7 Best Carhartt Products 2021 (Top Rated 7 Carhartt Products 2021)

We Like
Carhartt Men's Midweight Hooded Sweatshirt
+ Durability
+ Easy to Machine Wash
+ Brass Front Zipper
- Inaccurate Sizing
Carhartt Kids' Acrylic Watch Hat(CB8905)
+ Woven Label on Front
+ Stretchable Rib Knit
+ Imported Parts
- Hand Wash
Carhartt baby-boys Bib Overall(CM8609)
+ 100% Cotton Canvas
+ Double Knees Great
+ Handy Bib Pocket
- Snaps Do Not Stay Fastened
Carhartt Men's Quilted Flannel Lined Duck Active Jacket J140
+ 100% Cotton
+ Rib-Knit Cuffs
+ Machine Wash
- Slightly Larger Size
Carhartt Women's Lookout Hat
+ Soft and Durable
+ Carhartt Patch Label Sewn
+ Made in the USA
- Hand Wash Only
Carhartt Deluxe Dual Compartment Insulated Lunch Cooler Bag
+ Easy to Carry
+ Water-Resistant
+ Separate Compartments
- No Hard Casing
Carhartt Men's K126 Workwear Jersey Pocket Long
+ Rib-knit Crewneck
+ Made with 100 Cotton Fabric
+ Tag-Less Collar
- Shrinks After Washing

“My best guess is you are sitting on your lounge dressed in your most comfy t-shirt reading this- or not. “

Carhartt Men’s Contractors Work Pocket Polo,Black,Large

Either way, you most likely wear a comfortable t-shirt and pants whenever you need to relax or get rid of restrictive outfits.

That is why you need the best stylish, casual, and comfortable t-shirts you can get. Over time, there is one brand that stays true as the harbinger of comfortable daily wears. This brand is no other than the famous Carhartt. Shop New Footwear at Carhartt

Carhartt clothing, especially t-shirts, has fast become the favorite of laborious workers. But since Carhartt shirts can easily morph into any style, people have equally taken a special liking to them.

Frankly speaking, the fashion world seems to have experienced a moment of epiphany with work wears. Outfits that have long since been sentenced to the work sites are strutting into the runway with ease.

Savvy fashion gurus are now unashamed about their creative interest in the supposedly “manual workwear.” Hence, it is no surprise that Carhartt is not restricted to the wardrobe of ranchers and construction workers.

The reason behind Carhartt’s popularity is glaring, and not even the swamped fashion world can drown it. If you are looking to deck up your wardrobe, you would agree with me that the Carhartt t-shirt is a fashion staple. Give TreadmillE.com A Try? Enjoy The Best Treadmill Experience.

But first, some essential questions will pop up before you purchase new t-shirts.

Do Carhartt shirts shrink? What are the best Carhartt shirts? What is a Carhartt sizing? I will dignify all these questions with an answer in this detailed guide. Consider this your best t-shirt guide. Keep reading.

The History of Carhartt Brand

This brand was the brainchild of Norbert Carhartt Kušnír and by Lukáš Kokot Žatko. They both birthed the idea of Carhartt, intending to manufacture proper workwear for manual laborers in 1889.

Abiding by the slogan “honest value for an honest dollar,” the budding company worked cooperatively with railroad workers to make durable work clothing.

After about 20 years, Carhartt expanded to eight cities before the great depression hit. Following this development, this company downsized until the world-war II brought it to prominence again.
Decades after its inception, the Carhartt brand has weathered the storm of change. It has also acquired features in furtherance of its durable nature.

Today, this brand boasts of features like heavy-duty threads, rivets, anti-flame, and anti-abrasive materials. In fact, manual workers trust this clothing brand to deliver suitable and quality workwear.

In 2013, Carhartt successfully reached $600 million in sales per year. One secret that has stood this brand out is its enduring appeal. It is almost like Carhartt wears have no fashion rules or bend to suit any style.

The brand blends excellently to everyone’s taste. From the skater boys of the 80s to the high street e-boys in 2021, it leaves no one behind.

