Top 7 Hot Selling Birkenstocks (7 Best Birkenstocks In 2021)

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Birkenstock Arizona Suede Sandal
+ Oiled Leather Uppers
+ Suede Footbed Liners
+ Soft Footbeds
- Check Sizing
Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Arizona EVA Sandal
+ Soft Footbeds
+ Adjustable Buckles
+ EVA Outsoles
- Squeaks
Birkenstock Gizeh Birko
+ Oiled Leather Uppers
+ Soft Footbeds
+ EVA Outsoles
- Wear Out Easily
Birkenstock Arizona
+ Soft Footbeds
+ Oiled Leather Uppers
+ Adjustable Buckles
- Easy to Scuff and Scrape
Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed Midnight
+ Soft Footbeds
+ Oiled Leather Uppers
+ Adjustable Buckles
- Wear Out Easily
Birkenstock Unisex Boston Clog
+ Cork and Latex Midsoles
+ Oiled Leather Uppers
+ Suede Footbed Liners
- Easy to Scuff and Scrape
Birkenstock Gizeh Eva Sandal
+ Waterproof
+ Great Arch Support
+ Easy to Wash
- Squeaks

“Over the years, Birkenstocks have gained a lot of popularity because of their great quality, durability, and above all, comfort. All Birkenstock footwear is designed with the infamous Birkenstock orthopedic insoles the company has been known in the last two centuries.”

Birkenstock New Unisex Arizona Sandal Taupe Suede 38 R

Birkenstocks broke into the fashion limelight when Celine’s models walked down the runway wearing them. Since then the orthopedic sandals have been sighted on the feet of many celebrities. And this has skyrocketed the popularity of these sandals.

It’s not surprising that counterfeiters have jumped on this brand to cash on its popularity. Birkenstock called consumers attention to the prevalence of fakes when they withdrew their products from Amazon in 2016. They gave a press release in December 2017 announcing that they will no longer supply their products to the eCommerce giant. This action was a result of the discovery of many counterfeits and illegal retailers on the eCommerce platform.

Despite their efforts, there are still a large number of fake Birkenstocks circulating the market. Being able to spot the fake is now almost a must-have skill for lovers of the brand. Thankfully, there are some simple checks to carry out to ascertain if a Birkenstock is authentic or fake. Let’s get into them. Give A Try? Get Truth About Products, Reviews, and Sellers Before You Buy.

Eight Easy Ways to Spot Fake Birkenstocks

When considering purchasing a new pair of Birkenstock sandals, there are certain questions you must ask yourself. You also need to carry out a few checks to ensure you are getting a genuine product. Let’s find out what these questions and checks entail.

1. Who’s the Seller?

When buying Birkenstocks, the seller is as important as the footwear you are about to buy. Do not buy from random stores, whether offline or online, if you do not want to end up with a fake Birkenstock. The best place to buy is Birkenstock’s official website and authorized retailers. Use the store locator on the Birkenstock website to find an authorized retailer nearest to you. This way, you are sure you are getting a genuine product.

2. What’s the Price?

Birkenstock is a high-quality German brand of footwear and, as such, is quite pricey. Depending on the material, genuine Birkenstock sandals are generally priced at $29.95 to $99.95. The high-end models are made from premium leather and fall within a price range of $120 to $300. The collaboration models (Valentino & Rick Owens) are the most expensive sandals in the brand. They typically cost between $420 and $572.

If you fa ridiculously cheap Birkenstock, it’s most likely fake. You should also be wary of promo sales that offer discounts across all brand models, particularly if the price is lower than the Official Birkenstock retail rate. Whereas discount offers have been given on specific products at certain times, it is rarely given across the board. Huge discounts on Birkenstock products (particularly in online stores) are tell-tale signs of fake Birkenstocks.

3. How does the Packaging Look?

This is one easy way to tell if the Birkenstock product you are about to purchase is genuine or fake. Older Birkenstock packaging is white and blue, while newer models are complete blue with a white logo and inscription. Children’s models come in white Packaging with blue inscriptions, while limited editions are usually packaged in black boxes with white inscriptions.

A brief history of Birkenstock is written in both English and German on one side of the box. A sticker label shows the style illustration, model name, material, color, shoe size, and foot width on the opposite side. On the front part is a display of Birkenstock shoe styles with their names printed below each illustration. There is also EAN/UPC barcodes and product code on the shoe box.

