“You probably just bought a Hugo Boss shirt or polo, and you’re wondering if you got the original or a replica.”

Boss Hugo Boss 50245195 Men’s Modern Fit Basic Single Jersey T-Shirt, black, S

Well, you’re not alone there. Hugo Boss is a designer brand known for high-quality materials and production. Hence, the high cost of their products. Sadly, their popularity and cost make them ready targets for counterfeiters. Talk about cashing in on a brand’s popularity at little cost.

It is often quite to identify a fake Hugo Boss shirt or a fake Hugo Boss Polo. Most especially if you’ve never owned one before, add that to the fact that a lot of counterfeit producers have nearly perfected the art of imitation. Gross right?

All hope is not lost, however. There are some checks to carry out on a shirt that will help you identify a genuine Hugo Boss product. This is most effective when you’re buying from a store. Online buyers might have to rely on reviews from other customers.

Even with the checks, identifying a fake Hugo Boss shirt will require careful attention. You might just end up with a counterfeit Hugo Boss shirt by ignoring a few vital details. Let’s get into it.

Seven Ways to Identify Fake Hugo Boss Clothing

  • Quality of Material

Hugo Boss shirts are made of high-quality materials, most often 100% cotton. If you’re seeing a Hugo Boss shirt that feels like nylon or polyester, then you’re holding a fake. Most counterfeit producers have gone beyond that, though, producing shirts with nearly the same quality as the original.

If you get the chance to weigh it, you’ll realize that the original weighs slightly higher than the fake. But if you don’t, there are six other ways to know if you have a fake or an original.

  • Chest Logo

The chest logo is a standard for all Hugo Boss Shirts (T-shirts and polo shirts). It is the bold Boss logo with smaller letterings of Hugo Bos underneath. Hugo Boss chest logos are usually stitched. If you see any crafted in rubber and glued to the shirt, you’re definitely looking at a fake.

Another important detail in the chest logo is the font size and quality of the stitch. Letters of the chest logo in a genuine Hugo Boss Polo are usually clear, bold, and evenly spaced. Stitches are very neat, with no loose threads and no threads connecting the letters. The back of the chest logo is also very neat and clear. There are no messy thread knots or loose teachings.

It is not the same for most fake Hugo Boss Shirts. Stitches on chest logos are often messy, not as tight as that of the original. If you look carefully, you’d most likely find a few loose threads. Letters are not often uniform in size, and you are likely to see threads joining the letters. The back is also not as tidy as the original.

  • Buttons and Buttonholes

Hugo Boss does not use regular buttons in their shirts. Genuine Hugo Boss shirt buttons are usually opaque pearl four-holed buttons of the same color as the shirt. Buttons are usually engraved with “Hugo Boss” in bold and stylish lettering. Also, the buttons are neatly sewn (no loose threads or messy knots behind) and follow a consistent pattern.

Buttonholes in the original are reinforced. They are tightly stitched and do not look frayed. A loosely stitched or frayed buttonhole indicates that the Hugo boss shirt in your hand is fake.

  • Collar Label

Hugo Boss Shirts normally come with a label on the inner collar. The label is always made of quality materials and properly stitched to the shirt. The label bears the logo stitched in the same style as the chest logo (color may differ). The Letterings are clear, bold, evenly spaced, and tightly stitched. You won’t find loose ends even at the back of the label. The labels also have additional stitching at the sides to keep weaves from coming loose.

A label made of low-quality material indicates a fake Hugo Boss shirt. A Hugo Boss shirt bearing a label with style and lettering different from the Hugo Boss logo is a counterfeit. You should also check the back of the label for loose ends and knotted threads.

  • General Stitching

The stitching on the inside of a genuine Hugo Boss shirt usually follows a consistent pattern all through. They’re done with threads the same color as the shirt, and there is normally no cloth material left at the end of the stitch.

Fake Hugo Boss shirts most times do not follow a consistent stitching pattern. Some have been found to have fabric left at the end of the stitching line. A few loose threads here, and there is an indicator of a fake Hugo Boss shirt. Some fake Hugo Boss shirts have fairly neat stitches, so you might have to pay close attention. Frayed ends are a big red flag.

  • Care Tag

This is one area where counterfeit producers have not been quite successful.

Genuine Hugo Boss shirts and polos always carry care instructions tag on the inside. The tags are usually two-leaved, made of quality fabric, with instructions written in clear letters. The tag material is smooth and thick. In addition to containing care instructions, the care tag also contains garment codes, serial numbers, and QR codes. Care tags also contain an extra button.

On the other hand, fake Hugo Boss shirts (both polo shirts and T-shirts) have been observed to come with single-leaved care tags. Their care tags are most often made of low-quality materials and contain very limited information. It’s no surprise that they don’t contain garment codes, serial numbers, and QR codes.

So, if a shirt successfully scales through other checks, the care tag is a vital point to consider. Once a Hugo Boss shirt does not carry a quality care tag with all the relevant information, it is fake.

The good news is that 99% of fake Hugo Boss shirts do not pass the care tag test.

  • Price and Store Location

How much you buy your Hugo Boss shirt and where you buy it can also tell if it’s fake or genuine.

Hugo Boss items are expensive because of the quality of the materials with which they’re made and their attention to detail. A Hugo Boss shirt sold at an overly low price will most likely turn out to be fake. It is also highly unlikely that Hugo Boss will supply their shirts to street corner stores and local market stores (particularly abroad). Any Hugo Boss shirt you find in such stores might just be fake.

You should also be very careful when shopping online, especially because you cannot see the shirt to properly examine it. You might be left with no option but to use other customers’ reviews as your test for genuineness. Be mindful that fake shirts can also get great reviews.

It is advisable when shopping online to shop at only trusted stores. You should also patronize stores that have good return policies. This way, you can return your shirt if you’re not satisfied with the.

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Hugo Boss provides quality clothing that guarantees your comfort. But you might end up buying a fake if you’re not careful. Carrying out the checks listed above will ensure you do not end up with a fake.


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