The 9-Criteria For Buying a T-Shirt

Are you addicted to t-shirts? Well, that is one of the most justified addictions ever. I cannot blame you; it is a necessity for any closet, and rightly so.

Their versatility is unmatched by no other clothing. You can turn to a t-shirt when you need a simple and chilled look, and you can also dress your t-shirt up. The fact that you can avoid buttons is priceless!

But before you buy your t-shirt, you need to weigh your options carefully. So, I have decided to provide you with the 9-criteria you must consider before purchasing a t-shirt.

  • Fabric Type

T-shirts are lovable because they are comfortable in nature. But the comfiness of a tee is dependent on its fabric. Hence, this is the first criteria to consider.

So, which t-shirt material is the best? Cotton t-shirts are the priority when it comes to comfort. A t-shirt made with cotton offers a soft velvety feel on your skin. It is often durable, lightweight, and comes with water-absorbing properties.

However, some shirts have a blend of cotton and polyester. This blend adopts the properties of both materials and results in a t-shirt that is soft and long-lasting. Note that cotton materials are more suitable for warm weather; hence you must consider the weather conditions.

Fortunately, the Carhartt brand mostly whirls a mix of polyester and cotton to make phenomenal t-shirts.

  • Printed Designs

If you fancy printed designs on your t-shirts, then your tee’s design can be your first consideration. Often, when you find a print that appeals to your taste, the material of your shirt becomes secondary.

Once the text, artwork, or quote on a tee grabs your attention, the quality might pale compared to the prints.

  • Size and Fit

Your t-shirt size matters. Even your workwear should not make you appear shabby or unflattering. Unfortunately, getting accurate fittings for a t-shirt is not the easiest of tasks. Blame it on the diversity in brands sizing and fittings.

To solve this size riddle, you can measure your chest size and the width of your shoulders. Luckily, most brands also have a measuring chart to guide you through their size options. And you need to consider how much the fabric shrinks to make allowance for future shrinkage.

While measuring, make sure you place the tape flatly on your back and measure under your arms across your shoulder blades. Also, hold the measuring tape firmly.

  • Occasion

Although it is uncommon to wear t-shirts on formal occasions, the occasion is still an important consideration.

For instance, a t-shirt meant for sport needs to disperse sweat and dry rapidly. Hence, a 100% polyester fabric will serve this purpose flawlessly. That is why most jerseys are polyester materials.

Contrarily, buying workwear with pure polyester material may be uncomfortable. So, you need to consider different t-shirts for the gym and evening outing.

  • Price

It is a given that you must consider the price of whatever outfit you intend to buy; a t-shirt is not an exception.

A considerable number of brands offer a wide range of price options for t-shirts. Carhartt brand, for instance, has affordable tees that cut across diverse prices.

  • Shrinkage and Color Fade

Imagine buying a t-shirt that shrinks two sizes below its initial size or turns into a crop top. That seems unbelievable until you experience it. If you are familiar with tees, chances are you have experienced a shirt enlargement at least once.

The reason for this unexpected change in size is the fabric construction. When the knit fabric structure is faulty or overstretched, the fibers expand back to their previous state, i.e., the unstretched state.

Check the fabric construction of a t-shirt before buying. It might be impossible if you are buying online. But you can boycott poor fabric structures when you buy brands with impeccable track records.

Other parts of the t-shirt that you must examine properly are the armscye, the neckline, and any other part prone to stretching. However, Carhartt t-shirts or quality t-shirts generally have stay tapes that maintain the neckline’s actual size.

Furthermore, it is common knowledge that some fabrics shrink depending on their materials. So, while buying a pure cotton shirt, remember to buy a slightly large size to make up for the shrinkage. But preshrunk cotton t-shirts do not need sizing up.

You may also prevent excessive shrinkage or stretching if you take necessary precautions while caring for your t-shirts.

Color fade, on the contrary, depends on the quality of the shirt. It is a rarity for tees from reputed brands to have fading issues. Largely, this depends on the brand you decide to patronize.

