“Are you looking for the real and classy pair of Yeezy V2 but afraid of paying for its dupe? Well, if yes! Then we have got you covered. This ultimate guide will help you to learn how to spot fake Yeezy V2.”

adidas Mens Yeezy Boost 350 V2 FU9161 Lundmark – Size 4.5

However, we admit no one wants to throw their hard-earned money into the dupe trash. Therefore, we have bought you some easy signs to help you spot the difference between real and fake Yeezy.

Let’s discuss some easy signs to spot a fake Yeezy V2!

Some Easy Signs To Spot a Fake Yeezy V2

The fake Yeezy V2 looks identical to the sneakerheads, and they find them slaves paying for it. So, if you want to avoid these situations while buying your favorite Yeezy V2, then read this guide to the end. Give HowToTellFake.com A Try? Get Truth About Products, Reviews, and Sellers Before You Buy.

These are some real and most accessible techniques you should look at before making a purchase. Starting with the details;

1. Tag And Box Details

Nonetheless, Yeezys has become the go-to shoes for this generation. Its fake version has flooded the market. So, to make sure that you are paying for the real pair of V2 sneakers, just go through the tags and the box details. Yes! Yeezys itself has its tag inside, showing details like serial number, size, colour, and brand. Therefore, if the details on the label or the box are slightly different, just think once again before paying for it.

2. Wave Pattern Inspection

Similarly, The wave pattern inspection can be the best way to decide if you are standing in the store. Every model of Yeezy by each brand has its wave pattern. Therefore, if you can spot irregular patterns, that might be a dupe pair. However, these patterns may vary from size to size. For an exact authentication check, the pattern goes sideways in the real and the fake one.

3. Heels Details

Checking the heel details is equally important. No matter how the Yeezy mafia is looting innocent people in the name of real Yeezys, there are still some differences to spot with an eagle eye. Well, Yeezy V2 have their basic heel pattern with the sharp outer collar. Moreover, you can also spot a difference in the spacing and the font of the brand/ model’s name. Also, if you examine a heel tab, it will tell its story by itself. So, open your eyes and save your money!

4. The Smell

Typically, a sneakerhead would know this fact; how a new Yeezy V2 smells. However, it is not wrong to say that fake Yeezys have a more pungent chemical smell, enough to spot a fake pair. Higher brands like Adidas prefer to take care of any harmful chemical odour removed for the better presentation of their article. However, there’s nothing such care taken in replica factories.

5. The Shape

Well, this is the easiest thing to spot if the Yeezys are real or fake. No matter what, the replica has always struggled to develop the exact shape of sneakers as the brand. You can spot the toe box of Yeezy V2 will be elevated from the front. However, the real one has a smooth toe box for better comfort.

6. Inner Sole

The most exciting part of spotting fake Yeezy is to remove their innersole. Yes! In the real Yeezy, the inner sole has the brand’s logo, and it’s removable. Whereas in replicas, the innersole is sewn to the bottom. Moreover, they use white ink to print the band’s name. Isn’t it enough to spot a fake Yeezy?

Oh! We are glad that you have made it here.

So, these are some of the easiest signs to spot a fake Yeezy V2 or any sneaker you are paying for. Well, the guide didn’t end here; we have got some hot FAQs for your help.

What Is The Process Of Making Replica?

Well, the word replica is known for the duplicate thing of an original article. These replica industries are all over the world; they use cheap materials like; cloth, glue, and thread to produce identical copies of any branded product. However, they do not give attention to minor details, durability and therefore get spotted.

Why Are Real Yeezy So Expensive?

These are the designer shoes by Kanye West, which makes it an expensive deal. Not only this, the comfort of flexing over others brings it more in public demand and popularity. Moreover, Yeezys has become popular due to its limited edition, but celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner fashion taste make it more famous and expensive among ordinary people.

How Can I Take Care Of My New Yeezy V2?

The care factor can make your sneaker last over its actual life span. Well, there are several ways to keep your sneakers clean. If your sneakers are dirty, use good eraser pads to remove the dirt. Moreover, you can use baking soda and soap to wash them thoroughly without damaging the material. Make sure to air dry them for a better experience.

Which Yeezy Is The Rarest?

On the Kanye West Yeezy line or Adidas, Yeezys have never been the rarest item. However, we can say that some of their articles have been made on-demand in limited numbers that are not found today, making them rare. The model “Turtledove ” is one of those rare collaborations by Kanye West and Adidas.


On the whole, the sneaker market is flooded with dupes and fake brands, making it a little difficult for people to buy a real one for the first time. However, a little inspection and knowledge go into the way to learn how to spot fake Yeezy V2. Also, thorough research of real and fake Yeezy can help you differentiate authentic V2 sneakers from fake ones.

Hopefully, this guide will come in handy and help you buy the real Yeezy to flex over your friends. Do not forget to examine the elements mentioned in the guide if you already have these Yeezys. Moreover, we would love to hear about your experience with sneaker shopping.

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