“Gathering around a campfire never gets old. This cozy tradition helps you create beautiful memories.”

Can this outdoor activity become void in decades to come? I doubt it.
But the use of firewood is gradually becoming obsolete. Portable propane fire pits obviously best it in so many ways.

However, with the market swamped with propane fire pits, it’s hard to tell which one would preserve your precious camping moments.

Have you ever heard of Outland Firebowl 893 portable Propane Gas Fire Pit? Besides the absence of soot, smoke, or ashes, some distinct features stand this fire pit out.

This article contains all you need to know about the capabilities of Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit. And importantly, what it has to offer.

Let’s dive in.

What I Like About Outland Firebowl 893 Propane Gas Fire Pit

  • Impressive heat output
  • The manual Ignition process works like a breeze
  • Thanks to the low height, you can feel the heat better
  • It comes with a carry kit

What I Dislike About Outland Firebowl 893 Propane Gas Fire Pit

  • Manual ignition

The Structure and Material of Outland Firebowl 893 Fire Pit

This propane fire pit is structured to stay on almost any surface without causing fire incidents. The lower part doesn’t get hot; hence it can’t affect any surface you place it on.

Furthermore, Outland Firebowl 893 Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit is made of steel. Only the burner is made of stainless steel. It also features a cover that makes it easier to move it around.

People often question if it’s safe to use the Outland fire bowl indoors, the answer is no. The ventilation indoors isn’t sufficient for the safe use of propane gas. Hence, for safety purposes, only outdoor use is recommended.

Performance and Functions

One main feature to look out for while buying a fire pit is the heat output. Of course, this feature is the core of a fire pit’s function.

Despite being a propane Firepit, Outland Propane Fire pit’s 58,000 heat output is on the high side. And this easily exceeds most patio heater’s heat output. So, if you sit about 6-7 feet away from the fire pit, you will still feel the heat immensely.

It’s perfect for a slightly large circle of friends and family seeking to enjoy the heat from a campfire. However, the heat from this fire pit becomes less effective when the weather drops below 30 degrees.

Additionally, you will enjoy the Outland propane gas fire pit more with a 20LB propane tank. Though you can use smaller propane tanks, this choice would cost you higher fuel consumption.

If you use the Propane fire pit at the maximum heat of 58,000, you can use a 20LB tank for 8 hours. While setting it to a lower heat output makes it last for a few more hours. Overall, the fuel usage is fair compared to other propane fire pits.

Also, you can convert this fire pit to a natural gas fire pit. But you need to purchase the conversion kit separately as it doesn’t come with the package.


As expected, you don’t need an extensive assembling process. You only need to unbox your new Outland propane gas fire pit, sit the lava rocks at the center and connect the gas hose to the burner. With that done, you are good to go.

It has a height of 10.5 inches with a diameter of 18.5 inches. This height puts it in a perfect position to provide the required heat and work as a perfect marshmallow roasting spot.

For such a highly potent firepit, it has 26.9 pounds of weight. And it’s equipped with fasteners wrapped around the whole fire pit to make it easy to move.

This fire pit has no intricacies embedded in it. Even the ignition is manual. Hence, it’s easily operable and doesn’t require technical connection, unless connecting the gas hose to a propane tank counts as one.

After this connection, you can turn on the propane tank. Before lighting the fire pit, you need to wait for the propane tank to pressurize. It takes about 2-3 minutes. Once you light it up with a matchstick or a lighter, adjust the fire output to suit your needs.

That’s all you need to set up the Outland Firebowl 893 Fire Pit.

Here’s a quick tip: If you would like a beautiful-looking fire and a better ambiance, use fire glass.

Can I Cook Over a Propane Fire Pit?

It’s safe to cook over a propane fire pit. Although people often advise against it to prevent food drippings from causing smoke or tainting the flames coming from your Propane fire pit.

What Can I Put Under a Portable Fire Pit?

You don’t have to worry about damaging your wooden deck because propane fire pits aren’t prone to sparkling. It can also work safely on grass without any hazardous occurrence.

Verdict: One of the Best Propane Fire Pits on the Market

Despite the multiple types of fire pits, this is by far the most stress-free and mess-free. Plus, there’s an absence of smoke as well. Give OnlineGroceryReview.com A Try? Expert-Led Reviews, Recommendations, And Roundups The best Shopping Content From The Top Grocery.

With an Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit, you can have a camping experience with half the stress. This fire pit is worth every dime you spend on it.

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