Laptop Cooling Stand (B08C35W7V9) is a great little gadget, lifts my laptop from my table so it’s not too hot underneath. Makes me also sit up straight.”

Laptop Cooling stand,Portable Laptop Stand Small Aluminum Cooler Foldable Desktop Mount Compatible with Mac/MacBook Pro Air/Surface/Lenovo/Dell and More 10-16 in Computer – Sliver

Regardless of whether you are working or playing games, you have to stretch your neck or even your back close to the screen because the screen is too low. Laptop Cooling Stand (B08C35W7V9) raises the laptop screen to 2.4″, with an 18° forward-tilt angle to work more ergonomically, corrects your posture for a more comfortable experience while you are working at your desk.

Laptop Cooling Stand (B08C35W7V9) is definitely a great partner to the laptop in the office or at home. Multi-use in Many Occasions: Such as office, meeting room, library, coffee shop, kitchen, and music playing house to hold the laptops, tablets, projectors, menu, music books, magazines, etc. A thoughtful practical gift for your friends and family.

Do Laptop Cooling Stands Work?

Laptop Cooling Stand actually does work and helps to lower temperatures. The technology of a cooling stand is simple, it’s a laptop stand with a few fans mounted on it.

Do I Need A Laptop Cooling Stand?

If you’re using an older laptop, if you actually use your laptop on your lap, or in bed, or set on pillows or blankets, that is prone to overheating.

It gets so hot that it shuts down or reboots, or is too hot to touch. then Laptop Cooling Stand may make enough of a difference to squeeze some more usability out of the machine.

If your laptop runs so hot that you could make a grilled cheese sandwich on it, then your laptop is in need of either repair or cleaning, if not both. 🙂

How Can I Prevent My Laptop From Overheating?

Dust can clog the fan vents and choke the internal cooling hardware. You may be able to clean it out with a can of compressed air, or you may need to open up the chassis to shoo out the dust bunnies.

Also, if you actually use your laptop on your lap, or in bed, or set on pillows or blankets, then a Laptop Cooling Stand can help keep you a little more comfortable.


Laptop Cooling Stand (B08C35W7V9):

  1. I Love This Stand & The Fact That It’s A Pair Of Glasses!
  2. Amazing, simple, and modern design. which can save space and is easy to carry.
  3. Made of 100% aluminum alloy, ensure the sturdiness and durability of the laptop stand.
  4. Wide range of application, laptop stand suitable for a variety of occasions and devices.
  5. The point of contact with the laptop and the surface of contact with the desktop silicone pad can play the role of anti-slip and anti-scratch.

Warm Tips:

  • According to tests, the 18° angle of the laptop is the most comfortable position for typing. And the desktop stand can make the laptop have a perfect angle, allowing you to maintain the correct sitting posture.

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Laptop Cooling Stand (B08C35W7V9) FAQ

The 13-inch computer is completely usable.
Yes sure. this laptop mount is foldable and portable. you can take it in a backpack and go anywhere you want.
Yes, This laptop stands with an open frame that can cool the laptop by providing more airflow.
No, there are rubber pads set on the contact point between your laptop and the stand, it protects your laptop from sliding and scratches.
No, there are rubber pads at every point in contact with the laptop, and there are also rubber pads in contact with the desk, so no matter it is typing or playing games, it will not shake, and it can protect the laptop.
Regardless of the small size of the bracket, it is very stable.

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