“Are you a cuisine connoisseur but have trouble getting the right temperature for your meat? If you are someone looking for a reliable way to ensure safety and required meat doneness, then the Meater plus thermometer could be the best option for you. It could feel unpleasant to check your meat and accompany your guest simultaneously, but we have got you covered this time.”

MEATER Plus | Smart Meat Thermometer with Bluetooth | 165ft Wireless Range | for The Oven, Grill, Kitchen, BBQ, Smoker, Rotisserie

For the perfect barbecue, we need a proper approach to know the internal temperature of our meat and the surrounding temperature we’re cooking. The Meater is the first-ever and completely wireless thermometer with not a single wire in view, so you do not need to worry about all the tangling in the rotating spit and to juggle your meat, that makes your cooking hassle-free.

It functions as an all-rounder for all your grilling, cooking and smoking. It is a handy kitchen tool that lets you know when your food is ready via a phone notification and lets you remotely keep a check on your thermometer and the temperature. Find out more exciting features about Meater plus in this article.

Incredible Features Of The Meater Plus Thermometer

1. The Meater App And Pairing

To begin with, while operating the Meater plus, it is essential to let the meater plus thermometer charge for at least an hour. Meanwhile, you can download the app available on Android (5.0 and later) and IOS (10.3 and later).

Afterwards, take the probe out of the dock, and this will spontaneously turn it on. Now, please tap on the disc-shaped green button to search for it and choose from the list of devices that appears on it. Then it begins to perform and give temperature readings within a few seconds as soon as it starts to heat up.

2. Speed And Accuracy

The pace of connecting the probe to the app is unquestionably excellent. According to the manufacturer of the meater plus, Apption labs, the probe can measure the temperature within +/- 1F of accuracy, and it is considered rare accuracy. It also lets you estimate how long it will take for the meat to cook to help plan your meal and organize your time.

3. Design

The great advantage of the wireless thermometer makes your cooking process a much simpler one as you do not have to juggle up your food and mess up the whole meal. The wood storage case gives it a classy natural touch and holds the thermometer safely.

However, the probe itself is made of the stainless steel. One of the best benefits is that it is dishwasher safe but can be washed with your hands.

4. Connectivity And Range

You can monitor your cook from a phone, laptop or tablet over Bluetooth. It lets you increase your range between just about 10 to 33 feet. However, walls and railing can limit the scope, so for other fields, go for Meater link and the Cloud feature using the internet connection. You can also use Alexa in cloud mode and supervise your cooking from a computer. It is excellent for outdoor cooking as well.

Pros and Cons of Meater Plus Thermometer


  • Simple to use
  • Completely wireless
  • Guided cook system


  • Not compatible to use on the stovetop
  • Pricey

Tips To Make Sure Your Meat Turns Out Perfect

  1. The hotter your grill or pan, your char will turn out better. You don’t have to sear your meat for much longer. At this point, you’re roasting the outside, as the interior of the cut has formerly finished cooking. The shorter time your meat is exposed to direct heat, the better the result.
  2. The MEATER app considers carryover cooking when it calculates your evaluated cook time. You’ll be alerted when your meat is reaching its desired temperature so that it can finish cooking whilst resting.
  3. Carryover cooking is less anticipated when cooking with high heat. For better results, you should always cook your meat low and slow.
  4. That will also work if you wish to start your cooking by searing. Just make sure you hold back until after the sear is complete with positioning your probe.
  5. Don’t rest your meat on the same tray you cooked it on when you get a notification to remove it from heat. Instead, shift it to a room temperature cover to reduce carryover cooking.

Is The Meater Plus Worth It?

It is a costly wireless grill thermometer worth the price for its preciseness and functionality. It also estimates when the food will be cooked, knowing when to set the table and toss the salad. Since the Meater takes both the internal and ambient readings and the benefit of being entirely wireless makes it an even better deal.

Can You Use The MEATER In A Deep Fryer?

Should not use it in a deep fryer as it could damage the probe and nullify its warranty. So it is better to find an alternative for that rather than risking your device.

Why Does My MEATER Keep Losing Connections?

We recommend cleaning your meater probe properly after each use. Not only for food safeness reasons but also to intercept food debris and oil accumulation on the charging contacts. It could also mean that your probe just found a more robust connection with your smart device.

It is typically a general reason for the roots of probes unable to link up. Since the meater probe is water-resistant, you should wash it with lukewarm water.


Time to round this off. The ease of no guessing, no burning and of course no more wires to deal with — the Meater plus thermometer is a no brainer. Altogether the meater is a smart device to use. It makes your entire cooking activity much more manageable and fun.

Also the thermometer guide walks you through each step of your cooking process and guarantees flawless and consistent results. It is a total value for money gadget if you are interested in cooking your meat to perfection.


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