“Do you want to clean your rusty Blackstone griddle, but you don’t know the best possible ways of cleaning a rusty griddle? We are here to make you learn how to clean a rusty Blackstone griddle?”

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Various hooks and crooks can make this process difficult, but here we brought some basic ways to help you clean a rusty Blackstone griddle.

What Actually Is Rust?

When you are using a Blackstone griddle, it is a common thing for it turns reddish-brown. The reddish-brown conversion of metals is known as rust. If rust is not treated in the best possible way, it might destroy the griddle.

But not everyone knows how to clean a rusty Blackstone griddle? Here are some crucial things to keep in mind while cleaning a rusty griddle. So, let’s get started!

How To Prevent A Rusty Griddle?

You might be wondering if rust or corrosion only attacks iron, then why doesn’t every car, building get rusty? We might then be living in a super rusty world. The only thing that keeps everything from rusting is protection.

Iron gets corrosion when water and oxygen combine on its surface. Therefore, iron materials have protective water layers like paint. Then, what about the protection of the Blackstone griddle? In the case of the Blackstone griddle, oil is used as a protective layer to prevent rusting. Some other measures to prevent griddle from rusting are given below:

Every time you use your Blackstone griddle, apply an extra layer of oil. It’s not a big deal. Just apply 2-3 tablespoons of oil and then wipe all over it with tissue paper.

Make sure to keep your griddle clean & dry. If you live in a humid area, then keep your grill away from wet places like the bathroom.

Best Possible Way To Clean A Rusty Blackstone Griddle

Blackstone griddle is used for frying food, so it can easily rust. But as we need a griddle to fry food items, we can’t use any toxic chemicals to clean them.

This article will cover a safe method to clear away all the rust from your Blackstone griddle. Without wasting any time, let’s get started!

1. Gathering The Necessary Material

The first step to starting any process is gathering the right material and equipment. Similarly, to clean a rusty Blackstone griddle, you must ensure the necessary cleaning material and tools.

The basic materials you will require for cleaning a rusty Black stone griddle are rags, gloves, oil, metal scraper, citric acid, and grill stones. Oil can be the cooking oil for frying food on the griddle. No other oil is acceptable in the cleaning process.

As for citric acid, lemon drops or vinegar can be consumed. In the case of rags, any cloth rags can be used. Paper towels can also be used as clothing rags for wiping the griddle. And while buying gloves, make sure that those are heat resistant because heat protection gloves are a must when working with a machine that heats up.

2. Clearing Unnecessary Things

In this step, initially make sure that you wear heat-resistant gloves to prevent any skin burning. As a precaution, turn off your Blackstone griddle. Now, bring your necessary equipment and material near the grill.

Another thing to note is that griddle is free of any food products before setting up your tools and material near the griddle. Thus, the crucial thing in this step is that the grill is free of any unnecessary stuff.

3. Preliminary Preparations

After gathering the necessary stuff, turn your griddle on high heat for almost 30 minutes to ensure it’s completely hot. High heat helps remove the rust that has hardened on your Blackstone griddle.

After removing the hardened rust, you can turn off the griddle to cool it down. The rust doesn’t harden immediately, but it is advised to wipe it still off early.

4. Removing The Rust

This is the most fun step in the process of removing the rust. Now, grab your metal scraper and slide it roughly on the griddle to scrape off the rust. If the rust is still soft, then it can be scraped off easily.

Continue this process of removing the rust until the rust is wiped off completely from the griddle. If the grill’s surface looks smooth, when you slide your metal scraper on it, you can move forward towards the next step.

5. Scrubbing The Griddle

The next step is to apply a thin layer of oil on the whole surface of the griddle. The amount of oil you pour on the grill depends upon the griddle area. Adding lemon or vinegar to the oil is also helpful.

Now scrub the griddle with sandpaper in a slightly circular motion. Continue scrubbing until the surface looks shiny and smooth. Then mix some vinegar and warm water. Wipe off the griddle with this water-vinegar mixture. This mixture will get rid of the rusty smell of your griddle.

6. Seasoning The Griddle

The finishing step in cleaning your rusty Blackstone griddle is seasoning. Seasoning the griddle’s surface is a crucial step because oil provides a good protective layer against any corrosion or rust.

Whether you use your griddle daily or weekly, ensure to check it monthly for any corrosion. Seasoning also slows down the rusting process. So, if your griddle is starting to get any corrosion, seasoning it with cooking oil is the best way to stop the rust.

After the first layer of oil is completely dried, you can apply another layer for extra protection from corrosion.


Cleaning a rusty Blackstone griddle is a straightforward process. It won’t take much of your time once you get the grip of the process. Here, we have explained the crucial six steps on how to clean a rusty Blackstone griddle. Additionally, you can also save your griddle from destruction.

If you ensure monthly that your griddle is clean & dry, it will increase the grill’s lifespan.


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