“Have you bought a Levi’s, or will you buy one and do not want to get scammed with the possible fake Levi’s? Well, you already found the right page to lookup. Levi’s is one of the most in-demand jeans brands with massive options available in size and style. More the demand of a brand more will be the copies available.”

Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans, Medium Stonewash, 36W x 32L

We know how overwhelming it is to find yourself the original Levi’s from the sea of duplicates at an affordable price. It feels terrible when you find out that you got the wrong product after purchase. To tackle such situations, all you need to do is to check a few things carefully. Here we are to help you get your genuine Levi’s with ease. Keep reading to explore. Give EllipticalMachineReview.com A Try? Make Wise Investment in Your Home Gym. See All Ellipticals Now.

Check The Red Tab

  • Find The Tag On Back

A small red tag is almost present on all the styles and sizes of Levi’s, excluding a few exceptions. The red label has become the recognition icon of the brand so far. However, it will help you identify the difference between authentic or bogus products. It is present at the right back pocket of your jeans.

  • Check The Stitching

Want to know how to tell if Levis are fake by the tag? We, it’s easy. If the label appears messy or tampered with, this is a duplicate. Many of the stores detach the denim of regular pants and sew Levi’s tag on them. You can tell by the finishing around the label if it’s an official product.

  • Look Up The “E”

Looking up the “e” in the tag can be the simplest way to catch a scam. There is rarely a capital “E” present in Levi’s tag. Although there are only a few contemporary styles that own a label with capital “E.” You can browse these specific jeans on the official website of Levi’s before purchasing.

Look The Waistband Patch

  • The Leather Quality

The quality and color of the waistband patch can be another lifesaver for you. The authentic Levi’s have a great leather quality patch which will be consistent with all other pairs. What is more, the color of the patch is identical for all options, not too dark, not too pale. The tag should not fade with washes.

  • Design And Written Errors

The style code, leg measurements, and waist are always printed on the patch in black text. The reason is that Levi’s make their stock available first and later imprints the patches. Misplaced labels or spelling error confirms that the pair you are looking at is a bogus copy.

  • Feel The Texture Of Patch

The surface of your waistband patch should have some texture to it as the original leather. If it is too smooth or too hard to touch, you, unfortunately, didn’t find the right one. Many of the fake manufacturers put slight plastic coating to the patch for smoothness, be aware.

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Button And Rivet Details

  • Concern The Top Button Imprint

Concerning the buttons and rivets is the most convenient way to detect a counterfeit pair of jeans. You do not have to look and think if this falls in the authentic category or the fake category. You will get to the decision immediately after looking at the button.

  • Ensure The Details Of Rivets

So, how to tell if Levis are fake by buttons or rivets? The top button will be a clean silver or copper button that doesn’t fade with time. The authentic button will always have the “LEVI STRAUSS & C.O.” stamped on the front side. There will also be a 3–4-digit number code on the back of the top button which should match the code of the white care label stitched inside the jeans.

  • Look For Company’s Initials

The rivets must quote “L.S. & CO. S.F.” inside out. “L.S. & CO. S.F.” stands for LEVI STRAUSS and CO. San Francisco. If the button of your Levi’s looks plain or bent, it’s because you are probably not having a real Levi’s.

Investigate Fabric Quality And Color

  • Quality Of Fabric

Fabric quality is a first sight warning sign of fake manufacturing. The material of counterfeit pair of jeans is much thinner than usual. The denim patterns and quality are even worse, so it feels a bit rough to wear.

  • Color And Clean Stitching

Another factor that rescues the scam is the color of Levi’s fabric. The jeans should never stain when you wear them. The inner color of the original Levi’s is lighter than the outside due to the weaving technique of denim.

  • Dull By Every Wash

If the color of your jeans is eventually fading away from sunlight, it is not a good sign. If the color further bleaches away with every wash, then you might be owning a counterfeit pair of Levi’s.

Avoid Buying From Unofficial Stores

  • Check The Official Website And Stores

The straightforward way to avoid any scam is to buy from the official websites and stores of the company. The official website of Levi’s provides a list of their official suppliers and outlets. If you tend to buy from an unofficial store, chances will be high to get scammed.

  • Research The Unofficial Sites

Most of the fake Levi’s are sold via online shopping. You cannot check all the above things online. If you search for a real pair of Levi’s with a slightly lower rate from an online store, research the store ratings and reviews carefully.

  • Avoid Too Good To Be True Offers

Almost every store offers discounted prices on sales day, but an offer for authentic Levi’s that is too good to be true will be suspicious. It will help if you search the official price of the style you want before the purchase. The cost of each store may vary, but they should fall in the quite same average.

The Bottom Line:

Levi’s is a fantastic brand with unique styles. Many fake manufacturers sell in the name of Levi’s because of its high demand. No worries, as now you have learned all the signs to save yourself from spending cash on scams.

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