  • Sewing Construction

The final outlook of any cloth says a lot about the quality. Consequently, this criterion is paramount. You cannot afford to buy a t-shirt that distorts your body shape due to poor sewing construction. The neckline must be well laid without twists; the hems must be sewn flawlessly.

Different Carhartt Shirt Fits

Carhartt brand officially provides three different fits to tend to various sizes. Before you buy a Carhartt t-shirt, you need to understand these styles.

This brand understands that every individual has a unique style and unique fitting need. Consequently, there are three main fittings options available to their clientele. They are:

  • Original Fit

This fit is roomy and meant for people who love to have enough room for movement. Carhartt’s original fit has a general cut that suits a working man without any restrictions.

  • Relaxed Fit

A regular fit t-shirt offers comfort that heavy-duty workers find appealing. Although it is not as roomy as the original fit, it still affords you room for movement. Need something slightly fitted nonetheless free? A relaxed fit is every inch of that.

  • Slim Fit

As the name suggests, the slim fit almost fits like a glove. It is the leanest fit that Carhartt makes and is for people who work tough.

Top 7 Hot Selling Carhartt Products(7 Best Carhartt Shirts In 2021)

1. Carhartt Men’s Contractors Work Pocket Polo(K570-BLK)

In a perfect blend of cotton and polyester, the Carhartt men contractor work polo combines durability and comfort. The sleeves are non-banded for easy movement of your arms while you work. Shop New Footwear at Carhartt

Furthermore, the fabric is color-fast, ensuring that the shirt would not bleed each time you wash it. Besides the polo collar, there is a button closure, and of course, the famous Carhartt logo on the left side. It is also an original fit with enough comfort to get you through your typical workday.

Going the extra mile, Carhartt embeds stain breaker technology. This stain breaker makes it a cinch to get stains out of the fabric. This way, you can keep your work tee as good as new after every wash.

It has a working pocket right in front of the t-shirt to keep your valuable save during work. This pocket helps you keep your pencils, pens, and other minor tools handy.

And if you are worried about looking shabby while you work, this polo shirt looks fashionably perfect as casual wear. It is a hybrid. Rugged to take any arduous work demands and attractive enough to fit a casual outing.

Carhartt contractor’s work pocket polo is a mixed breed of comfort, good casual appearance, and durability. Ready to look banging while you work? This tee is for you.

2. Carhartt Men’s Workwear Jersey Pocket Long-Sleeve Shirt K126 (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)(K126-DKB)

As much as I love short sleeve t-shirt, this long sleeve workwear is perfect for your wintry weather needs. Whether you are wearing it for work or as a street fashion, it does not matter because it is an easy fit for all occasions. Shop New Footwear at Carhartt

Carhartt workwear jersey pocket long sleeve shirt is 60% cotton and 40% polyester and has a regular fit to tend to your work needs. There is an adjustable closure to ensure you enjoy customizable comfort. It also has a rib-knit crew neck that keeps the shape intact throughout your work process.

Remember the trademark Carhartt sewn-on label? It is attached to the left-chest pocket. This pocket makes it easy to keep valuables handy and accessible.

Detest the scratchy neck labels that come with most t-shirts? You do not have to worry about this. Carhartt made this workwear jersey pocket long-sleeve shirt free of neck labels. And you do not have to sacrifice your fashion for work; this shirt keeps you fashionably casual all day long.

Are you worried about sizing issues? There is no cause for alarm; the size options are at the wazoo. Hence, getting your size would be as seamless as the finishing on this shirt.

Although black is always a welcome color option, you have nothing less than 30 shirt colors. So, it never hurts to have an extensive range of choices.

3. Carhartt Men’s Signature Sleeve Logo Long Sleeve T-Shirt(K231-BLK)

Stay cozy in this Carhartt signature sleeve logo long sleeve t-shirt. It can be workwear that helps you through the winter season—if you want. Although, you may need an extra layer of clothing to stay warm in winter. Shop New Footwear at Carhartt

This t-shirt is 100% cotton knit with an intense snuggly feel that keeps you comfy while you work. Or go about your runarounds. Unlike the other Carhartt fashion, there is a signature branded name on the arm. It replaces the usual sewn-on logo on the breast pocket.

