“A robot vacuum cleaner is a great addition to your home and provides you with more time to do the things you enjoy most! Robot vacuums are compact and will not take up too much additional space in your home and are a great addition to your home cleaning arsenal. “Give RobotVacuumLife.com A Try? The Smarter Way to Clean.

“The idea of owning a robot vacuum had been on my mind for a while now, so when to try the Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner M201 (probably best categorized as an “entry-level” robot vacuum) I jumped at the chance.”

Lefant is an innovative brand. They focus on robotic vacuum cleaners and other smart appliances, helping people enjoy their lives. They’re committed to creating great products backed by friendly and responsive service to engage loyal customers around the world.

Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Robotic Vacuums, Upgraded 6D Collision Sensor, 1800pa WiFi/App/Alexa, Self-Charging, Super Quiet Mini Cleaning Robot for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpets, M201

Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner M201 provides greater cleaning power, convenience, and durability. The redesigned robot with a smaller fuselage can improve the pass rate and coverage.

The battery has a longer service life.1500Pa powerful suction can pick up pet hair, human hair, dust, etc., being ideal for families with pets. Upgraded 6D Built-in anti-collision infrared sensors help the vacuum detect probable stuck areas and automatically adjust the cleaning path and anti-dropping.

If you are looking to buy an automatic home cleaner, you should consider this Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum Cleaner as it can penetrate any aspect of any home. Here we will discuss their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages when they are acquired.

Families with working parents often hire a cleaner to do their vacuuming, however, a Robot vacuum cleaner offers the potential to save money by removing one of the cleaner’s tasks.

Over the course of a year, this saving could pay for the cost of the Robot vacuum cleaner many times over for a large home. My mom’s birthday was earlier this week, and I decided to help get her a last-minute present to help around the house.

She’s getting older so I don’t like the fact she has to bend down to clean certain areas of the floor daily. So I decided this would help her in a lot of her troubles. When she got it and used it, she said she’s happy to be able to sit down for part of the day now.

Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum Cleaner
Lefant M201 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

What Is The Best Robot Vacuum 2021?

  • Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Auto Robotic Vacuums, Upgraded 6D Collision Sensor, 1800pa WiFi/App/Alexa, Self-Charging, Super Quiet Mini Cleaning Robot for Pet Hair, Hard Floor, Low Pile Carpets, M201.
  • The Lefant M201 is definitely set at a comparatively low price point. That said, first impressions from the unboxing are of a good quality product. This robot vacuum works very well. It was simple to set up and begin using.
  • I used to clean my floors every few days, now I have this little cleaner running around all day! the M201 is quite heavy and seems well put together. set off nicely with the red collection tray inside, subtle logo, silver power button and big chunky wheels that grip really well on most surfaces in my home.
  • In the documentation, it promises to work on a wide variety of surfaces such as parquet, carpets, ceramic tiles, or marble floors.
  • Thanks to high-tech 360 ° vision in space, and at least 7 cm high, the little Lefant brand robot barely fits into other furniture. It can detect different levels to find the best entry and continue its work.
  • It has a special lithium metal phosphate battery that can be controlled more than 5000 times without slowing down. I know charges for 4-5 hours and offer 90 minutes working independence.
  • I like that it returns to the charging base so I don’t have to charge it on my own. Touted at 15% smaller than the competition the Lefant M201 easily gets into the awkward corners and under most furniture.
  • Very simple to use and maintain. It will also automatically increase suction too high once detect carpet and will clean until the battery reaches a low level the golden back to the dock and recharge to resume cleaning from the same place it finished.

Do Robot Vacuums Actually Work?

