“Do you ever want to listen to your favorite music or podcast while golfing? Bushnell has got a high-quality wireless GPS speaker. The Bushnell device is ultra-easy to use and carry. Comes with a wingman’s magnet that sticks to your golf cart. Is not it awesome? “

The wireless speaker comes with special features and connects with the Bushnell app providing excellent performance.

The wingman product has many highlighted features. The audible golf GPS can detect distances to a wide range. Although this product is a well-developed and ultra-cool gadget, sometimes you can face difficulty connecting it with your mobile from the app.

In this article, we will provide a complete guide on how to pair Bushnell wingman? With your mobile and other devices.

The Bushnell golf wingmen is an easy-to-use golf gadget, as you can pair your mobile phone through Bluetooth; Bushnell provides very access to the app when you buy their product.

How to Pair Bushnell Golf Wingman?

Bushnell wingman is a fun gadget; it provides you with an excellent music vibe and exact GPS on long-distance, of course.

This post will answer your queries about how to pair Bushnell wingmen.

The issue reported by some of the users was that the Bushnell wingman was not connecting through Bluetooth or not connecting on the app. Here are some points you have to check before:

If you want to enjoy the music on the speaker, pairing with the remote is not needed.

If you are playing golf, you must connect your speaker and remote to your mobile phone.

How to Pair Bushnell Wingman Speaker with your Mobile Phone

It is good to restart your phone before pairing it with wingman’s speaker and remote. The first step is to turn on your Bluetooth option on your phone. Do not turn the speaker and remote before it. If the wingman device name appears in the last paired devices, remove it.

Now open the Bushnell app on your phone. Tap on “Add new device” and choose wingman Bushnell from the list. Click continue.

Now take your remote, press the button, it will make a sound. This is the sound of remote pairing with your phone. Move to Bushnell app. Once the remote is completely paired, it would produce one more confirmation sound.

The next step is to pair your speaker with your phone; the app will give rise to power on the speaker.

Move to Bluetooth settings, pair with wingman device in the options

Click continue on the app to finalize the process of pairing.

How to Re-pair Bushnell Wingman After Disconnected

  • Turn off your remote, speaker, except phone Bluetooth.
  • Open the app and turn on phone Bluetooth
  • Select the wingman app from the list
  • The app will show a blue banner indicating remote connectivity. If not, turn on the remote and tap on the paired device. Complete pairing your remote.
  • Now, pair your speaker and select the wingman speaker from the list.
  • Once the speaker is connected successfully, the blue banner should show connected (2 of 2).

Power and Bluetooth Function in Bushnell Wingman

The Bushnell wingman comes with a lithium-ion battery. There is a possibility if your device is not pairing with the speaker, there may be some power or Bluetooth or charging issues.

To charge the Bushnell wingman speaker, connect your phone or battery charger (1A OR 2A USB charger). The battery is completely charged when its indicator ring turns green. An orange ring indicates low power. When your battery is below 3%, the device automatically turns off.

Hold the power button until the startup sound is heard to power the wingman. The ring will turn orange.
The wingman has an advanced feature in it. It comes with a microphone so that you can answer calls.

Instructions about Using the Device

The wingman device is water-resistant. However, it needs a little maintenance.

Problems in pairing might have another reason. Speaker may be on 10m away.

No sound can be a problem. Make sure that volume is on the audible level, including speaker and device. Take a look at whether your device is well connected or not. The LED flash turn solid orange.

If there is poor sound quality, close your device with the speaker.

How to Indicate the Unit Indications (unit turn or down)?

Ans. Tap the power button fully. If it does not respond after complete charging, there may be a problem with the internal battery. Go to Bushnell services or replace the internal battery.

If the unit power is down, the battery may be low, and it will indicate by the orange ring, recharge the battery.

Which App do I need for the Bushnell Wingman?

Ans. Bushnell golf app is available for both androids as well as iOS users. You can download it from the play store and app store.

When you pair Bluetooth with a remote, some instructions appear on the app. Select wingman from the list. Choose “play golf”, then select the course you want to play. Tap the button on the remote to hear sounds from the closest hole.

Press the remote button to hear sound effects (golf clap/applause).

Does the Bushnell Wingman Golf Speaker have a Warranty?

Ans. Yes, Bushnell GPS wingman comes with a warranty of one year. To repair and free defective pieces after one year of the product’s purchase date.

Keep in mind this warranty does not cover damages caused by the owner, such as misuse, improper handling or false repair attempts done by someone other than authorized ones.


We hope this article resolves your problem and asks how to pair Bushnell wingman.

Bushnell wingman speaker is the audible speaker for golf lovers. It announces distances on the green course (front, middle, and back). The Bushnell golf app comes with 36,000 courses worldwide, making it an awesome choice for golfing.

After following the steps given below, if you are still managing to enable connectivity, there is a chance the problem is not in the remote or speaker. You can contact Bushnell customer support regarding this problem and apply for a replacement if required.

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