“The eyes are a window to the soul.
People can tell a lot about you from your eyes. Not only that, your eyes allow you to enjoy all the goodness in the world. Therefore, it’s pertinent that you take good care of your eyes.”

However, the eyes have been under attack for years. Since the advent of computers and mobile devices, most eyes have known no rest.

The average person spends not less than 8 hours in front of a screen. This figure might not seem big. After all, we work on our computers, chat on our phones, and all other in-between digital devices.

But, when you consider the damaging consequences of staying glued to screens all day, you would have a rethink. Research has shown that excessive screen time causes insomnia, obesity, mood swings, and brain damage. It even has a more damaging effect on kids.

We both can agree that we’ll have to do this for the rest of our lives. It then follows that we must search out some sufficient remedies in this regard.

Do you have to avoid screens entirely? Do you limit screen time to certain hours?

In this digital age, limiting or total avoidance of screens might not prove an effective work. You’ll find that you have to check one more message from your boss or reply to that one tweet your friend posted.

Is the situation then hopeless? No, it isn’t. We have good news!

ASUS VY249HE 23.8” Eye Care Monitor, 1080P Full HD, 75Hz, IPS, Adaptive-Sync/FreeSync, Eye Care Plus, Color Augmentation, Rest Reminder, HDMI VGA, Frameless, VESA Wall Mountable

With devices like the ASUS vy249he 23.8” inches monitor, you can enjoy more screen time and avoid most of the adverse effects of screen usage.

This type of screen is relatively new, and you must find out what it does before you buy one. In this review, we have examined all that is in for you from this monitor.

Features of the ASUS Eye Care Monitor

This monitor is a fairly standard one with a black plastic body and a familiar ASUS frameless design. The most amazing benefit of this monitor is the protection it provides for the eyes.

We’ll start this ASUS vy249he review by considering the features that protect your eyes:

1.Color Augmentation

Have you ever wanted to change the colors of your screen? If you are color-blind, you must have wished for this feature. Color augmentation helps you see the colors on your screen more clearly.
ASUS provided four different colors on this monitor. These colors would allow you to see the differences and make viewing images better.

2.Minimal Blue Light

The screen’s blue light has proven harmful for long-term use. ASUS has catered to this problem by providing filters for the blue light. Users have four options for reducing this blue light effect.

3.Rest Reminder

We often forget that staring at our screens can cause damage to our eyes. You get lost in that task or game, and you forget the hours. Your resolution to spend less time in front of a screen goes up in smokes!

You never have to forget with this ASUS monitor, though. The monitor reminds you to take a rest after using the screen for hours. Research has shown that taking short breaks from your screen for a few minutes helps reduce the strain on the eyes.

4.Flicker-Free Technology

Many people do not know that the light on their monitor is not just static. The brightness flickers as it reduces and increases at intervals. This flickering motion affects the eyes as you try to follow it.

This eye care monitor is designed flicker-free to help reduce the strain that flickering can have on the eyes. You can now use your monitor for more extended gaming sessions as the light won’t go low at any point.

5.Eye Care and Examination

Have you ever wanted to run a quick eye check after hours of gaming? This monitor has three different eye checks for you. All you have to do is click on the hotkey.

The eye examinations check for astigmatism using the Radical Chart, short or long-sightedness with the Snellen chart, and Amsler Grid’s check for degeneration. You can detect any eye problems quickly with these tests and see your doctor.

6.FreeSync Technology

You can maximize your gaming potential with this monitor’s 75Hz refresh rate. The adaptive sync removes any need for tracking, and you’ll enjoy a smooth video playback.

7.GamePlus Technology

Gaming requires some kind of screen if you want to enjoy every aspect of the game. ASUS designed this monitor with pro-gamers to help you have a wholesome experience while gaming.

The monitor has 1780 wide-angle with several gaming tools. With these tools and 23.8 inches of screen, it can only get better.

8.Easy Viewing with Ergonomic Tilt

It’s not only your eyes this monitor caters for. Seating with your monitor in one position for hours can cause a neck strain. However, the ergonomic tilt of the monitor allows you to turn the monitor in almost any direction. This tilt makes it easier for you to view your screen and causes less strain on your neck.

9.Frameless Design

Do you want to feel like you are immersed in the game or work you’re doing? Then, you would love the frameless design of this monitor. It makes the display look like it has no bounds. Multi-screen setups have never been easier.

