Columbia shirts, jackets, and other wares are made by the Columbia Sportswear Company. The company makes and distributes outwears and sportswear for both males and females. The Columbia Sportswear company also makes sporting equipment and accessories. The company which was founded as far back as 1938 is headquartered in Cedar Mill, Portland Oregon.”

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With its products distributed in over 72 countries, Columbia Sportswear Company is a leader in the global apparel, footwear, and sports accessories industry. Columbia shirts are known for their high-quality performance and durability standards. However, being such a popular brand, it is only expected that there would be many counterfeits trying to replicate and pass off fake Columbia shirts as the original.

Several websites sell dozens of fake Columbia shirts and jackets. While some of them openly advertise these wares as “fakes” or “replicas”, they are not easily distinguishable from the original. Many of the counterfeit Columbia shirts display the Columbia trademark and retail tags and look just like the original. Read More Our Review: Are NordicTrack treadmills worth the money?

So how can unsuspecting buyers identify these fake Columbia shirts and avoid buying them?

How To Identify Columbia Shirt?

Counterfeit Columbia shirts may be advertised just like the original. They may even look and feel like the real thing. But you will most likely notice a big difference when you wear it and closer scrutiny before you purchase (if you can inspect physically) will reveal some tell-tale signs as well.

Many of the fake Columbia shirts use substandard materials and show poor workmanship. So, while they may look alike physically, there is always a noticeable difference if you pay attention. Some of the ways to identify an Original Columbia shirt include:

  • Visible logos: An original Columbia shirt will of course bear the visible trademark of the company. The Logo and lettering of the trademark should be clear and perfect. However, it is important to note that an obvious trademark on the shirt isn’t sure proof of its authenticity. Some fake Columbia shirts bear trademarks that look just like the original.
  • The zippers and buttons: Columbia Shirts and jackets have quality zippers and buttons made with durable materials. The zipper may or may not have logo engravings in front of it. But will most likely have “YKK” engravings at the back and the base.
    The zippers on a fake shirt are typically flimsy and low quality. They rarely have a YKK engraving too. The buttons on an original Columbia shirt will have bold brand engraving both on the front and back sides of the button. Even if the buttons of a fake shirt have engravings, they will most likely not be original Columbia trademarks
  • The main back label: Perhaps the most obvious distinguishing difference between a fake and original Columbia shirt is the label. For the original, you can expect the label fabric to be of good quality complete with perfect logos and lettering. A fake label on the other hand will be made from low-quality fabric with no trademarks or logo.
  • The stitching: You can expect the stitching on an original Columbia shirt to be robust, regular, and of high quality. A fake on the other hand will have irregular stitching with a lot of threads hanging out on the side.
  • The care instructions tag: The care tag is another very important feature of an original Columbia shirt. It contains the RN and CA Codes which represent the Columbia Sportswear brand identity. The care tag also contains information about how to use and care for the shirt or jacket properly. You can expect the tag material to be smooth and shiny with the edges properly stitched to keep it together.

Some shirts also have a smaller tag with QR code, model number, and the manufacture date of the ware. All of this information (especially the RN and CA numbers) will be absent on the tag of a fake shirt.

What Does the RN Number Mean On Clothing?

The RN and CN numbers of a Columbia shirt are typically printed on the care tag of the shirt. The RN 7digit number printed like such as “RN 99999” while the CN is similarly printed like “CA05367”. These numbers simply identify Columbia Sportwear as the company that manufactures and distribute the shirt in the United States and Canada.

The RN number is a unique code issued by the Federal Trade Commission to businesses involved in the manufacturing, sales, and import of textile products. The CA number on the other hand is issued by the Competition Bureau.

A brand can use these numbers on its garments instead of the company name and postal address on its apparel products. The RN numbers can be used to identify the owner of a clothing brand by searching on the FTC RN number database.

How Do I Find My Style Number?

The style ID of your Columbia shirt is a 7-digit code (e.g. 1618371) that can be found on the small tag behind the care instruction tag of the shirt. You can input this number into the official Columbia Sportswear website to find a shirt you intend to purchase or get more information. This is another good way to potentially identify a Columbia shirt.

However, even if you cannot find a shirt using the style number on the official website, it does not always mean the shirt is fake. It could also mean the item is sold out or has been discontinued which is why it is no longer available on the website.

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With lots of counterfeits out there, it makes sense to want to know how to identity Columbia shirt. If you are buying the shirt in a physical store, a comprehensive inspection should reveal what you need to know about the authenticity of the shirt.

The quality of the shirt and the information on the label and care tag is often a clear giveaway. If you are shopping online, it is recommended that you only shop on reputable online stores or on the official website of the brand you intend to purchase.

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