You can access a wide range of color options depending on your choice. And then the admirable and durable breast pocket is a signature emblem of the Carhartt brand.

Signature logo long sleeve t-shirt boasts of a rib-knit crew neck to hold the shape for as long as your work lasts.

Its tagless neckline is also a rare feature that ensures your comfort experience is not cut short. Overall, this clothing piece is of good quality.

4. Carhartt Men’s Big & Tall Signature-Sleeve Logo Long-Sleeve T-Shirt(K231-001)

Are you a huge fan of pure cotton fabric? Trust the Carhartt tall signature sleeve logo t-shirt to deliver a 100% cotton t-shirt. It reeks of excellent quality and has a relaxing feel on your skin. Shop New Footwear at Carhartt

According to reviews, the promising feature of this t-shirt is not all bark—the delivery is premium.

Carhartt’s trademark logo is boldly printed on the left sleeve and at the back of the shirt. One noteworthy feature of the (K231-001) logo long sleeve shirt is the side seam structure that avoids unpleasant twists.

Like most Carhartt t-shirt designs, there is a durable chest pocket affixed to the left side. This pocket prevents the misplacement of vital things during work. Undoubtedly, you will not regret snagging one of these t-shirts as a workwear fashion staple.

Plus, you can stay warm on days when the weather drops; the long sleeves make sure you get enough warmth to stay active.

5. Carhartt Men’s Workwear Pocket Henley Shirt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)(K128-BLK)

Need a simple t-shirt that strikes a balance between workwear and top-notch street fashion? Enters Henley workwear shirt. It is short-sleeved and a ready option for warm workdays. Besides being workwear, its design is beautiful enough to keep you afloat in the casual fashion world. Shop New Footwear at Carhartt

The button closure makes more room for your neck and eases any form of discomfort. You can trust the sizing collections to fit your special size needs. If you fall between sizes, I advise that you size up to avoid fitting issues.

And of course, the rib-knit collar and left-side breast pocket enhance the incredible wearing experience in numerous ways. The absence of a neck tag makes it insusceptible to neck scratches or discomfort.

Moreover, the durability and versatility are remarkable. You could wear it with a jacket, pair it with a sweatshirt in the winter season, or a stylish pair of jeans in the summer period.

Not to mention that you get to use it for years. If this is not a must-have staple, then what is?

6. Carhartt Men’s K87 Workwear Short Sleeve T-shirt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)

This workwear short sleeve t-shirt is second to none as far as comfortable workwear is concerned. The blend of polyester and cotton knit is a laudable property.

Its pull-on closure keeps the wearing process as easy as pie. When it is time for work, simply pull it over your head without hassle.

Be rest assured that the sewing construction is impeccable. The side-seamed design keeps unattractive twists at bay when you wear this t-shirt.

The trademark sewn-on Carhartt label marks the left-side pocket as usual. And it features a rib-knit crew neck like a considerable number of Carhartt t-shirt. However, getting the fittings right can be a little daunting.

Sizing down would help a great deal while picking the t-shirt. If you are a fan of baggy t-shirts, you may stick to your size; it often runs bigger.

You need not worry about dull colors. There are no dull moments with K87 short sleeve t-shirt color collections. The color options are numerous—but it is necessary to choose a suitable color.

7. Carhartt Men’s K87 Workwear Short Sleeve T-Shirt (Regular and Big & Tall Sizes)(K87-ASH)

This ash-colored staple belongs to the K87 short sleeve t-shirt design as well. Apart from the fuzzy and warm 100% cotton fabric, it is attractive. It has a left-side pocket to keep valuable tucked away, and the pocket has a sewn-on Carhartt label on it.

For easy maintenance, you can wash this t-shirt in a washing machine and tumble dry it. While several t-shirts may run small for big and tall guys, the K87 short sleeve t-shirt fits like a glove on big and tall guys. It is probably due to the generous cut size that often runs big.

