“Not even the emergence of highstreets jeans could completely take the spotlight off wrangler jeans.”

7 Best Wrangler Jeans 2021 (Top Rated Wrangler Jeans 2021)

We Like
Wrangler Men's George Strait Cowboy Cut Original Fit Jean
+ 100% Cotton
+ Authentic Five Pocket Styling
+ Cowboy Cut Original Fit
- Jeans are Cut Smaller
Wrangler Mens 20x No. 42 Vintage Boot Cut Jeans
+ Vintage-Style
+ Durable Materials
+ Authentic Five Pocket Styling
- Stretchy Jeans
Wrangler Rugged Wear Men's Woodland Thermal Jean
+ 100% Cotton
+ Authentic Five Pocket Styling
+ Zip Fly
- Waist Small
Wrangler Men's Regular Fit Comfort Flex Waist Jean
+ Classic Five-Pocket Style
+ Comfort Waist
+ Heavy-Duty Zipper Fly
- No W on Back Pocket
Wrangler Authentics Men's Big & Tall Relaxed Fit Comfort Flex Waist Jean
+ Classic Five-Pocket Style
+ Zip Fly
+ Flex Waistband
- No W on Back Pocket
Wrangler Authentics mens Classic Carpenter Jean
+ Classic Carpenter Style
+ All Day Confort
+ Heavy-Duty Zipper Fly
- Poorly Designed Pockets
Wrangler Authentics mens Classic Carpenter Jean
+ Classic Carpenter Style
+ All Day Confort
+ Heavy-Duty Zipper Fly
- Poorly Designed Pockets

Like an aging wine, this brand thrives alongside high street jeans in the fashion world. Even when it seemed like it was knocked out off the charts, it bounced right back.

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Classic 5-Pocket Relaxed Fit Cotton Jean, Dark Stonewash, 36W x 32L

Wrangler jeans launch dates back to 1947 in Greensboro, North Carolina. What started as a cowboy-style pair of jeans soon evolved into a vintage/modern denim brand. However, one distinct feature that never eroded is the quality and durability.

No one can deny that this brand is sturdy and toned; these qualities haven’t waned—even after years.

Way beyond its sturdiness and durability, why should you adorn your wardrobe with this jean brand? Keep reading to find out.

Why Wrangler?

If you are attuned to fashion, then you know the brand of your clothing is a big deal. For most denim lovers, just a few brands come to mind, wrangler is one of them. Owned by VF corporation, Wrangler is headquartered in North Carolina and has a track record of catering to manual workers/cowboys.

Presently, this brand manufactures different types of jeans globally. Is this why wrangler is a top denim choice for a myriad of customers internationally? I sincerely doubt this is the case. The denim market hosts chains of brands across the world, and for diversity’s sake, they all make various styles of jeans.

Way beyond the diverse jeans styles, Wrangler offers flexibility fashion-wise. So, it’s a trusted option for people in search of denim that fits almost any outfit or occasion.

You can wear a pair of wranglers as casual office wear, semi-formal wear for social events and school outfits. They also manufacture it in various styles and sizes. You can pick the style that suits your body type and taste.

An official fit guide is also available to customers who need help finding a jean that’s a suitable rise and fit.

Where Wrangler Jeans Are Made?

The majority of the Wrangler jeans are not made in America. This isn’t surprising, given the struggle manufacturing companies experience due to prohibitive labor costs in America. As of 2005, all the Wrangler factories in America closed.

Recently, the brand attempted to return to its roots. But even though a few jeans are now made in America, finding them is like finding a needle in a haystack. Presently, the Wrangler jeans are made in Mexico and some other countries overseas.

How Comfortable are Wrangler Jeans?

The comfort of your wrangler jean is dependent on the style of the jean. In fact, comfort is subjective. You can’t get similar comfortability from a flex waist jean and a sturdy bootleg jean. They are both stylish with different nature, but one offers the lived-in comfort, while the other isn’t so comfy.

Lately, Wrangler has added more soothing touches to their jeans. When you wear Wrangler jeans, you will feel ultra-cozy all day without any discomfort. For instance, a mom’s jeans can hit all the right notes fashionably yet the snuggly lining around the waistband gives a relaxed fit.

Most popular and stylish Wrangler Jeans

We have established that Wrangler jeans offer a variety of styles. Some styles are more popular than others. And as expected they are not rated similarly. So, after considering a wide range of Wrangler collections, I have picked out the best.

These jeans will improve your fashion arsenal eminently. Be sure to look out for them if you don’t have them yet!

Need a slight western touch in your wardrobe? This is the best way to achieve it. The wild west is a straight jean. It has a high waist with a slightly fluted ankle region.

Can you ever go wrong with wrangler skinny jeans? These jeans will stretch out to hone your shape without any discomfort. You need this in your wardrobe. It’s a must-have!

For all retro, classic lovers, this jean delivers all the assurance only a mum could give. Made of 99% cotton and 1% elastane, you may struggle to get into it initially. But over time, it will adjust to fit you more. It starts with a flattering high waist, crafted down to a tapered ankle.

How to Care For Your Wrangler Jeans?

When it comes to quality and durability, wrangler jeans check all the boxes. But do you know that the durability of your jean depends on how you care for it? How you handle your jean determines how long it will last. If you follow these tips, your jeans will be as good as new for a long while.

  1. Don’t pull the belt hoops of your jean while putting it on. Use the waistband instead, this part is stronger.
  2. Wear ripped jeans carefully to avoid excessive ripping.
  3. Denim ages best when you wash it less.
  4. Air your jeans out. You can sprinkle with water mixed with essential oil for a sweet fragrance.
  5. When you need to wash your jeans, hand wash it or use a mild cycle. Turn it inside out and cold wash with salt or mild detergent.

Wrangler Color Codes and Model Numbers

You may have seen some numbers and letters on your jeans. And you have probably wondered what the letters mean. Well, they are called Wrangler model numbers. Each style has a corresponding style number also known as the model number.

These numbers are used to identify the jean types. The style number for a wrangler jean is on the sewn-in label inside your jean. You can easily search for a particular Wrangler jean with the style number. The last two letters of the style number are the color code.

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My Verdict

The high streets jean trend has swept across the denim world. But Wrangler jean is still fully engaged in the fashion circle– because It has come to stay. And with the modernized styles in vogue, you can’t go wrong with it. If you want a classic and quality denim choice, Wranglers got you covered. Give TreadmillE.com A Try? Enjoy The Best Treadmill Experience.

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Carhartt uses only the finest materials and applies strict quality control standards to every garment and accessory that sells.

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Wrangler Jeans (ZM3CSCN) FAQ

They are Black, a soft black. No way will these pass for Blue.
No. These jeans do not shrink. After a wash, they feel the same and have the same flex.
At the waist. Very comfortable when you are seated! It's a flex waist Jean so you should be able to pull it above your waist if you want it to. I much prefer this flex waist over my previous Levi Jean because it's easier .to me within the waistline.
It really comes down to preference, but as far as comfort, I prefer the Wranglers.
Inside the waistband on the left side.
The numbers on the tag were the waist size(first number) and Length ( second number).

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