“If you are thinking about life in 2021, you already know it’s different from the life you had three or four years back. Everyone who used to go out for their daily activities is staying at home. But no matter what, life has to move forward. If you are a student, learning is happening at home now. If you are an office worker, you carry out those work from home now. If you used to go out a lot to see your friends, you have to see them through a video call.”

HP 24mh FHD Monitor – Computer Monitor with 23.8-Inch IPS Display (1080p) – Built-In Speakers and VESA Mounting – Height/Tilt Adjustment for Ergonomic Viewing – HDMI and DisplayPort – (1D0J9AAABA)

What are the devices that help you to move forward with life while staying at home? Things instantly come to your mind are the internet, smartphone, laptop and PC. There is some work you can not carry through your smartphone. Sometimes your laptop performance also becomes insufficient depending on the work you have.

So in 2021, investing in a desktop PC is not such a bad idea. Because working from home (WFH) has become a new trend. One thing you should seriously consider when buying a PC is its screen.

Our choice for the best monitor is HP 24mh FHD Monitor(B08BF4CZSV). HP is a well-renowned brand name for many generations. It’s your time to check out one of the finest monitors from the tech hardware giant.

Visual Quality

The monitor is the device that you use to get the visual output from your PC. If we forget everything, every monitor should excel at its visual quality. HP 24mh Monitor has done a splendid job in that area.

It has a full high definition (FHD) display with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080. If you know your way around monitors, you know this is a high-quality resolution for a monitor. With the in-plane switching technology, you can experience the highest image accuracy from this monitor. Not only that, this technology plays a part in expanding the viewing spectrum.


HP has designed this monitor with a stylish ultra-slim display to give your working space an eye-catching look. With 18.28 inches in height and 21.19 inches in length, HP 24mh Monitor is a perfect fit for your home desk. The display size of the monitor is 23.8 inches.

Viewing Angle Got Wider

HP 24mh Monitor guarantees to give you vibrant details from practically any position. You can observe color accuracy and image clarity across 178° viewing angles. Based on your need, you can place the screen vertically or horizontally.

Gaming Experience

You can use this monitor comfortably as the display for your gaming console or gaming PC. As the refresh rate of this monitor is 75 Hz, it’s ideal for playing games. Wide viewing angle and Resolution are keys for a better gaming experience. HP 24mh Monitor covers both aspects perfectly.

Does It Have Bezels?

Having larger bezels circling the monitor can become a headache when you are staring at the monitor the whole day. Whether you are working, studying or playing a game, you always wish to get a seamless viewing experience. On HP 24mh Monitor, virtually you can hardly see bezels on three sides.

Connecting As a Display

You don’t know what kind of a port you will require to connect your monitor as a display in different situations. HP 24mh Monitor has HDMI Port, DisplayPort, and VGA port to cover you in every department. You can use your HP 24mh Monitor as your gaming console, PC or secondary screen.

There are four ports available at the back of the display.

  • Audio
  • VGA
  • HDMI
  • DisplayPort™

Can You Hear Sound?

You might be still having second thoughts about adding speakers to your WFH setup. You have nothing to worry about there because HP 24mh Monitor has built-in speakers for you. These 2W speakers can give a high-quality sound output. If the speakers are not working, make sure to enable them from the monitor menu.

Reduce the Stress on Your Eyes

Most of us will end up sitting in front of a monitor for long hours while working from home or playing games. It puts your eyes under stress because of the bright white lights. Blue lights are the main reason for this.

In HP 24mh Monitor, you can switch between low blue light mode to protect your eyes and reduce the stress over them. What this mode does is shift colors to a warmer spectrum and make white colors more natural.

Adjustable For Your Comfort

Many monitors available for buying don’t have the versatility to adjust the height and tilt. When that happens, either you have to sprain your neck or spend extra money to fix it. HP 24mh Monitor comes with height and tilt adjustability. You can use it comfortably without any worries.

To be precise, you can move the display within a 100mm range. When tilting, you can move the display 5° forward and 23° backward.

Warranty and Sustainability

As I said before, HP is a well-renowned computer hardware manufacturing company. So HP 24mh Monitor is backed by HP’s standard one-year limited warranty. When thinking of sustainable energy consumption, the power requirement of this monitor remains low.

What’s in the box?

  • 23.8” inch display
  • HDMI cable 5.9 feet
  • Quick start guide
  • AC power code 6.2 feet
  • Audio cable
  • Product notice
  • Warranty

Lengthy HDMI cable is a thoughtful inclusion here because you can place the monitor in a comfortable location. You don’t have to buy a separate audio cable for your monitor since that also freely available. A nearly 2 meters long AC power cable also a helpful addition here.


On Amazon, HP 24mh Monitor has a 4.8-star rating from its customers. You can understand the popularity and the customer satisfaction by that numbers.

Considering its price range, you can think HP 24mh Monitor as a budget monitor. For that value, it certainly gives us a lot. If you are trying to find the perfect monitor for your home setup or office desk, HP 24mh Monitor is the one for you. Give WirelessHeadphoneOnline.com A Try? Noise-Canceling, Immersive or Personalized for Your Best Wireless Headphone.

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HP 24mh FHD Monitor B08BF4CZSV FAQ

This monitor features a tilt range of -5 to 23 degrees.
Yes, these monitors DO in fact rotate so that they are longer vertically than horizontally. It's very handy if you're working on a long document looking at long bits of code to reduce the amount of scrolling.
Yes, the HP 24mh monitor comes with an HDMI cable additionally to an audio cable and A/C power line.
144hz is the standard for gaming these days. This only offers 75hz.
From the full down position, the monitor can be raised a little under 2 inches. Making the bottom of the monitor about 6 inches off your desk or table.
Easy set up and it functions very well. You will need an HDMI adapter for your Surface.

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