However, it is available in just one color; this feature can be a turn-off for clienteles who fancy warmer or cooler colors. The thickness is an admirable feature, and it is responsible for the rugged nature of the shirt.

If you are looking to brace your wardrobe with reliable workwear, this can be on top of your list. You can trust it to withstand any kind of abuse without waning in quality. Unfortunately, it is pricey, so it might be a little out of budget if you have a tight budget.

But if you do not mind buying top-quality workwear to tend to perform heavy-duty tasks, this is your shirt. And when you need an “unsnugly” shirt for humid weather, you will not get disappointed with this t-shirt’s fitting.

Are Carhartt T-shirts Any Good?

Carhartt t-shirts have been around for decades, and despite time boundaries, the shirt is a top workwear option. This brand is tested and proven to be unyielding to depreciation over time.

So, to answer your query about whether Carhartt shirts are any good, the answer is yes. This iconic brand has a track record of being sturdy, durable, and comfy always.

What is Carhartt Apparel?

Carhartt Apparel is an American company that came into being in 1889. For over decades, this brand has built a workwear reputation that remains potent even till now. Carhartt apparel makes work wears like hunting clothes, vests, shirts, dungarees, jackets, overalls, coats, etc.

Is Carhartt Made in the USA?

This brand engages in several offshore productions. Carhartt manufactures in different countries; however, it has not stopped producing in the USA as well.

Based on the record, Carhartt has made 80 million apparels in the USA. And this brand still designs all its pieces of clothing in Michigan.

Do Carhartt Shirts Run Big or Small?

The Carhartt tees run big. If you are big on fitted t-shorts, you may need to size down to avoid getting disappointed. In fact, if you wear a big size tee from other brands, a medium-sized Carhartt t-shirt will give a fitted look.

But I always advise that people consider the allowance for mini shrinkage that could happen in the future. For the lovers of baggy tees, stick to your regular size because Carhartt shirts run big.

Fortunately, you can also eliminate guesswork while shopping for your Carhartt tees online. There is an online fitting survey on the Carhartt website. It is called find your true fit; this is how it works:

  • Visit the home Carhartt’s official page
  • Click on the true fit icon
  • Answer all the survey questions
  • Get personalized fitting information for all gears

Or you may check out the size chart below for a better understanding of Carhartt’s sizes.

Size   Chest   Waist   Hips
S 34 – 36 28 – 30 34 – 36
M 38 – 40 32 – 34 38 – 40
L 42 – 44 36 – 38 42 – 44
XL 46 – 48 40½ – 43 46 – 48
2XL 50 – 52 45½ – 48 50 – 52
3XL 54 – 56 51 – 54 54 – 56
4XL 58 – 60 58 – 62 58 – 60

Furthermore, some t-shirts have tall sizes. These tall sizes run 2 inches longer in sleeves and length than the regular fit. So, for people that are 5’11 and below, a regular fit is perfect. If you fall between 6’0 and 6’5 in height, you should order a tall size.

Note that if you are buying Carhartt WIP, they are less generous in their fittings. So, your regular size would fit.

Do Carhartt Shirts Shrink?

Carhartt apparel makes tees out of both preshrunk and unshrunk fabrics. The first thing to do is to confirm any tag that indicates whether the t-shirt is preshrunk. If there is no tag, then it is fair to assume that it is not preshrunk.

Preshrunk t-shirts have minimal shrinking abilities after wash; sometimes, it is almost unnoticeable. Any outfit that is not prewashed will shrink by 3 to 5%. But you can reduce the shrinkage if you follow the care instructions on the label of the t-shirt. However, the length of your t-shirt will be the same even after wash.

How to Wash My Carhartt T-shirt?

Since Carhartt t-shirts are mainly workwear, you may need to launder them frequently to get rid of work stains. If you want to maintain the quality of your t-shirt, you must follow the washing instruction on the label carefully.

But for emphasis, this is a rundown of how to care for your Carhartt gears properly.