  1. Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner M201 was very easy to set up and only took me about 5 minutes before it was ready to vacuum. It can vacuum the whole house on one charge. It doesn’t miss a spot and got the house clean.
  2. The robot channel sector is getting fuller and it is not easy to get a place in it. Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner M201 won over its users for its excellent performance and smaller size.
  3. An increasingly popular type of product and this model is a great opportunity to enter this world without having to pay a significant amount of money. A model that we can control with voice commands via Alexa from the mobile phone or with a connected loudspeaker.
  4. It has three cleaning methods: automatic, guided, and edge. The automatic is suitable for quick cleaning of the whole house. The one that was fired was to clean the various rooms thoroughly.
  5. I have found the smart mode ideal for cleaning the entire floor area quickly. This robotic cleaner has a digital motor and strong suction design with tangle-free pet haircare technology. It does not clog with a pet’s hair like the units with a rotating under the brush.
  6. No more dog hair on my socks! It picks up dropped kibble from the floor too. Love this trouble-free vacuum and would highly suggest it to anyone who has a similar dog situation as I do!
  7. The suction power is high and can pick up cat hair really easily. It also does a very good job at picking up cat hair. The vacuum is really good at sensing walls and objects and can detect a flight of stairs so it doesn’t fall.
  8. This model offers an operating autonomy of 90 minutes enough for a medium-sized house that typically doesn’t exceed 50 minutes of work. It has a capacity of 500 ml in the tank and offers Wi-Fi connectivity so that we can control the Lefant M201 from our smartphone and at the same time give voice commands via the many Alexa devices.
  9. How many times have you tried unsuccessfully to open a hole in your home? With a little more like this Lefant M201, you can have no problems.
  10. When you press the clean button, automatic cleaning and edge cleaning can thoroughly clean, and keep your mood up while you stay home. Some even say that their children clean the house with them because it can be used by hand as a remote car.

What Is The Smartest Robot Vacuum?

  • The initial setup of the robot was hassle-free, taking less than 5 mins to get into the settings. The Lefantlife application available for iOS and Android is well designed and quite intuitive. so it is also recommended for seniors.
  • If you set up routines you can make sure it is doing the job while you are out or if you are like me, you’ll just sit at the laptop while it buzzes away around your feet. Built-in anti-collision sensors make the sweeper slow down and gently touch the surface to avoid hitting and scratching your furniture and other obstacles.
  • On the bottom, anti-dropping sensors help avoid falling downstairs and off ledges, effectively protecting the sweeper itself and your family. In short, it is a high-end product that already has a long legion of users who are satisfied with their purchase.
  • Overall this is a good fun gadget at a pretty reasonable price for what you get. The actual effectiveness of the cleaning it offers is good and it’s small enough not to impose too much in a room. If you love gadgets you are going to love these robot vacuum cleaners. And at this entry-level price, I’d say it’s an easy punt to take.

How To Connect Lefant With Alexa Echo Dot?

Setting up a Lefant Robot with Alexa is very simple and you can do it in a few simple steps:

  • Launch the robot and connect it to the app Life Life.
  • Open the Amazon Alexa app and select “Skills and Games.”
  • Find the “Smart Life” tab and return it.
  • A page will open asking you to sign in with your Life card.
  • Now visit the device search and select Alexa Echo Dot to connect it. You can now say: Alexa, tell the M201 to start cleaning.

Warm Tips:

  • Do not place cables, socks, etc on the ground, otherwise, the robot may be entangled when running.
  • The robot is equipped with WiFi and is compatible with and Alexa & Google Assistant.
  • Works best on wooden floors. It is suitable to use on low, medium carpets and very dark floors, not suitable for high-pile carpets.
  • It does not have a water tank as a mop.
  • It does not support the 5G Wi-Fi network.

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Lefant Robot Vacuum M201 FAQ

You might need to set it up with a smartphone / PC but you can just press the button on the top to set it off under normal use.
The Lefant robot vacuum M201 uses Cliff Sensor Technology, similar to other model robot vacuum. These sensors will prevent the robot vacuum from going over stairs.
Is supposed to return to base automatically.
It doesn’t. It just keeps going until either you stop it by pressing the ‘home’ button or the battery power runs low. In both cases, it returns automatically to the base unit to recharge.

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