“Are you all ready to give yourself a new look but confused about which model will suit you? Well, Men’s shavers are available in a variety of styles. It is critical to identify the exact model type while upgrading the shaving blade on a Norelco shaver. “

Philips Norelco Shaver 3800, Space Gray

We realize how hard it could be for you to shave your beard with a faulty shaving machine. Moreover, selecting the perfect shaving machine that suits your skin is somehow a headache as there are a variety of kits available in the markets. So to clear all your confusion, we have collected all the information regarding the shaving machine.

There are a variety of shaving kits available in markets, but Norelco shaver 3800 give you the finest and smooth shave as never before. But if you want to experience the best shave, you should know how to identify Norelco shaver model? So stick to this article as we have listed all the main factors that will help you choose the perfect shaver model.

Why Choose Norelco Shaver 3800 Over Others?

If you are thinking about why choosing Norelco over others, then this section of the article will help you differentiate Norelco from other shavers. First, if we talk about its construction and design, the Philips Norelco shaver 3800 includes a comfortable grip with pro rubber. Even in damp situations, this provides a solid and effortless grip.

Moreover, In the pricing range, the quality of the product is pretty excellent. The design and structure are of high quality, and the trimmer has a pleasant overall feel.

The color palette of the Philips Norelco Shaver 3800 is light grey and black. This provides it with a transparent appearance.

The entire structure is neatly branded, with 3000 series on the lower part and solid and liquid brandings on the upper end. 5D trademark may be visible on the shaver’s blade. A huge power switch and charge LEDs may be found on the front edge. The power switch is positioned in a considerate manner. This eliminates the possibility of unintentional presses, which we’re familiar with prior Philips 3000 series machines.

The Norelco shaver 3800 catchy shaver is a beneficial addition. It’s the right size and height, with the shaving blade out of the way. The shaver comes in handy for styling hairline. If you want a mustache or anything, it will give you the perfect and desirable shape. Moreover, you can use it to style your beard too.

It provides 60 minutes of use over, which is approximately better for 20 shaves because of its efficient Li-ion battery. It takes approximately one hour to power up the trimmer from zero to a hundred percent.

It also has a 5-minute fast charging function that lasts for one shave. This is a desirable feature in a trimmer. If you eventually run out of time, this will provide you with some batteries to get the job done.

Is Philips Norelco Shaver 3800 Worth To Buy?

If you are thinking about is Norelco shaver is worth buying, so yes, indeed it is. Moreover you can go through Philips Norelco shaver 3800 s3311 85 reviews for your satisfaction as well. This Norelco shaver comes with a full package that includes different necessary items for your shaving at a reasonable price.

The Phillips Norelco shaver package includes the following items:

  • A cord
  • Stand for charging of shaver
  • One pouch for traveling
  • A manual guide

Moreover, it is easy to maintain as this shaver doesn’t need high cleaning maintenance. Cleaning Norelco shaver 3800 is pretty easy and straightforward. One fundamental trick to avoid dirt is to clean it immediately after every shave so you will not find any problem in the future.

How To Identify Norelco Shaver Model?

Are you Searching for how to identify Norelco shaver model? If yes then at first, you should start looking from the front of the shave. One of the most typical locations for many product’s model numbers is over the front of your trimmer.

Some companies, like Norelco, provide a Category code in addition to the Model Number, which is usually found on the back of the trimmer. You can also look for Category in the search field; either way, you’ll be able to choose your product on the Shavers’ following step. Spares.co.uk is a search engine for spare parts in the United Kingdom.

Norelco shaver’s Type or Mark And model is usually found beneath the catchy trimmer component. The Product and Category numbers can be hidden beneath some old Norelco models.

But if we talk about the Norelco shaver model 3800, its model number is mentioned on the back of the shaver. The serial code consists of 5, 6 or 7 numbers.

Can You Replace Your Norelco 3800 Shavers Battery?

The Norelco shaver 3800 usually comes up with a built-in li-on batter, so don’t try to remove it by yourself as you’ll damage your product. If you have any battery or charging problems, kindly contact the official web page or Norelco store.

Can You Use Any Foam or Gel with Your Norelco Shaver?

Yes, you can use a variety of gels available near you. There is no restriction of gel or foam you should use with your Norelco 3800 shaver. In case if you are one with sensitive skin, you should use a gel made for sensitive skin as it will allow a soft shave without any itching or rashes issues.

Is it Necessary to Charge Norelco 3800 Shaver After Every Shave?

Yes, surely you can recharge your Norelco shaver after every shave if needed. The battery used in Norelco 3800 is a lithium-ion battery that allows you to recharge every time you need it. But we advise you to charge it after 2-3 shaves as according to Philips Norelco shaver 3800 s3311 85 reviews the excessive charging will end your batteries soon.


Hope this article helps you to choose the perfect shaving machine for you as we have mentioned above all the important things that you should look for in a shaver as well as how to identify the Norelco shaver model?

The Norelco 3800 is highly recommended as Philips Norelco shaver 3800 s3311 85 reviews appear to be more positive in the market. But in case if you have any queries regarding Norelco shaver, then be free to contact us as we are just one text away.

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