The interior of the box cover has an illustration of Birkenstock’s sole design and a size guide. “TRADITION SINCE 1774” is also boldly printed inside the box. Birkenstock packaging that does not include any (or all) of the features listed above is most likely fake.

NB: The information on the Packaging should match the information on the shoe. If they do not match then, you are probably looking at a fake Birkenstock.

4. Check the Insole

This is almost the easiest way to spot a fake Birkenstock. This is because the footbed is arguably the most outstanding feature of Birkenstocks. The footbed has a deep heel cup, arch support, and a raised toe bar in all genuine Birkenstocks.

The Birkenstock text logo is boldly imprinted on the footbed with a smaller sized “MADE IN GERMANY” printed just below it. Shoe size and a footprint symbol are imprinted on the left side of the logo, while a leather symbol is imprinted on the right side. Slide the surface of your finger across the imprint to ensure they are actually imprinted and not stamped on. Stamped on inscriptions is an indicator of fake Birkenstock.

The footbed imprints on older Birkenstocks are yellow, while all newer models (from 2017) are imprinted in black. Imprints on vegan models are made in green, softbed versions are imprinted in blue, while limited editions are imprinted in gold.

Check carefully to ensure the imprints are error-free and neatly done. Some fake Birkenstocks imprints have been seen to have spelling errors and inconsistent lettering. You won’t find such in genuine Birkenstock.

5. Check the Buckles

Buckles on all original Birkenstock footwear have a debossed text logo. “BIRKENSTOCK” is debossed on larger buckles, “BIRKEN” on medium-sized buckles, and “BIRK” on smaller buckles.

Some fake Birkenstocks have inferior buckles with no inscription whatsoever. Others that have the debossed logo are often not consistent with the size of the buckle. You might find “BIRK” debossed on a rather large buckle instead of “BIRKENSTOCK.”

6. Check the Sole Pattern

Birkenstock soles are designed with the brand’s signature hourglass pattern. “Birk” is inscribed in some of the boxes. Compare the size of the patterns and letterings on the footwear you are about to buy with the patterns on the original or a picture of the original you have. They should be the same. If the size of the patterns does not match that of the original, then you might just be looking at a fake product.

7. Check the Material and Overall Quality

Birkenstocks use high-quality materials in making their shoes. Leather Birks are made with premium, unsplit leather, while synthetic ones are made with skin-friendly, durable Birko-Flor. They are usually thick and have a smooth finish. You won’t find cut marks on genuine Birkenstocks.

Fake Birkenstocks are usually made from inferior materials. Leather is quite thin, and you are likely to find cut marks. The footbed, cork, and outsole are often not neatly aligned.

8. Check the Weight

Birkenstocks are synonymous with comfort. The shoes are usually lightweight to ensure the wearer is comfortable and can move around freely. Fake Birkenstocks are generally much heavier than the original products.

Top 7 Hot Selling Birkenstocks(7 Best Birkenstocks In 2021)

1. Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed – Leather (Unisex)(N951303/R951301)

Birkenstock New Unisex Arizona Sandal Taupe Suede 38 R

2. Birkenstock Essentials Unisex Arizona EVA Sandal(00129423360)

Birkenstock Unisex Arizona Essentials EVA Black Sandals – 36 N

3. Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor(N43853,R43851)

Birkenstock Gizeh Birko-Flor Metallic Silver Birko Flor 35 (US Women’s 4-4.5) Regular

4. Birkenstock Women’s Arizona(Arizona Birkibuc)

Birkenstock Arizona – Birkibuc (Unisex) Mocha Birkibuc EU 36 (US Women’s 5-5.5) Regular

5. Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed – Leather(B094Q12Y86)

Birkenstock Florida Soft Footbed Midnight 36 R EU

6. Birkenstock Boston – Oiled Leather (Unisex)(Boston-F10)

Birkenstock Unisex Boston Clog,Habana Oiled Leather,36 M EU

7. Birkenstock Gizeh Big Buckle Sandal(1015464-3-32.0)

Birkenstock Gizeh Eva Sandal – Kids’ Beetroot Purple Eva, 32.0

In Conclusion

If you are looking for comfort, style, and ease in footwear, Birkenstock is a must-have for you. You are sure to enjoy premium value for your money. That might not be the case if you end up with a fake Birkenstock. The guidelines given above will help you ensure you do not end up with one.

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