“This is perfect to get the kids active in the house during this pandemic. We have been searching all over for this kind of toy. And finally stumbled upon this. “

IROO 8PCS Balance Stepping Stones Set for Kids Play Indoor and Outdoor, Non-Slip Colorful Stones Toys for Coordination and Gross Motor Development, Unique Birthday

The IROO Balance Stepping Stones are made with durable kids-friendly plastic material and a non-slip leather base to prevent slipping or accidents.

Bear up to 220lbs! Stepping and safety! Bright Colors – 12 pcs stepping stones in 6 bright colors and 4 different sizes, suitable for boys and girls!

Why Choose IROO Balancing Stepping Stones Set?

  • Inspire adventure in your small child with balance stepping stones that promote physical activity, balance, coordination, and active play.
  • The bright colors make it easy for us to give clear instructions on the game we created. The six different color stepping stones ensure that they are aesthetically pleasing as well.
  • Hours of keeping my kids entertained… even after the newness wore off.
  • The triangular design means that these can work as stepping stones easily and comfortably.
  • It takes very little space and that they are stackable.
  • Easy to stack & store for our small yard.
  • They are extremely sturdy and durable and right for the price!

We have been spending a lot of time at home and this is a fun way to make cool obstacle courses in the backyard for my kiddos.

Now we can quickly and safely play this game in the living room or outside on the grass.

How To Enjoy?

Place stones within stepping distance on any flat surface. Encourage tots to follow the beaten path without falling off!

See their balance, strength, speed and coordination improve. Watch creative kids laugh, learn, play—and pretend the floor is lava!

My 5yo loves putting them in a different order and the challenge of just walking on them. My 8yo loves when we turn it into a Super Mario game, where “The levels” get more challenging with different Objectives:

  1. Go through the level until one can do it without touching the floor, or leaning on anything (or until they feel good enough about their ability to not fall or lean lol).
  2. Go through it faster.
  3. Go through it, grab the specified item which can become progressively heavier, or larger lol.
  4. Go through it while getting shot at with a nerf gun lol.
  5. Make them further apart and have a yoga block be the only stepping stone piece they can pick up and move around.
  6. Attach strings to some of them, and place them further away, so they have to pull them into place to complete the level.
  7. Place a bracelet of a second chance (like a super Mario mushroom) that they have to put on before it works 1 time lol.
  8. Have a fort at the other end with “supplies” he needs to bring back to “save the town”.

If your child needs a great outlet to help build up their confidence while strengthening the body, there’s nothing more fun and original than rubber Special Supplies Riverstones that let them step, “climb”, jump, hop, and practice moving with purpose and determination.


IROO Balance Stepping Stones(B08LVTNB2Y)

  • This is an excellent piece of play equipment to help with your child’s motor skills, as well as balance.
  • It is not only perfect for a home play area, but also a daycare, preschool, or elementary school! It is reasonable in price making it realistic for everyone!
  • My favorite thing about them is how easy they are to pull out and put back away!
  • I decided to get these because I knew they would be used every.. single.. day.
  • Hurry up, and get one of the limited stepping stones for your kids to have fun now.

Warm Tips:

  • Each stepping stone can bear up to 220 pounds.
  • The set is complete with the screws and foam pieces to install this stepping stone playground.

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IROO Balance Stepping Stones(B08LVTNB2Y) FAQ

Kids Balance Stepping Stones for Kids has 2*Small stones: 1.77" H * 9.06"W, 2*Medium stones: 6.15" H*14.17"W, 2*Large stones:9.25" H *15.75"W.
These Step Stones came with a non-slip leather base to prevent slipping.
It's also for big kids and for parents too. I'm playing with my 2 yrs old and 9 years old kids who always do the lava game thing.
Yes, they nest inside each other from smaller to larger one
Stepping stones are made with durable kids-friendly plastic material and a non-slip leather base, sturdy and safe.
Each stone can even hold up to 220lbs!

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