“High-end designer apparel has now become a major element of today’s pop culture. With brand names like Adidas on clothes and shoes comes a statement of class and sophistication. And since no one wants to be left behind, there’s a constant rush to identify with these products and their expensive appeal.”

adidas mens Grand Court Tennis Shoe, Black/White/White, 3.5 US

However, in reality, designer products like Adidas shoes aren’t exactly easy to buy. These products come very expensive and yet enjoy high demand. So, many fraudulent sellers produce adulterated shoes that look like the original and sell them at ridiculously low prices.

Unsuspecting buyers who cannot spot an original apart from a fake will usually fall prey to these antics. But you don’t have to be caught off guard, buying a fake product. That’s why in this article, we show you how to identify real Adidas shoes and make informed purchasing choices.

What’s Special About the Adidas Brand?

Adidas is one of the major players in the footwear and apparel industry. The company makes both sports and casual shoes for all age groups. Adidas is currently valued at $71.77 billion and has become a top choice for shoe lovers who value comfort, class, and quality.

Knowing how to identify Adidas shoes begins with understanding the logo structure of Adidas. Adidas boasts of three different logos, and these logos are usually visible on Adidas shoes and other products. Below are the three logos and what they represent.

  • The Three Bears

As the name implies, the logo comprises three diagonal bars that follow each other to increase height. This logo is most common on sport wears and shoes. Adidas says these bars represent the hurdles as people progress and the urge to push further.

  • The Three Stripes

Most times, Adidas uses the three stripes as its logo. Adidas merely presents this logo with three horizontal, diagonal or vertical stripes on shoes or clothing. The stripes usually appear independent of the name “Adidas” but there’s no doubt this logo fully represents the brand.

  • The Trefoil

This logo comes with the name “Adidas” and three stripes appearing vertically and diagonally. The trefoil is usually commonplace in Adidas classic products and shows how much of a diverse and large brand Adidas is in the apparel market.

Top 7 Hot Selling Adidas Shoes(7 Best Adidas Shoes In 2021)

1.Adidas Women’s Grand Court Sneaker

2.Adidas Men’s Daily 3.0 Skate Shoe

3.Adidas Performance Men’s Samba Classic Indoor Soccer Shoe

4.Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

5.Adidas Men’s Adilette Shower Slide

6.Adidas Men’s HVC Wrestling Shoe

7.Adidas Men’s Grand Court Sneaker

How to Check Legit Adidas Shoes?

Undoubtedly, Adidas makes one of the best shoes globally, but the rate of counterfeits that exist for original Adidas shoes is quite alarming. While some fake shoes are quite easy to spot at first glance, others take a whole lot of inspection before buyers find out they are fake shoes.

However, several features are always exclusive to original Adidas shoes that I will share in this section. These features will make you familiar with the qualities of an original Adidas shoe and help you understand how to know if an Adidas shoe is authentic.

  • Single Logo

As I said above, Adidas has three different logos. Yet, no Adidas product, especially their shoes, will have more than one type of logo on it. So, if there’s an Adidas shoe having the trefoil and three bars all at once, it’s most definitely a fake.

  • Correct Brand Name Spelling

It’s pretty absurd for Adidas to make a shoe and spell their brand name wrongly on the shoe. Shoes with brand names spelled as “abibas,” “adibas,” “abides,” and other weird spelling variants are not from Adidas.

  • Logo Quality

Original Adidas shoes usually have the brand’s logo carved or carefully sown on the shoe’s tongue. On the flip side, the fakes are simply made of logo stickers that wear off quickly. SO, if the logo on your Adidas shoe can be peeled off, it’s most likely a fake.

  • Laces

All original Adidas sneakers have an extra lace in the box. Where there is no spare set of laces, or they are not well packed, it might be an indicator that you are getting a fake. This method is not exactly fool-proof, though, as fake producers now add laces to their adulterated shoes to pass off as original.

  • Serial Number

The average Adidas shoe has a unique serial number for the left and right pairs in the shoe’s interior. Similar serial numbers in both pairs is an indicator that the shoe is a fake. Besides, the number on the shoe box must be the same as the sequential number located in the label tag on the inside of both pairs of the shoe.

  • Stitches

A high, enviable level of quality goes into the production process and materials of Adidas shoes. So, the seams, stitches, and finishing are always impeccable. If you notice loose threads, unfinished seams, or visible traces of glue, then you’ve got a cheap pass-off on your hands.

  • Price

This feature is almost always overlooked when indicators for original Adidas shoes are in contention. Original Adidas shoes are quite expensive, and rightly so because they are designed with careful precision and quality. If you’re getting a low bargain price that’s not a discount, you may well be getting a fake Adidas shoe.

  • Shade

One of the common ways on how to check legit Adidas shoes is by confirming the color. Adulterated Adidas shoes usually come in more colors than is available on the official Adidas website. You may want to confirm the color range of shoes available on the Adidas website.

  • Geographical Indication

Original Adidas shoes are usually identified by their place of production, so it’s fine for your Adidas shoe to contain words like “Made in China.” However, the barcode will usually consist of the German code. Thus, an original shoe will have the first specimens starting between 400 to 440.

Final Verdict on Authentic Adidas Shoes

One of the steps I adopt on how to check if my Adidas shoes are original is testing out the quality. However, the nature of shoes is not necessarily an indicator of authenticity. So, questions like “do Adidas shoes come in wide width?” are not helpful as Adidas makes shoes of different lengths and sizes.

Counterfeiting is an offense in some climes, and even if it isn’t in your country, you can be assured of durability and value when you buy original Adidas shoes. So, why sacrifice quality for a low price. Check those Adidas shoes you’re buying today with the features above, and steer clear of buying fake ones.

Stacy Adams
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