

Are There Shortcomings Of Blackstone 1814?

Due to the high demand associated with this product, the supply is subdued by demand. The product is rare in the market.

Unlike similar products, Blackstone 1814 only uses propane gas. Another product has diversified to using charcoal as an alternative to gas. By doing so, there is room to choose the choice of fuel.


We all love to eat good quality food. Hygiene is everything in food health. Blackstone 1814 provides more than what you probably bargained for.

There is no guesswork with Blackstone products as they have been tested over a reasonable period. Both the quality and the size are a perfect match for every serious buyer.

As a matter of fact, the product is a candidate for a catalog of items for unique gifts to family and friends. A picnic or any other outdoor activity is incomplete without the services of this beautiful device. Give OnlineGroceryReview.com A Try? Expert-Led Reviews, Recommendations, And Roundups The best Shopping Content From The Top Grocery.

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