“Are you one of those who are tired of mixing or crushing things with hands? Or are you one of those who want to buy a new durable blender? No worries. We will sweep our problem away. We know how it feels to mix and crush things with your hands and spoons. We are going to present the honest view of one of the best Blenders in town.”

Vitamix Immersion Blender, Stainless Steel, 18 inches

However, you are now thinking of replacing your old-fashioned work with modern gadgets because you must be tired of this. If I am right, then make your kitchen life easy with Vitamix Immersion Blender. This blender is also known as a handheld blender because of its small size.

The immersion blender’s features and other queries about it are mentioned in this article. Just keep scrolling and know more about immersion blender and its uses.

Why Vitamix Immersion Blender Over Others?

Choosing Vitamix Immersion Blender over other blenders has many reasons. Vitamix’s blenders are known for having a powerful lineup and using different types of blades. We tested the capability of the Vitamix blender, and we compared it with others. So, we figured out these reasons that make Vitamix blender a better option over others.

Vitamix has something different that other blenders normally do not have. They have the capability to puree sauces, smoothies, soups, and other fluids. Vitamix’s immersion blender works differently from simple blenders as it mixes or crushes the ingredients by pouring blades in it, unlike the simple blander that pours by putting it in a jar.

It is also admired for its slim size as it can fit in any drawer or cabinet, unlike other blenders. Moreover, the Vitamix company has a long history of more than ten decades. They know much about the good quality of blades and motors.

Well Known Features Of Vitamix Immersion Blender

1. One-Handed Operation

It does not matter if you are a left or right handed person. Immersion blender of Vitamix is smaller in size. You can use it with one hand only, no matter right or left. One handed mode makes it easy to use. You do not have to switch the blender off, unlike other blenders, to add ingredients. You can add ingredients while it is running, with the other hand.

2. Stainless Steel

The immersion blender by Vitamix is made up of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a type that protects the iron from rusting or provides heat resistance. Stainless steel makes the blender last longer. Its stainless steel wand helps to immerse in hot soups without damage.

3. Powerful Motor

A powerful motor makes a blender worth buying. The immersion blender contains a 625-watt motor which helps in blending hard or tough ingredients. No doubt, its fast motor finishes every task faster.

4. Easy Cleaning

Vitamix’s immersion blender is easy to use. For most cleanups, you just need a few drops of dish wash in warm water. Dip your blender in a cup, switch it on, and that is all. However, for sticky particles, you will need a sponge or a small brush to clean it up.

5. Adjustable Design

This blender is made up of two pieces, and those pieces can be separated with a simple twist. It takes a little space in your kitchen’s drawer or cabin as it comes without a jar. It has nothing to do with the jar. However, there are two buttons on. One of them is for on and off and the other one for speed.

Tips For Using Vitamix Blender

We are going to show you how to use a hand blender:

  • You will need a hand blender in a large bowl and your ingredients.
  • The first step is to assemble the hand blender using the instructions that came with it.
  • Now put the ingredients into your pan or the bowl. Make sure the ingredients are deep enough to cover the tip of the mixer.
  • Immerse the blender into the bowl, holding it at a right angle, turn on the blender and blend your ingredients until you get the desired result.
  • If you are blending food that is in a large pan, such as gravy, you will need to move the blender around a little bit to make sure it reaches all of it.
  • When you are done, turn off the blender, take it apart and wash.

Pros and Cons of Vitamix Immersion Blender


  • Blend shakes and Smoothies.
  • Blend soup.
  • Works well in the heat.


  • Hard ingredients are hard to blend, like kale and seeds.
  • Expensive.

Is Vitamix a Blender?

Not at all. Vitamix is not a lender by itself. It is a brand name that makes high performance blenders. Vitamix has experience of almost one hundred years in making high performance blenders.

Difference Between Immersion Blender and Normal Blender?

An immersion blender is totally different from a normal blender in terms of its style of working. Normally, a normal blender has a jar, and we blend ingredients by putting them in the jar. Immersion is a hand blender. It blends without a jar by putting its blades in ingredients. However, both have a similar thing that is of blending.

What Kind of Blender is a Vitamix Immersion?

Vitamix immersion is a hand blender with a stainless steel wand, long wand, hardened plastic bell around the blade, five variable speeds, ergonomic handling, and a heavy-duty power motor. Vitamix has combined art with precision and power in an Immersion blender.


All in all, you should consider a lot of factors while choosing a perfect blender that matches your requirements. Choosing the good one will make your kitchen work easy as well as enhance your overall experience.

Hopefully, after reading our review, you must have taken enough information about Vitamix Immersion Blender’s features, pros, cons, and tips to use it. You have seen a comparison too between the Immersion blender and others. Feel free to ask more about it. So, when are you going to buy Vitamix Immersion Blender? Consider it worth buying.


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