Top 5 Hot Selling Electric Scooters (5 Best Electric Scooters In 2021)

We Like
+ Powerful Motor
+ Good Load Capacity
+ Triple Braking System
- Low Mileage
Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter (G30P)
+ Powerful
+ Great Range
+ Comfortable
- Heavy
YYD ROBO Electric Kick Scooter
+ Folded with Ease in 3 Seconds
+ Double Braking System
+ Powerful
- Long Recharge Time
Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E10
+ Rugged Design
+ Multiple Riding Modes
+ Long Range
- Poor Activation Instructions
Segway Ninebot ES1L Electric Kick Scooter
+ Sturdy and Quality Built
+ Mobile App is Great Dddition
+ Great for Kids
- Low Mileage

“Can you recall your favorite Kickstarter from your childhood, that you drag everywhere and felt so cool?”

Well, they’ve made a great comeback (if they were ever really gone!), but this time with an ultra-modern upgrade. And not just for kids, it’s a party for adults, too.

Electric scooters, that’s what I’m talking about. Fast, convenient, and fun, they’re all set to rule the future.

And best of all, you don’t need to be a pro to ride them as is the case with manual bikes. The idea of owning an e-scooter is appealing. If you plan to buy one for yourself, you will surely be searching for the best electric scooter in 2021.

Well, look no further because, in this article, I am sharing the best electric scooter yet. Whether it is about durability, speed, or battery, VDEOI electric scooters are a winner.

Let’s look at some highlighted features that make it the best electric scooter in 2021.

Prominent features

Weight: 27 lbs.       Range: 15 miles long-range

Max speed: 18.6 MPH       Motor: 400-watt

Max rider weight: 440 lbs.

VDEOI Electric Scooter: What The Best Scooter Of 2021 Has For You

VDEOI e-scooters are all about fun and excitement. But they’re pretty solid, too, so we can count on them for important jobs.

Here, I’ll describe the features of one of the best electric scooters in 2021, the VDEOI electric scooter. Have a look!

  • A Powerful Motor For A Quick Trip

In a hurry and can’t afford to get stuck in traffic? The solution is right here; premium upgraded powerful motor of vdeoi. The 400-watt motor will allow you to steer clear of traffic as you get a top speed of about 19 mph.

You can easily maneuver around your hometown at this speed. And keep adjusting it as per your requirements.

  • An Advanced Battery Design

The batteries have many flattering qualities to offer, like they are easily detachable. So, you can charge them after taking them out of your scooter as well. And keep a few extra with you to never run out of charging.

Your battery will take four to five hours to reach its full capacity. Once fully charged, you will be able to go as long as 15 miles. You will not even have to charge it every time you go out.

  • All Set For A Smooth Ride

A special feature of the VDEOI e-scooter is its shock absorption technology. No matter how bumpy the road is, it will pass through it without a hitch. The 9 inches long rubber vacuum tires provide a sturdy base under your feet.

Your e-scooter will do some climbing as well. But it won’t require any special effort from you. Instead, you will feel pretty much like riding on the road.

Standing on it is an amazing experience. Its eight-inch base gives you ample space to stand comfortably, and hopefully, you won’t mind standing for shorter, crispier rides on it.

  • Smart And Triple Braking System

For a safe and risk-free journey, VDEOI offers a triple brake system. Although riding on scooters is sometimes deemed risky. But the smart braking system allows you to avoid accidents.

Among the three types of braking systems are the foot brake, the EBS front brake, and the disc rear brake. They all work coordinately. As soon as you stop your scooter, using your leg brakes, the front EBS brake gets to work too. Lastly, the rear disc brake slows things down further.

  • Has A Cool LED Display

It has a cool LED attached to it in the very centre, giving it a bright and stylish look. Even during bright daylight, the LED light is easy to see, and it won’t disappear in the sun.

You can see on it your current speed, battery percentage, and a couple more things. At night turn on the ultra-bright headlight for better visibility. The taillights are also in place. They light up whenever you press the brake or in the dark.

  • Lightweight And Foldable

The most prominent feature as soon as you get to ride the scooter is its weightlessness. With a 12.5 kg weight, it rides like a breeze. Due to this very reason, it is easy to carry around too.

Whenever you want to take it, simply fold it. Vdeoi electric Scooters offer one-step quick folding. And you get a shorter version of your e-scooter within seconds. The best part? It will occupy less space too. Its weight and folding make it easy to portable anywhere.

However, don’t be fooled by its lightweight appearance, as it can also carry heavy people. You can load up your electric scooter with a maximum weight of 440 pounds. This is a fairly large weight limit as compared to other options available.

Reasons to buy

  • Folding design
  • Lightweight
  • Impressive speed

Reasons to avoid

  • Low mileage


To sum up, the best scooter in 2021 has many features to offer that you’ve always dreamed of. While electric motors are taking over the automobile industry, join the race by owning an e-scooter for you.

The quality and comfort that VDEOI offers make them your first choice. Riding an e-scooter is a real excitement. Let vdeoi electric scooter double the fun for you.

VDEOI Electric Scooters FAQs

Selecting an e-scooter with detachable batteries as VDEOI offers, is more convenient than the non-detachable version because you can have extra batteries with you.
Before you make a decision, consider your particular scenario, like how much area you have to cover, your weight, battery life you would require, and whether the scooter is foldable and portable or not. Also, prefer buying the latest and modern versions. 
No, you won’t have more than usual bills even if you charge your scooter a lot. It is very much like charging your cell phone.
Yes, your electric scooter can go uphill. If you live in a hilly area, you may wish to purchase an e-scooter with an extended battery life. As far as the VDEOI electric scooter is concerned, it does a satisfactory job.


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