10.Superb Connectivity

A plethora of devices is the order of the day in this generation. These devices do not operate independently, though. You have to send one thing from one to another at some point in time. Therefore, it became essential for devices to connect.

This monitor does not disappoint when it comes to connectivity. You can connect it to different devices using the VGA and HDMI ports. These ports are located behind the monitor, close to the earphone jack. They are pretty easy to find.

11.Anti-bacterial Treated Screen

No matter how well you protect your monitor, there is no changing the fact that it is exposed to bacteria in the open. Where touching your other monitors would result in contact with this bacteria, it is not the case with this monitor.

The ASUS monitor has the BacGuard, which provides anti-bacterial protection on the key combinations and center frame. The protection can prevent up to 99% of bacterial growth. The surface of your monitor stays effortlessly clean and healthy with this feature.


Have you ever thought of mounting your monitor the same way you mount your television? Well, your dream has come true with this monitor. It is VESA-compatible, and you can easily place it on your wall. No need to worry about desktop space ever again!

Now, you have seen all the ASUS VY249HE specs. They did not tell a fib with the eye care promise. However, we have not got to the technical features of this monitor.

Any good gamer or tech guy would want to know these details before buying any monitor. Let’s get into it.

Technical Features of ASUS VY249HE Monitor

Yes, we have explained the features of this eye-protecting monitor, but some details can’t be explained as we have done for others above. However, this VY249HE review would not be complete without mentioning these features:

  • Display – 23.8” 16:9 Non-glare IPS panel
  • Pixel Pitch – 0.275mm
  • Saturation of Color – NTSC 72%
  • Resolution – 1920×1080
  • Display View Area – 527.04×296.46mm
  • Response Time – MPRT 1ms
  • Refresh Rate – 75Hz
  • Typical brightness – 250 cd/m2
  • Display Color – 16.7m
  • Typical Contrast Ratio – 1000:1
  • Weight – 3.38kg
  • Tilt – +230 ~ -50
  • I/O Ports – D-Sub, HDMI, and 3.5 mm Mini-Jack
  • Wall Mount – VESA 100×100 mm
  • Dimension – 541 x 393x 185 mm and Stand
  • Mode – 8 preset video modes

With these features, you can picture the monitor a bit better. But, you still want to ask if you should buy this monitor.

While we cannot make this choice for you, we can help you decide by examining the pros and cons of the monitor.

Should I Buy the ASUS VY249HE Eye Care Monitor? Pros and Cons You Should Know

The ASUS VY249 is a good budget monitor for use in the office and home. Most people love the simplicity, frameless design, and eye care it provides. More attractive about the monitor is its affordable price. You get a pretty good image quality for the price.

However, it is not all good about this monitor though!

Its strengths also come with specific weaknesses. These weaknesses might be a deal-breaker for you. So, we’ll examine the cons before the pros and then draw a conclusion.

Cons of the ASUS VY249HE Monitor

  • You can also change the screen position in a determined number of positions. There is no 3600 unless you want to destroy the monitor.
  • The backlight and color temperature has low uniformity. You would have to tweak the settings to get your preferred color. This feature can be confusing to people who don’t understand it.
  • The monitor does not allow for any gamma adjustments.
  • It only has one HDMI port. You’d have to use the VGA port if you want to connect two things simultaneously.
  • It is an LCD monitor where lots of people prefer LED monitors.

These are some of the cons that many people complain about when it comes to this ASUS monitor. However, if these factors are not a deal-breaker for you, then you’ll be interested in the pros of this monitor. It’s the reason why people love it.

Pros of the ASUS VY249HE Monitor

  • Easy multi-screen setup with frameless design
  • Anti-bacterial protection using silver ion treatment on screen and keys
  • Top-notch Gaming experience using the GamePlus technology
  • 23 to -50 tilting and VESA wall mounting
  • Two different types of ports with VGA and HDMI
  • Eye protection with different light modes and low blue light
  • Three different eye checks for early eye problem detection

It is abundantly clear that the pros outweigh the cons. It is a sweet deal for its price. You should have seen that in this ASUS VY249HE review.

If you decide to buy the monitor, you are signing up for your money’s worth and more. Are you ready to buy your eyes some protection from the effects of screen time? Give WirelessHeadphoneOnline.com A Try? Noise-Canceling, Immersive or Personalized for Your Best Wireless Headphone.

Get your ASUS VY249HE Eye Care Monitor today!

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