“Do you want to complete the hardest level of 7 days to die but cannot detect your enemy because of darkness? If you have no way to go, don’t worry; we are here to rescue you. We understand how annoying it could be for game lovers if you can not clear the same level every time. “

7 Days to Die – PlayStation 4

Well, if you are stuck on the beginners level as you can’t detect your enemies in the dark, so we got you a super-duper solution. Let’s introduce night vision goggles. The 7 days to die night vision goggles allow you to detect your enemy in the dark and allow you to see your different components at night.

If you want to know more about night vision glasses and how to utilize them in 7 days to die and clear every level with tips and tricks, stick to this article as we will tell you all the thick and thin details about night vision glasses.

Why Are 7 Days To Die So Popular Among Other Games?

If you are thinking about why 7 days to die is so popular among other games, here are some reasons you should choose 7 days to die among others. 7 Days to Die is worth your time. Zombie games provide a special type of stress. If you want to put yourself to the test in a surviving situation, 7 Days to Die is a lot of fun to play.

The game is difficult, particularly when the moon goes red after seven nights and vampires overrun your location. The hoard shatters any barricades you thought might make you secure. If you want to escape from this, you’ll have to use your assets efficiently and intelligently to start building up your weapons.

For those unfamiliar with the videogame, “7 Days to Die” is a horror game in which players must survive in a vampire fantasy. Players can invade enormous structures, steal residences, construct guns, armour, and automobiles, and finally establish their zombie-proof castle. Because zombies begin rushing during the dark, time is an important component.

The fundamental gameplay pattern is also enjoyable and rewarding. Every property in the video game seems like a castle, full of twists and turns that keep the players on their feet, such as pitfall hazards leading to zombie-infested underground or old military bunkers concealed beneath a typical suburban home.

A vast army of demons will assault the gamer at night once every seven days, killing everything within their way. This is the show’s core mechanic, which pushes users to roam the globe to pursue better weapons and materials. It also honors gamers who can create unique core layouts.

This is the show’s core mechanic, which pushes users to roam the globe to pursue better weapons and materials. It also rewards gamers who can create unique core layouts. “7 Days to Die” is a little sketchy, but fans of the surviving genre will have a blast with it. They could only hope for more as new elements are added.

How Can We Utilize Night Vision Goggles In 7 Days To Die?

The 7 days to die night vision goggles are high-tech glasses that enable the user to see in extremely dim light. They could only be gained by plundering them or presenting at the dealer on rare occasions. They’re most frequent on monsters wearing protective armour, though. Follow these steps to put on Night Vision Goggles:

  • Activate the Profile Option
  • In the eyeglasses equipment area, insert the Night Vision goggles.
  • To switch on a spotlight, tap the same button.
  • Full-face masks will be unequipped if the Goggles are worn, and likewise.

How Do Night Vision Goggles Work?

Ultraviolet and near-infrared wavelengths are visible to night vision devices (NVD), which the human eye cannot see. We can see in the dark due to technology that can magnify these invisible light waves and combine them with the visible light spectrum.

So the image intensifier tube (IIT) is the most important part of an NVD. An IIT has several components that help you to see in the dark. Moreover, a photocathode, microchannel plate (MCP), and phosphor screen are the main components of these night vision goggles. Firstly, light enters the goggles through the objective lens.

It collides with the photocathode, causing electrons to be liberated. The electrons are accelerated to the MCP and are increased in numbers. These electrons are accelerated towards the phosphor screen after being stimulated once again. Each electron is transformed into a photon and returned to light at the phosphor screen.

The eyepiece focuses the photons, allowing the user to see a reconstituted image of the scene. This is how night vision technology works and why you can see a brighter image of a dark scene with it.

Is It Possible To Use Night Vision Glasses In Complete Darkness?

Traditional night vision goggles won’t work in complete darkness. To enhance the image produced by the user, this device requires some light. For example, people wearing these night vision goggles will only be able to see longer distances during the full moon night.

However, modern night vision goggles can work in complete darkness because they detect heat energy from various sources near the camera. So In situations where night vision goggles are required, it is essential to wear them properly. The best way to find the required game object is to use thermal night vision goggles.

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Night Vision Goggles?

Following are some disadvantages of night vision goggles

There is a lack of colour and clarity.

The field of vision is limited.

No rechargeable battery.

Sometimes an additional power source is required to see distant objects.

How To Select Night Vision Goggles?

The Night Vision Goggles are worn like a helmet and can be recharged with a CESU higher. The night vision can be turned on by pressing alt and the mode switch key simultaneously (M by default). If the wearer is in a light level of 7 or less, this will provide and retain Night Vision for 14 seconds; otherwise, it will cause Blindness for 4 seconds.


In short, we have mentioned all major and minor details about the 7 days to die night vision goggles feature used in the seven days to die game. Moreover, if you have any other queries regarding this feature, feel free to contact us as we are just one mail away.

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