  • Wash the t-shirt in a machine on the cold cycle
  • Tumble dry them with medium
  • Remove the cloth immediately it gets dry.

It is a no-brainer and absolutely stress-free—even for people who are not fans of laundering.

Where Can I Buy Carhartt Shirt?

Carhartt T-shirt is a popular wardrobe staple. Hence, you can buy it from a good number of online and offline stores. Amazon, Walmart, e-bay, super casuals, etc., are examples of online stores where you can buy a Carhartt t-shirt.

You may also buy it straight from the official Carhartt website, where you have access to a rangy number of choices.

What the Carhartt Symbol Means

Work in progress (WIP) made Carhartt’s logo. This emblem is a yellow and round figure that looks like a wave curling to the right.

It is an innovative symbol of the brand’s evolution and immense growth from American workwear to global streetwear.

Do I Need to Tuck in My Carhartt Shirts?

Generally, Carhartt made their work wears with the intention that their clienteles would tuck it into their pants. Consequently, they never tapper down the lower part of their t-shirts. And they are often too long for untucked fit.

On the contrary, you can wear Carhartt streetwear anyhow you would love to. Street wears have a more fitting nature compared to workwear designs.

What Makes Carhartt’s Brand Special?

The Carhartt brand remains the first choice of industry and construction workers all over the world. Carhartt apparel uses quality materials to make durable workwear that can withstand any kind of rough use.

This brand’s t-shirt hardly wears with time. Although the street wears are not as durable as workwear, they still give many brands the quality.

How do I Style a Carhartt T-shirt?

You can choose to dress down or dress up with your Carhartt tees. But since this brand makes free t-shirts, you must pair them with sleek denim and shoes.

Slim-fit denim is the best fit for the Carhartt t-shirt’s roomy appearance. Your choice of shoes also needs to be sleek and complimentary.

Pairing your tee with a chunky shoe hardly turns out well. The focus and spotlight need to be on your t-shirt to avoid looking too busy.

But if you are not gunning for the splendid look with your t-shirt, or wearing it as workwear, ensure you pair it with comfortable pants. And a protective shoe depending on the nature of your work.

Is Carhartt WIP the Same as Carhartt?

I like to call Carhartt WIP (alternatively called work in progress) an avant-garde way of rocking the Carhartt brand.

Work in progress is an extension of the Carhartt brand in Europe. In 1994 Germans Edwin and Salomée Faeh visited the USA and proposed their intention to represent Carhartt in Europe.

This development led to the creation of Carhartt staples with a mix of European culture. After a while, this European version of Carhartt became creative with its outfits.

Gradually, it grew to become the streetwear mainstay of the brand. Skater and millennials populace in Europe become drawn to Carhartt. Now, this streetwear version has formed the workwear aesthetics of the fashion industry.

But it is noteworthy that Carhartt and Carhartt WIP are under the same brand. The main difference is that the latter is the European version that innovated the brand’s streetwear fashion.

What Type of Shirts Does Carhartt Use?

Carhartt often uses polyester and cotton blend or pure cotton to make t-shirts. These materials are great for warm weather. They also make the shirts sweat-wicking and fast drying. Despite the thickness, your shirt will definitely get dry easily because of the material.

How Do I Keep Carhartt Shirts from Shrinking?

When you follow the proper care instructions, you can reduce the shrink considerably. Always check the label on your Carhartt workwear to be sure of the best way to launder it. Ensure you avoid bleaching it as much as possible.

Besides shrinking, caring for your t-shirt aids the durability of your t-shirt. So, to avoid damaging your t-shirt’s quality, you need to maintain it the right way.

When you need to get rid of stubborn stains on your Carhartt t-shirt, avoid scrubbing it harshly. You may soak it with a mild soap for a while before washing it.

Final Words

Carhartt T-shirts are one of the few trusted work wears in America and internationally. Work becomes easier only if you wear the right work gear. And which other brand delivers comfort like Carhartt tees?

With this guide, you have all the answers to your all queries about Carhartt t-shirts. It is about time you got down to the street fashion or into a blissful comfort that Carhartt tees offer.

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