“We all know that humans grow excess hair, especially men, which needs to be removed. And the best way to do it in this time and age is removing them by a trimer, or some referred to as clippers. They are safe and precise, and easy to use right.”

But there are tons of options in the market that can be confusing sometimes, and you want to get the best product at the best price in the market. The cordless version of Andis Master Clipper cordless is what you are looking for. It is one of the best medium-budget trimmers for your daily use.

Want to know why? Let’s find out.

Why The Andis Master Clipper Cordless Should Be Your Ultimate Choice

Andis Master Clipper cordless is one of the best clippers you can find in this price bracket because of its feature. It can be used as personal equipment as well as professional equipment. It has a powerful lithium-Ion battery that can run for 90 minutes straight with only 1 hour of charge.

It has a shiny metallic body which gives it a premium look. It is way less in weight than other products in this price bracket. And many other incredible qualities make it stand out in the market.

The Incredible Feature Of Andis Master Clipper

1. Durable Body

The Andis master clipper cordless has a metallic body which increases the durability of the clipper. It also gives it a shiny and premium look. The durable body of the clipper makes it ideal not only for personal use but professional use also.

It also has a LED light on the back of the body, which indicates battery power level. You can adjust blades with the leaver present on the left side of the body. The power button is also located on the left side of the body.

2. Zero Gaping 

The clipper has a high-speed carbon steel adjustable blade. You can adjust the blades from fine to coarse ( 000 to 1). You can also apply zero gapping on the blades to get quicker and sharper lines when edging. You can easily clean the excess hair on the clipper’s blades with the help of a brush only.

3. Powerful Motor 

The Andis master clipper has a powerful high-speed rotary motor. The motor runs the blade at a constant speed of 7.200 SPM without dragging. This makes it an ideal machine for professional use. The powerful motor allows trimming the bulk of hair without any drag.

The powerful motor allows trimming any kind of excess hair with the utmost ease and precision.

4. Weight

Despite having a motor and a lithium-Ion battery, the Andis master clipper weighs less than 10 oz., making it easy to use and maneuver. Even a beginner can also use the clipper very easily.

5. Professional use

The Andis master clipper is one of the most used clippers by hairdressers. Because of its lightweight and zero gaping facility in the blade this clipper is quite popular in the hairdressing industry. Its high-power motor runs the blades at a constant speed without dragging, making hair trimming more precise and easy.

It is very easy to use, therefore many beginners in the industry also like to start their career with the Andis master clipper because it has all the basic features of a good clipper.

Pros and Cons of Andis Master Clippers Cordless


  • Lightweight.
  • Battery life.
  • Durable body.


  • Loud motor noise.
  • Unstable lever.
  • Annoying Battery power LED.

Tips To Use Andis Master Clipper

Although it is very easy to start using the Andis master clipper, and it comes with a guide that makes it easier to understand, you should still consider many things before using this clipper.

You should know what kind of work you want from the clippers and with different kinds of hairs or to make different kinds of hairstyle you need different attachments which will give you the required result you want.

You must also have some basic knowledge of the different settings of the blades, which you can adjust with the lever present on the left side of the body to get the desired result from the clipper.

It is very important to maintain your clipper if you want consistent performance from a clipper with time. Although it is very easy to maintain the Andis master clipper, you should know how to do it properly.

To have consistent performance from the clipper, you should lubricant the blade of the clipper regularly. You should also apply a cleaner and rust preventer on the blades, which will increase the lifespan of the clippers.

You should also apply a coolant and a disinfector to remove small hairs stuck between the blades and cause infections after every trim.

Are The Andis Master Clipper Cordless Good?

Yes, according to the reviews we found on Amazon out of 325 customers who have purchased the clipper, 193 customers have given them 5 stars on Amazon 5 star rating system. The Andis Master clipper has a 4 out of 5-star rating overall.

Is Andis Master Clipper Better Then Wahl?

Yes, the Andis master clipper is way better than Wahl clippers. The blade of the Andis master clipper is sharp and more durable than Wahl. And if we talk about accessories, the Andis combs are the best in the industry.

Does Andis Master Clipper Cordless Get Hot?

The Andis Master clipper cordless gets warm because of the metallic body. But they do not come to the point of being uncomfortable.


The Andis clippers is a very popular brand in barbers. Mainly because of their friendly prices and because they are very durable and versatile. The Andis master clippers cordless is the best choice if you are looking to buy or upgrade from a cheap clipper to a medium budget clipper that can perform many functions.

We hope after reading this article you are well aware about Andis Master clipper cordless. So, hurry up and buy your set of clippers to make your life easy.


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