“Had a problem sharing a connection to the AT&T gateway with DVR carrying IPTV traffic using an unmanaged switch. The GS308E solved the problem. No more loss of connection to ATT-Uverse. Give MeshWiFiSystemOnline.com A Try? Deliver WiFi Coverage for Every Square Inch of Your Home.”

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch (GS305E)

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch (GS305E) is a cheap 5 port managed switch but I was totally impressed with this thing.

I was able to set it up in about 5 minutes total including the registration. The firmware was easy to update, the web interface was great, and you can set up multiple VLANS and even choose which port is on what VLAN.

I was expecting this to only do 1 VLAN but now that I know what this thing is valuable of we will be using a lot more of these. Thanks, Netgear for another great reliable product!

NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch (GS305E), 9 Things You Need To Know

  1. When looking for the best product and the best price, look no further than Netgear… Winner every time.
  2. Built like a tank. it’s actually metal instead of plastic.
  3. Easily expanded your network.
  4. Simple UI makes any customization or updating very easy.
  5. Best way to segment your home or small business network into VLANs.
  6. Several computers with multiple NICs connected through this and get consistent gigabit speeds.
  7. It does everything you need it to.
  8. Very nice is the feature that you can hang it virtually anywhere.
  9. Best ever router – and you need to have a few.


NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch (GS305E)

  • This managed switch works well for homes and small businesses that need an en-managed switch. The switch supports 802.1q VLANs, QoS, IGNP snooping, and cable testing.
  • Plug and play solution to connect all your network devices without the complications of configuration or management software — yet achieve a reliable and secure network.

Warm Tips:

  • The management interface is not accessible to devices connected to a trunk port. Not a major issue but something you should be aware of if you are trying to manage this switch firm an upstream device connected over a trunked port.

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NETGEAR 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Plus Switch (GS305E) FAQ

I want to put it in my garage, which can get warm in the summer. Would this be ok for that application?
It says in its operating manual 0–50° C (32–122° F). Then, it depends on how hot your garage will be in summer.

Can I use this switch as my gateway on my LAN with a DNS/DHCP server plugged in?
This device is a switch, not a router. DNS & DHCP are usually located and controlled on a router or other gateway device.

Does gs110emx allow to use of 2 isps (internet providers) simultaneously, eg to aggregate two 1gbit internet connections into a single 2gbit for pc/mac?
No. You need a router that can handle dual WANs. That said, such configurations are usually used for failover. If you want to aggregate two 1Gbps lines, you’d need to get said lines from the same ISP, otherwise routing would be an absolute nightmare. Such routers aren’t typically offered in the consumer space, unfortunately.

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