“I was always leery of using a mandolin but DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer(DSM100) changed my mind. With older types, I often was afraid I would be cut. I can now safely cut food with this one. It is simple to use and makes a quick job of ‘dicing and slicing’. “

DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer, Julienne + Dicer for Vegetables, Meal Prep & More with 30+ Presets & Thickness Adjuster, Presets, Grey

The DASH safe slice mandolin offers a safer way to cut like a Pro. The unique design prevents your Hands from ever going near the built-in blades, making this mandolin the safest option for an Expert slice.

With 30+ slicing options, The mandolin cuts perfectly-even slices from 1-8mm in thickness while also offering julienne, matchstick and dicing options.

Complete with a recipe guide with dishes including coleslaw or potato chips, The safe slice mandolin makes food prep quick and easy.

Top 3 Unique Features of The DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer(DSM100)

Safe To Use

  • The unique design prevents your hands from going near the built-in blades, ensuring even cuts without the risk of injury.

Has A Thickness Adjuster

  • The thickness adjuster allows for custom control in a range of 1-8mm (.03-.3”).

Easy To Clean and Store

  • A cleaning brush eliminates buildup in the blades and makes cleaning safe. Food catch container keeps your countertop clean. Compact design folds down for easy storage.

Why Is DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer(DSM100) So Popular?

  • Slicing is fast, uniform, easy to set up and clean up.
  • Everyone that loves to cook and must have consistent “knife” cuts needs this in their life. Such a time saver.
  • It really does make slicing up potatoes for frying a breeze.
  • We make our own pizzas and this slices the vegetables so thin. It cuts our prep time in half.
  • This is definitely an upgrade replacement I have been using in my cooking daily if not several times a day due to ease of operation.

The 7 Reasons Why Do You Choose DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer(DSM100)

  1. Push down to slice in seconds (so easy even your kids can use it).
  2. This is a must-have for slicing & dicing fruits & vegetables.
  3. This thing will make you not dread cooking again.
  4. This is one of the best things I’ve bought for my kitchen in years and was worth every penny.
  5. The plethora of cutting options makes this tool one of the best for use.
  6. The DASH Mandoline is well designed, safe to use, and a great improvement over a more expensive model I had used before. Previously I worried about slicing my fingers but the DASH device is totally safe and secure.
  7. This Is A Great Addition To Anyone’s Kitchen.

Should You Buy DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer(DSM100)?

  • I honestly think this is a must-have for all at-home chefs.
  • Slice, julienne, matchstick, dice, and more for easy meal prep.
  • This will be the most used in your kitchen.
  • It is much safer than my old mandolin which I had cut myself with several times and the food could be hard to slide through the blades.
  • This DASH Safe Slice Mandolin comes with a food catch container, cleaning brush, recipe guide and recipe database access.

Can You Slice Eggplants Round or Long Way?

  • The blades are not as big as some mandolines, but we have been able to slice everything so far. If it is not a very large eggplant you should be fine. Sometimes we cannot use the safety guard with larger items but it still works.
  • And it works immensely better with smaller items when comparing to traditional mandolines.


  • This is an awesome tool for the kitchen.

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Warm Tips:

  • I know some people have complained that it is difficult to clean, but I find if I run water while cycling the blades it cleans fairly easily.

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DASH Safe Slice Mandoline Slicer(DSM100) FAQ

Wash right after or things get stuck. I use the little brush and the sink sprayer to push out debris. If I forget to wash right away, I turn the blade dials on the back all the way left (so the blades don't stick out) and shove it in the bottom shelf of the dishwasher (not locking the top part down).
Yes, this is what pushes the vegetables down thru the cutting blades. It can be pushed down and twisted to lock down for storage.
You can slice. Chop the end so there's a flat surface. Turn the thickness dial on the back to 0 or 1 (depending on how thin you want the slices). Push the flat edge into the chop part by hand and chop until your hands get close, finish with the white veggie pusher thing. You will still tear up from the onion fumes unless you wear protective goggles.
It’s a US-based company in NYC.
It depends on the size of the orange, but I would say a decent size orange would not fit without at least cutting it in half first.

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