“Are you a fashionable guy who loves to try new outfits every day? Well, men might not be as progressive in the fashion industry as much as women. But I know every guy loves to look good and feel better about their outfit. T-shirts and men’s tops are a crucial part men’s fashion industry.”

Hurley Men’s One and Only Textured Short Sleeve Button Up, black, S

Are you someone who looks into branded fashion items to dress up? Then you must have heard about a men’s tops brand called Hurley. Through this article, I am trying to educate you about this particular fashion brand.

But first, let’s approach the brand through their star product, t-shirts. Don’t Miss Our Picks of The Popular Articles: Enjoy The Best Treadmill Experience.

Why Do People Love to Wear T-shirts?

  • T-shirts are one of the favorite fashion items among everyone today. ​But why so much love for such simple clothing?
  • Easy to wear – You don’t need more than few seconds to get into a t-shirt. Many of us love that easiness in them.
  • It’s like a canvas – You can have any print your heat desire on a t-shirt. Many people use that to express themselves. There is no color you can not try on a t-shirt.
  • Suits anyone – There is no restriction about who can wear a t-shirt and who can not. A t-shirt is like everyone’s fashion item.
  • Affordable – T-shirts are never too expensive. Yes, there are some luxury brands. But in every collection, you can find t-shirts as the cheapest option available.
  • Comfortable – We don’t wear t-shirts without giving ourselves enough breathing space. You can wear a t-shirt and move around freely because of that.
  • Availability – Unlike some other clothing, you will not find a place where you can not find a t-shirt. This convenience makes people wear more t-shirts.

Why Hurley?

There are thousands of t-shirt brands in the world. There may be more t-shirts that don’t have a brand. And there are customizable t-shirts where you can pick any desired color and print anything over it.

But all of these different kinds have their pros and cons. Because Hurley is a well-renowned top-wear brand, we will look into the reasons to make it your choice.

  • Material Quality – Hurley selects the best quality material for their clothing. Because of that, you will not see color fading or wear off in few washes.
  • Comfortable – Because they are the most comfortable material, wearing one of Hurley’s will give you the best comfort you could imagine.
  • Trendy Designs – Designs that you see in Hurley go with the latest trends. They have not forgotten their signature designs as well. If you are wearing Hurley, you will stand out from the rest.
  • Perfect fit – We love to wear t-shirts that fit our bodies perfectly. Especially if you can not find matching sizes in unbranded t-shirts, Hurley will not disappoint you.
  • Made for the occasion – We can not wear the same t-shirt for every kind of activity. Especially for sports, casual t-shirts are no match because we tend to sweat a lot. Hurley has a t-shirt designed for each of these occasions.

What does the Hurley Brand Represent?

Hurley brand has a letter H as their logo. Letter H signifies the initials of the founder of this brand. Athletes all over the world consider Hurley as a well-renowned brand for sportswear. Even the goal of the company coincides with unconventional sports such as surfing skateboarding.

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How to Identify a Hurley Shirt?

Identifying an original Hurley shirt can be somewhat tricky due to many reasons. T-shirts are a simple product made by the manufacturer. There is a value for that simplicity and trendiness. But if you are careful, you can avoid fakes and get what you pay.

  • There are no extra cheap Hurleys

You might find Hurleys in your local stores for a low price. Sellers use this as a trick to attract customers. For further clarification, you can check the prices from Hurley’s online store.

  • Name Printed

Every Hurley t-shirt has its name printed on them. The name may not be in the same font, but please check for the correct spellings to clarify your buy.

  • Labels

Fake brands may not come with Hurley’s original labels on them. Check for tags inside the t-shirt to find Hurley’s logo to make sure it’s not a fake. Even with the Hurley name printed on top and you can’t find the tags avoid buying such t-shirts.

Is Hurley Guy Brand?

Hurley is famous as a guy brand because of its signature men’s top wear collection. But Hurley is not reserved only for men. They have many items of clothing dedicated to women as well. If you visit their online store, you will find many fascinating women’s clothing there.

What Material Used for Hurley T-shirts?

Cotton is the material used in many t-shirts that you can find under the Hurley brand. Since they have moved to the sportswear category, you can find other synthetic materials as well in them. Whatever the material they have used, I can guarantee that they give you ultimate comfort while wearing them.

Does Nike Own Hurley?

Nike is a well-renowned brand in the garment field. Yes, Hurley was a subsidiary of Nike from 2009 to 2019. But ownership of Hurley is now under different branding and licensing companies.

Do Hurley Shirts Shrink?

T-shirt shrinking is a common fear that everyone has about many t-shirt brands. But I can assure you that this is not true about Hurley. They have used the best possible materials to manufacture their shirts. So, they will not shrink any matter the times you wash them.

Does Hurley Manufacture Athletic Wear?

Yes, Besides their famous casual shirts, Hurley has focused a lot on making sportswear. Especially, surfers have worn Hurley a lot.

What are the Other Products that You can find in Hurley Brand?

  1. Swimsuits
  2. Wetsuits
  3. T-shirts
  4. Shorts
  5. Jackets
  6. Hoodies
  7. Pants
  8. Flip-flops
  9. Bags
  10. Backpacks

Top 5 Hot Selling Hurley Shirts(5 Best Hurley Shirts In 2021)

1.Hurley Men’s One and Only Textured Short Sleeve Button Up

2.Hurley Men’s One and Only Logo T-Shirt

3.Hurley Men’s One and Only Graphic Tank Top

4.Hurley Men’s Everyday Washed One and Only Slashed Short Sleeve T-Shirt

5.Hurley Boys’ Character Graphic T-Shirt


Hurley is a famous apparel brand in the world today. Owning a t-shirt from this brand can be considered a luxury. There is a different sense to wearing one of the Hurleys compared to ordinary clothing. Give TreadmillE.com A Try? Enjoy The Best Treadmill Experience.

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