“You walk into a store with intentions to buy a shirt and found a fishing shirt. Years ago, your first reaction would have been to breeze past it. But now, fishing shirts are fast becoming a fashion staple common to non-anglers.”

Sincerely, most people that wear fishing shirts just wear them to fend off the harsh sun rays.

Amidst this recent development, the Columbia Men’s Bahama Ii Short Sleeve Shirt (1011651) became trendy, and it’s only natural to wonder why.

You probably have questions like: Is this shirt quality enough to serve its purpose? Not to worry, this article will answer all your questions about Bahama li short sleeves. And as for whether it’s worth buying? You will decide that after reading this all-inclusive piece.

Why You Should Buy Columbia Men’s Bahama Ii Short Sleeve Shirt (1011651)?

Bahama li short sleeve shirt is popular for numerous reasons. The first is that it’s a fishing shirt and the second reason is that it’s a quality fishing shirt. Hold on, hear me out.

In the first context, you can trust it to provide comfort when you are on the water for one of your adventurous fishing sessions. While in the second context, Bahama short sleeves serve the purpose a fishing shirt should serve in the fashion world, tones down the sun effect.

If you wonder why you should buy this shirt, hang it in there because you are about to find out. Below, I have highlighted the basic features of Columbia Men’s Bahama Ii Short Sleeve Shirt (1011651).

  • Sun Protection

Guess what? The sun isn’t limited to the sea area or fishing occasions. We all suffer from the charring sun in summer, especially when a tan isn’t needed. So, a shirt that offers a form of UV and SPF protection is bliss.

Luckily, Columbia PFG Bahama short sleeve wades off the sun’s damaging effects with its UPF 30 fabric. This Omni-shade UPF 30 fabric is the special sun protection technology that prevents skin damages and skin burns whenever you spend long hours in the sun.
So, whether you are an avid angler or someone that loves their skin enough, this fishing shirt is an easy choice.

  • Breathability that Enhances Comfort

The microscopic spaces between the threads on the shirt and the unseen vents on its shoulders make it breathable. All outdoor activities tend to be exacting. Want to know what’s more exacting? Wearing a shirt that allows for little or no breathability while you are at it.

During burning heat, your skin needs breathable clothing to stay comfortable. Bahama II short-sleeve shirt’s 100% nylon and rapid drying fabric is a solid choice of clothing in the circumstances like that. Hence, you can stay dry and comfortable even when you spend long hours working in the sun.

  • Handiness

When you work actively outdoor, be it fishing or any other activity, you tend to need handy pockets for trinkets or any valuable item.

Columbia was thoughtful enough to pin two handy pockets on this short sleeve shirt. And was even more considerate to attach a Velcro closure to ensure your items stay put whenever you store them.

  • Lightweight and Relaxed Fit

During casual outings, it’s necessary to stay comfortable and relaxed in the right outfit. These requirements fit the features this shirt offers. The fit is relaxing and lightweight; so, it’s ultra-comfy for a day out on the water or a casual, relaxing walk in the evening.

  • Weave Construction

Much more than the fabric, the fabrication of a fishing shirt of the thread or weave matters. Columbia Men’s Bahama Ii Short Sleeve Shirt (1011651) has a tight weave construction coupled with a UV absorbent fabric. This feature serves as a blockage from UVB and UVA rays.

  • Stylish

Wearing a camouflage hunting shirt in public could be uncomfortable. For some, it’s an unacceptable fashion blunder—or so they say. But you don’t have to stick out like a sore thumb each time you need to fish or do whatever it is you love to do.

This shirt is stylish enough for attractive casual wear. So, you can stay on top of your fashion game even while on water.

  • Color Variety

Cardon, Alpine Trunda, Black, Skyler, you name it. There is a massive collection of colors available. Apart from the availability of a wide range of choices, there is every possibility that your favorite color is up for grabs.

Columbia Size Chart


Neck 14-14.5 15-15.5 16-16.5 17-17.5 18-18.5 19-19.5
Chest 32-35 35-38 38-41 42-45 46-49 50-53
Sleeve length 32 33 34 35 36 37
Waist 26-29 29-32 32-35 36-39 40-43 44-47
Hip 32-34 35-37 38-40 41-43 44-46 48-50


Does Columbia Men’s Bahama Ii Short Sleeve Shirt (1011651) Fit True to Size?

Columbia fishing shirts run big. Due to the nature of the generous fitting of the shirt, you should size down if you love fitted shirts. But if you love to have a roomy shirt that’s slightly baggy, you could order your exact size.

Measurement Instruction

To get your exact size on the chart, you need an accurate measurement. Columbia suggests that you follow these measurement instructions:

  • For Sleeves – Measure from the center back of your neck across your shoulder to your elbow.
  • For the chest – Measure the fullest part of your chest over your shoulder blades

PS: Keep the measuring tape firm and flat on your body.


The thought of a thick uncomfortable casual outfit on a hot evening would leave anyone disgruntled. Therefore, you need light and moisture-wicking clothing. And that begs the question: is Columbia Men’s Bahama Ii Short Sleeve Shirt (1011651) worth buying?
Yes, it’s worth every dime you spend on it. And if your convenience is a priority, then this Columbia short sleeve shirt is a must-have. Give TreadmillE.com A Try? Enjoy The Best Treadmill Experience.

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