“Retro-style games are still popular and widely acclaimed in the gaming world, even though they lack sharp-edge graphics. So, the experience becomes less desirable as compared to modern gaming consoles. But a quality graphic processor like Marseille mClassic Plug can make all the difference!”

Marseille mClassic Plug-and-Play Video Game Console 1440p/4K Upscaler – Upgrade Your Graphics Card in Real Time with No Lag for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, GameCube, Dreamcast and more!

This graphic processor gets into the back of your gaming device. It relies on a USB cable for power. And within no time, you get an upscale result with anti-aliasing features, brighter colors, and sharper edges.

The mClassic provides you with the world’s first plug-and-play graphic card that does the upscaling in real-time. With 0.8 pounds of weight, it is well built and kind of bulky.

This video game accessory is meant to redraw each megapixel for HD graphics. You get three pieces from the packaging box: the mClassic, a micro-USB cable, and an HDMI extension cable.

What Makes Marseille mClassic A Top Pick For Video Gamers?

Marseille mClassic Plug(MC9007-A) is a must-have for seasoned gamers. There is nothing better than having excellent graphics while playing games for hours.

The changes it creates may not be visible to an untrained eye. But if you keep on playing it for hours and then go back to the previous resolution, you will get to know the difference. It is made to work with Nintendo Switch, Original Xbox, PlayStation, PS2, PS3, Wii, Wii U, and many more. It boosts your game console’s graphics so that you can enjoy a real-time gaming experience.

The jaggy pixelization is something you wouldn’t like. It becomes more prominent when there is some text, or you look at the edges of a character. And here is when mClassic comes into play. This well-built dongle does the job perfectly. It will upgrade your lower resolution from 480p to 720p, and from 720p to 1020p, and even further to 4K upscaling.

Amazing Features Of Marseille mClassic Plug

Let’s have a detailed look at what this 1440p/4K upscaler can do.

1. Anti-aliasing For Sharper Edge Images

Its anti-aliasing algorithm is extraordinary for the resolution quality. With Marseille mClassic Plug, kick out the shaky and rough edges. Now, there will be no blurring or disfiguration. The smaller graphics and text particularly appear smooth, and many times, this is where you spot the difference. Due to these minute enhancements, you enjoy sharper and bolder pictures.

2. A Toggle Switch For on/off

A much-needed upgrade on Marseille mClassic Plug(MC9007-A) is the addition of a toggle switch. We don’t have this feature on others as mCable. So, you have to disconnect the cable to turn it off.

But with mClassic, you can turn it off whenever you don’t need the graphic processor functioning. Moreover, a green LED light indicates the upscaler is on and working.

3. No More Lagging With Graphic Processor

This post-processor works great for lagging as well. The better quality graphics comes at no cost to your gaming speed, and you won’t face stuttering and lagging during gaming action. Marseille mClassic Plug is advertised as a “zero lag graphics processor” and is very much true to the words.

4. Great For Classic Video Games

The old classic video games have a muddy effect that the seasoned players may not enjoy. Have it for your legacy games for a much-needed modern touch. The text and other short details will eventually become less blurry. The field depth and color correction make the overall image look nice. Your classic games from Super Nintendo, PS2, Wii U, and others will all look like HD remasters.

Pros and Cons of Marseille mClassic Plug(MC9007-A)


  • Super-easy installation.
  • Color correction for better-looking graphic
  • Comes with an HDMI cable and micro-USB cable


  • May cause a little bit of cable clutter on your table
  • Doesn’t work noticeably on your classic 2D games

Tips To Use Marseille mClassic Plug

  1. For mClassic to work, you need the right conditions with the right equipment.  For example, it would upscale a 720p to 1080p with impressive functionality. But if you already have a better resolution cable and equipment, it may not work as fine as you would expect from it.
  2. It works much better with lower resolutions like 480p or 720p.
  3. The mClassic may not be for everyone. The retro gamers love it, but on modern consoles, the difference isn’t visible.
  4. Be ready to encounter some minor halo effects. This is the common side effect of sharpening the edges. And it won’t feel too vividly on the final product.
  5. Before using the processor, remember to change the hardware settings to low as 720p or 480p.

How Do I Connect To mClassic?

To get started with your graphic post-processor, follow the mentioned steps.

First of all, attach mClassic to your gaming console. Then there is a provided USB cable that goes to your mClassic as well. The other end of the USB cable goes into an open USB port, either to your gaming console or into a power adapter that will need a power outlet.

Now snap in an HDMI cable both to your mClassic HDMI and TV or any other receiver. Now you are all set to switch on the operating.

Does mClassic Work On TV as Well?

Yes, it will work on any HD or 4K TV. It will upscale the visual according to the game’s output that you are playing. Whatever resolution you want, your TV must support the same resolution.

How To Turn On The 4K Switch On mClassic?

There are three options; scaling on, scaling off, and retro. The last one makes your retro gaming adventure a little better. For going to the 4K, adjust the switch to the scaling on.


Marseille mClassic Plug(MC9007-A) is a must-have for gamers. You don’t need to suffer from jaggy and muddy graphics. With $100, it does the job perfectly of upscaling.

Remember to use it with the correct settings on, so that you can experience the real magic of mClassic. You will be getting the real benefits if you are someone with plenty of low-resolution content.  It works differently for different users depending on their specific set-ups. But Marseille mClassic Plug will work in any case for distinctively bolder and sharper graphics.


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