7 Best Levis Jeans 2021 (Top Rated Levis Jeans 2021)

We Like
Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jeans
+ Perfect Fit
+ Light Weight
+ Comfortable and Stylish
- Wearing Out Quickly
Levi's Men's 541 Athletic Fit Jean
+ Well Made
+ Great Price
+ Simple Style
- Colors not as Expected
Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit Jeans
+ Flex Fit
+ Great Price
+ Washed Out Perfectly
- Shallow Pockets
Levi's Men's 512 Slim Taper Fit Jeans
+ Extremely Soft Denim
+ Slight Stretch
+ Simple Style
- Slight Shrinkage
Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Fit Jean
+ Comfortable and Stylish
+ Simple Style
+ Well Made
- Shallow Pockets
Levi's Men's 513 Stretch Slim Straight Jean
+ Enough Flex
+ Perfect Fit
+ Light Weight
- Wearing Out Quickly
Levi's Men's 517 Boot Cut Jean
+ Simple Style
+ Extremely Soft Denim
+ Washed Out Perfectly
- Slight Shrinkage

“Do you know what they say about life being too short for compromises and bad-fitting jeans? Yeah, it’s really so true. You should never have to wear bad jeans a day in your life.”

Levi’s Men’s 550 Relaxed Fit Jeans, Medium Stonewash, 36W x 30L

Jeans are an amazing piece of clothing made from denim fabric. And what makes them amazing is their versatility. Then can be worn as casual pants, can be styled with a corporate outfit or be worn as a corporate-casual outfit.

The term “Jeans” usually brings to mind the popular blue-colored denim pants, particularly Levi’s jeans. One can sometimes forget that jeans also come in the color black and in recent times, other colors too.

Whichever style or color of jeans you decide on, it gives this air of ease. One would look at you in a pair and covet how comfortable you look in your clothing.

Thing is, jeans really should not just look comfortable on you. They should give you ease too. That is why you need to know how to find the right pair of jeans.

But really, what other jeans would you wear than the Levi jeans? Give Carhartt A Try? Give Wrangler Jeans A Try?

The issue here shouldn’t even be finding the right jean brand. You should be asking questions like: How to find style numbers on Levi’s Jeans?

This article contains in-depth details of the meaning of style numbers, color codes, product numbers, jeans codes and how to identify them when you walk into a Levi Strauss Clothing Department. Read up.

Brief History of Levi Jeans

Levi Jeans are undoubtedly the highest quality jeans on the planet. Not just for the age-long name, this brand of jeans gives you all the comfort that comes with wearing loose shorts or even a pair of joggers.

Levi Jeans are manufactured by Levi Strauss & Co. Originally, when the company was founded in 1853, it didn’t start off as a clothing manufacturer. It used to dry goods and denim patches.

In the 1870s, one of the company’s customers suggested to Levi that the company start manufacturing jeans and overalls. The quality of their denim fabric was already the best. All they needed to do was sew them into wears.

Levi bought the idea. He however did not make the first pair until the 1890s. Now the company has grown to be the frontliner of jean wear, particularly jean trousers.

Levi Jeans: Style Number & Color Code

At this point, it’s normal to ask questions like What is a color code? How to find Levi’s color code? How to find Levi’s jeans code? How To Identify Original Levi’s Jeans?

I will provide answers to all these questions and more shortly. But first, it is important to understand what color codes & style numbers are.

A style number is simply an organized system of labelling that allows manufacturers to identify a specific type of clothing. It serves as a guide for manufacturers to easily keep stock of the clothes they’ve manufactured and make accurate deliveries.

This guide is not only designed to help manufacturers. It also serves the purpose of retail distribution, online shopping and customer identification in land-based stores.

It is the same with color codes. Only that color code does not help you identify the style of a particular fabric. Rather, it is designed to help you identify the color instead.

Note that companies prefer to use codes rather than words because of the versatility of their clientele. They realize that their customers do not all comprehend the same language. A code is an easier mode of identification.

How to Find Levi’s Product Number: PC9 Digit Code

The Levi Company has a unique identification system, known as the PC9 digit code. It contains a combination of 9 numbers. These numbers are separated into two: 5 digits and then 4 digits by a hyphen.

The first five digits represent the style number, while the last four digits after the hyphen represent the color code.

For example: if you find this code combination on your cloth 84510-0657, it means that the cloth is a 510 jean (the style number) which is a Skinny Fit and that it is a color 0657, which is a Gray Denim.

It’s that simple.

If you want to know How to find Levi’s Product Number, all you need to do is check the waistband of your jeans.

You can find it on a white-wash paper sewn into the waistband on the inside. At other times, it can be written on a brown piece of fabric attached to the waistband on the outside.

Popular Levi Jeans Style Number and Color Codes

Here is a list of style numbers and color codes that can help you on How to find Levi Style Number easily.

How to Find Levi’s Color Code Guide

Color Codes Meanings

  • 0026 Light faded dark blue
  • 0113 Light faded
  • 0115 New dark
  • 0117 Lightly faded & stretchy
  • 0216 Dark
  • 0217 Dark
  • 0651 White
  • 0657 Gray
  • 4886 Dark Stone-wash

How to Find Levi’s Style Number Guide

Style Number   Meaning

Note that these are not exhaustive lists of the Jean Style Numbers available. So, if you want to make further clarifications on other color codes or style numbers, do well to reach out to the Levi Strauss & Co customer care service.


There is this comfort that comes with knowing How to find Levi’s Style Number. It gives you this air of confidence when you walk into a clothing department. Give EllipticalMachineReview.com A Try? Make Wise Investment in Your Home Gym. See All Ellipticals Now.

With this guide, you no longer have to rummage through a series of jeans to find which suits. Simply walk into a Levi Jeans Store today and pick up your preferred type of jeans. Enjoy.

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