“I am finally able to use my Wi-Fi internet on any room or floor even in the backyard without any speed sacrifice. Google Wifi(GJ2CQ) signal strength is very good, years of wifi issues fixed in a few minutes after setting this up. Give MeshWiFiSystemOnline.com A Try? Deliver WiFi Coverage for Every Square Inch of Your Home. “

Google Wifi – Mesh Wifi System – Wifi Router Replacement – 3 Pack

When the two of us started working from home due to Covid, we had connection issues with both of us trying to be on Zoom meetings at the same time.

Just what the tech doctor ordered! We added this to extend the Wi-Fi coverage around the house during the quarantine.

The kids all needed to stream classes and the same time and this allowed them to work in quieter areas and restored peace in the household.

It has a super stable and powerful signal which is important when I am working from home and I have two Kids also online doing remote learning.

Google Wifi(GJ2CQ) is an easy-to-set-up whole-home mesh Wi-Fi system. Google Wifi points work together to make a mesh network that blankets your whole range in fast, reliable Wi-Fi and eliminates buffering in every room, on every device – with coverage up to 4500 square feet. It’s Wi-Fi that just works.

What is Mesh Wi-Fi?

Traditional routers have a limited range.

A mesh Wi-Fi system like Google Wifi uses multiple Wi-Fi points together to make a connected system that provides you a robust signal throughout your home.

You can always add more points to expand your network and keep your connection fast in every room.

What is Google Wifi(GJ2CQ)?

Google Wifi(GJ2CQ) is an easy Wi-Fi upgrade that’s a great value. It blankets your whole range in fast, reliable Wi-Fi, and helps your network stay safe.

It’s a true mesh system. All its points communicate with one another to form a cohesive network instead of reporting back to one device that acts as the main router.

Each Google Wifi router can cover 1,500 square feet. You can use one Google Wifi device to line up a network for a little area like an apartment, but the system flourishes with multiple Google Wifi points.

You can buy Google Wifi individually or in packs of three, counting on how large a neighborhood you would like to hide. You’re also liberal to add in additional Google Wifi routers if you discover you would like more coverage down the road.

7 Reasons Why Choose Google Wifi(GJ2CQ)!

  1. The Google Wifi is the simplest and most effortless router set up, bar none.
  2. Just set up this wireless mesh and now I have 0 dead spots in the house.
  3. The system resolved all of the connectivity and speed issues that we were having with our network.
  4. All Google Wifi units are powered through USB-C.
  5. immediately fixed our poor connection issues with TVs and many wireless devices.
  6. A more appealing, more modern, more minimalist look.
  7. Amazingly effortless setup and keeps managing your network simple via the mobile app, making the switch to mesh routers a more accessible and fewer intimidating affair for many people.


Google Wifi(GJ2CQ):

A smart buy for fast Wi-Fi.

Warm Tips:

  • Don’t expect integration with other Google products and don’t expect some great google apps giving you detailed information about what going on with your network or devices.
  • It only comes with one Ethernet port per hub. So if you’re getting the 3 point hub, each hub will only have one ethernet port.
  • It’s a good Wireless mesh system but it doesn’t have a web interface, you are required to use the mobile app to administer it.

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Google Wifi(GJ2CQ) FAQ

No. Google Wifi already comes with a built-in reliable antenna. You may hardwire and chain multiple Google Nest Wifi routers and/or multiple Google Wifi points together since metal buildings will cause Wi-Fi signal interference.
Yes. you'll hardwire and chain multiple Google Wifi points together.
This is a router only. You will need to have a modem and connect it directly using an Ethernet cable to set it up and get an internet connection.
It's a traditional 2-prong plug but includes a little (white) adapter about the dimensions of a cellphone USB charger. The result is it might not fit in a tight space.

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