Seven years ago, Tom Gozney wanted to make a portable pizza oven. He hopes that when people cook over a wood fire, they will be able to use the pizza stove easily, whether they are on a picnic, a barbecue or a trip. So comes a portable pizza oven called the Roccbox. Some of the best chefs and restaurants in the world use Gozney ovens.

Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven
Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

Roccbox Wood Burner lets you do the same anywhere you want.

ROCCBOX Gozney Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven – Includes Professional Grade Pizza Peel, Built-In Thermometer and Safe Touch Silicone Jacket – Propane Gas Fired, With Rolling Wood Flame – Grey

Despite its small size and portable design, the Roccbox can cook almost any type of food, cook a Neapolitan pizza in just 60 seconds. It can also bake bread, cook fish, meat, vegetables, barbecue, dessert and many other dishes.

Reaching high temperatures of over 950ºF to give you the ideal balance of thin base and perfectly puffed up, charred artisan crust – in just 60 seconds. It an outer silicone skin and dense body, insulated and safe to touch to help make it more family-friendly.

Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven
Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

The Roccbox portable pizza oven has a compact oven chamber that is heated by burning wood or by connecting to a gas tank.

The gas or wood is placed in an empty compartment at the back of the pizza oven and is connected to the pizza oven. Flames rise from inside the empty cabin, and the top of the pizza oven bends to allow even distribution of heat.

“My pizza oven is fueled by wood and natural gas,” said Roccbox’s founder. “Similarly, commercial pizza oven Roccbox USES high quality, commercial-grade materials that are designed and manufactured with no discount and the results are unparalleled.”

With a built-in thermometer, retractable legs and detachable dual-fuel burners Roccbox is easy to transport and set up just click the switch and start cooking!

Offering the convenience of gas and tradition of wood fire, Gozney Roccbox comes complete with a gas burner as standard, and the option to buy a detachable wood burner as an additional accessory (available in October).

When you get it to 300, turn the flame down while the pizza is in there to stop the top from getting burned while the base cooks. Once removed turn it back up to full again.

Repeat with each pizza. To get wood smoke taste & smell simply sticks a lump of wood at the back, Use the wood burner you bought as a paperweight, very elegant industrial art and a great intro to your pizza making stories.

Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven
Gozney Roccbox Portable Pizza Oven

This is a fabulous product, Worth every dollar. Great for parties. It gets easier the more you use it. Minimal cleaning. Versatile. Efficient.

You will never want to eat pizza anywhere else but at home. Very well made, sturdy, simple. Just beautiful. And thanks to the Roccbox’s built-in thermometer, retractable legs, and detachable burner system, you can take it with you anywhere a hungry group of pizza lovers is waiting.

RATED NO. 1 OUTDOOR STAND-ALONE PIZZA OVEN by Serious Eats – highly regarded by Forbes, GQ and The Times.

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