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Firstleaf has “cut out the middleman” and partner directly with wine producers to save their customers up to 60% off the retail price of each bottle. Each half case of wine you order will be priced at a flat rate of $79.00, and the smallest retail discount you will ever receive will be 25% off a bottle. After the introductory shipment, your club orders are going to be six bottles for $79.98 + $9.95 shipping and tax. Explore Big Savings on Retail Prices with Splash Wines

When you become a member of Firstleaf, you receive all of their wines for around $13 a bottle! You can always double-up on any club order. By doubling your order, you’ll receive two of every one of the six wines for $159.95 + tax and free shipping! Membership is often canceled anytime and doesn’t require a signup fee. Firstleaf provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee–if you are doing conditionally love the wines you get, the corporate will offer you a refund.

The FirstLeaf website features over 1,400 award-winning wines, including 229 90+ points and 68 double gold & platinum wines. If you’re unfamiliar, wines are assigned a subjective rating or score by wine critics as an evaluation of that wine. For example, Parker’s system is a 50–100 point scale, where 90 points would be “outstanding”.

The brand was started in 2016 when the founder, Philip James, sought out winemakers and wineries to procure fine wines for customers while keeping costs low. By partnering with those in the wine industry directly, FirstLeaf cut out the middleman and was able to offer its Wine Club members products at a reduced cost. FirstLeaf is an algorithm-based wine club that operates on a subscription service and ships within the US. As you are trying different wines over time, the system learns more about your tastes and preferences to make a customized experience for you. FirstLeaf has been featured in various media, including BuzzFeed, Medium, and Business Insider.

Wines of the World
Wines of the World

Are The Wines Any Good?

The wines all come from award-winning winemakers and vineyards, but you’ve got the ultimate say about which of them are considered true award winners in your book through Firstleaf’s rating and review system.

Firstleaf is one of several wine clubs offering personalized wine selections. Unlike their competitors, Firstleaf is openly relying on data science and more quietly analyzing every wine they sell for its chemical properties associated with taste.

Wine ships at your convenience, customized to your preferences, System gets to know your preferences, improves personalization to your tastes, Bottles of wine are only $15, lower than retail prices, Easy to navigate Wine Store with a range of sorting categories, makes selecting not overwhelming, Wine Concierge team discusses the selection process, like pairings and your taste profile.

Wines of the World
Wines of the World

How FirstLeaf Works?

FirstLeaf acquires wine of fantastic quality from wineries around the world and uses industry-leading, patent-pending technology to pair their customers with wines perfect for their tastes.

Every rating is employed to further refine your tasting profile and improve your FirstLeaf experience. Each thumb up or thumbs down is passed through analysis of hundreds of wines and billions of data points for each individual profile to give the most refined picture of your taste.

the goal of Firstleaf Wine Club is to be a “revolutionary” new thanks to enjoying wine. Instead of other wine clubs that believe wine experts to settle on your wine for you each and each month, Firstleaf says they only need one expert to settle on your wine each month, and that’s you.

We’ve curated amazing reds for the season, including our exclusive 91 point 2014 Chateau Franc-Cardinal Bordeaux. Click here to check out this curated case now.

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Firstleaf, Value-Oriented, Personalized Wine Club
Is Firstleaf Worth It?

Firstleaf FAQ

The Firstleaf Wine Club was found online at Firstleaf. the club is a new wine club that describes itself as “the first fully personalized and customizable wine club” at work in the US today.
To skip or delay an order, log-in to your account, then navigate to "Your Next Club Order". Click on the date, then select a replacement to go back to the calendar. Alternatively, you can email [email protected] for assistance.
To cancel your subscription, log-in to your account, then attend firstleaf. club/unsubscribe. Choose a reason for canceling, then click "Cancel Subscription" and follow the prompts.
(800) 461-7203 Mon - Fri: 9AM-8PM EST
The Firstleaf wine subscription costs $79.95 per delivery, plus $9.95 for shipping. That works out to approximately $13.33 per bottle.
Check your account for your delivery date. You can always adjust this date as needed. Orders ship via FedEx and UPS, and you'll receive tracking information once your shipment is on the way.
Compared with other wine subscriptions during this price category, we expect Firstleaf has nailed ease-of-use, presentation, and offers reasonably-interesting wines.
Firstleaf finds unique wines that you simply might not otherwise encounter because they are going straight to the winemakers and find small production wines that will not be in circulation throughout the region where customers live. if it isn’t something that the customer wants to try, they can swap it out for another type of wine. The process is fast and is completed online from the comfort of your house and it’s designed to be hassle-free.