7 Best Levis Jeans 2021 (Top Rated Levis Jeans 2021)

We Like
Levi's Men's 511 Slim Fit Jeans
+ Perfect Fit
+ Light Weight
+ Comfortable and Stylish
- Wearing Out Quickly
Levi's Men's 541 Athletic Fit Jean
+ Well Made
+ Great Price
+ Simple Style
- Colors not as Expected
Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit Jeans
+ Flex Fit
+ Great Price
+ Washed Out Perfectly
- Shallow Pockets
Levi's Men's 512 Slim Taper Fit Jeans
+ Extremely Soft Denim
+ Slight Stretch
+ Simple Style
- Slight Shrinkage
Levi's Men's 559 Relaxed Straight Fit Jean
+ Comfortable and Stylish
+ Simple Style
+ Well Made
- Shallow Pockets
Levi's Men's 513 Stretch Slim Straight Jean
+ Enough Flex
+ Perfect Fit
+ Light Weight
- Wearing Out Quickly
Levi's Men's 517 Boot Cut Jean
+ Simple Style
+ Extremely Soft Denim
+ Washed Out Perfectly
- Slight Shrinkage

“There is a need to mark a product for identity. Most of the clothes we buy have a specific tag that identifies them from the rest.”

Most of the famous fashion and designs have their mark of identity. You will find one of the most common this tag in most casual clothes like jeans-Levi Tag Identification.

You cannot sometimes differentiate a fake Levi Tag Identification from an original one unless you are keen on details. There are, however, straightforward ways of picking genuine products from counterfeit items.

Considering that Levi’s jeans are fast-moving clothes, there are equal chances of finding fake jeans branded as Levi’s. Besides the tag, the product’s quality speaks volumes.

Regardless of where you buy clothes, it is essential to check for their authenticity as Levi’s Jeans. The obvious sign to look for is the tag attached to the product.

The Levi Tag Identification goes beyond the name. The tag also has a number on it. This particular number is usually referred to as Levi’s fit number.

Sometimes the fit numbers are so confusing when you enter Levi’s store and find stacks of clothes with different numbers. Some of the numbers are almost similar and further confuse first-timers.

Top 7 Hot Selling Levi’s jeans(7 Best Levi’s jeans In 2021)

1. Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans(B08JW4YP9P)

Levi’s Men’s 505 Regular Fit Jeans

2. Levi’s Men’s 559 Relaxed Straight Jean(B077FYJV95)

Levi’s Men’s 559 Relaxed Straight Jean, Timberwolf Twill, 29W x 30L

3. Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans(B01IR5FD3I)

Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans, Listless (Waterless), 28W x 32L

4. Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Stretch Jeans(B00GB7UE84)

Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jean, Throttle – Stretch, 26W x 29L

5. Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans(B08P53H6VT)

Levi’s Men’s 511 Slim Fit Jeans, Dolf Make It-Light Indigo, 28Wx30L

6. Levi’s Men’s 569 Loose Straight Fit Jean(B01ISMHYGE)

Levi’s Men’s 569 Loose Straight Fit Jean, Crosstown – Stretch, 29W x 30L

7. Levi’s Men’s 550 Relaxed Fit Jeans(B0018OHGDG)

Levi’s Men’s 550 Relaxed Fit Jeans, Dark Stonewash, 29W x 30L

Do Levi Tag Identification Fit Numbers Mean Anything?

When you get accustomed to the fit number, it becomes easy to know your jeans type. There are options like; slim leg, low-rise, high-rise, athletic thighs, among others. A Levi fit number represents all these options.

It is, therefore, apparent that unless you are conversant with the numbers, you cannot tell the difference between Levi’s 510 and a Levi’s 511. You do not have to worry anymore. You will be able to differentiate them with ease from now henceforth.

Are There Things In Levi’s Fit Number That Makes It Unique?

The coding of clothes is not a rocket-science. The numbers are only a guideline to help you select a pair of jeans that will fit you. There are mainly three things to check for in Levi’s fit number.

Whenever you keenly check on the Levi Tag Identification, three numbers are critical to your size selection. The first number on the tag indicates how the pant is designed around your seat meaning, the hips, and butt.

The second number of your Levi’s jeans tells you how high they sit on your waist. Most importantly, the bigger the number, the higher the pant rises on your waistline.

Finally, the third number gives you an indication of how wide or narrow the pant leg is. There is no more guesswork in Levi’s jeans selection anymore.

How To Know A Genuine Levi Tag Identification From Fake?

You can employ many methods to identify original products and, most specifically, Levi’s collection. One of the easiest ways is checking the red tab on the back of the jean.

The red Levi’s tab should be located or fixed on the back right pocket of your jean. In all Levi’s collections, the red tab is present, making it an icon of recognition anywhere in the world.

However, it is crucial to note that all authentic pairs will have the tab, but in few jeans styles, it may have a different shade like yellow, white, or green.

Also, make sure the stitching around the tab is not only clean but consistent. Most fake products are not keen on details, and their stitches are messy.

You can also pick genuine Levi’s jeans by identifying the waistband. For authentic Levi products, there is a high-quality leather patch on the back of the waistband. The color of the leather patch on all pairs of Levi’s is the same.

Observe whether there are errors in the design of the patch. Fake products are prone to make simple errors since they are always in a hurry to make a quick sale. The texture and the feel are remarkable in genuine Levi’s products.

There is a need to inspect the details. Some of the most critical ones include checking; the top buttons and marks, the overall product quality, and the rivets all have company initials.

You can avoid the trap of fake products merchandisers buy looking for these simple marks and avoid buying counterfeit Levi’s from today.

Can You Get Levi Tag Identification Simplified?

As indicated earlier, there are different pant rises you get in any Levi’s store. Five types are mainly common. They include;

  1. Ultra-Low
  2. Low Rise
  3. Mid Rise
  4. High Rise
  5. Ultra-High Rise

To identify the style settings, the numerical codes found on Levi Tag Identification are crucial. Note that not all series of the pants display rise details.

For 3-series and 7-series pants, you can quickly tell how the waist level of the pant. Consider a Levi Tag Identification with a number like 702, 712, or 720. The middle number indicates the rise.

When the second digit is a 0, the pants are low-rise, while if the second number is a 1, the pants are mid-rise. A number 2 on the second suggests the pant are high-rise.

The third number in the same 7-series indicates the leg opening size. In this case, if the third number is a 0, the pant leg is super skinny, while a third number equal to 1 indicates a skinny cut. Other third numbers have the following meaning;

  • The third digit is a 2; the pant leg is slim cut
  • The third number is a 3; pant leg is slim straight cut
  • The third digit is a 4; the pant is straight cut
  • The third digit is a 5; the pant is a bootcut.

Bootcut suggests that the leg opening is more significant than the knee and ultimately creates a flare look.

Why Are Levi Tag Identification Advantageous?

Having understood the role played by the tags, it is essential to note that you can quickly get genuine products from any Levi collection mixture. You are no longer a victim of ignorance anymore.

Are There Disadvantage Of Levi Tag Identification?

The tags are not only complicated for the first-timers but also very confusing. Some series do not follow the same numerical order meanings.


Levi Tag Identification makes it easy to know the fake products from the original merchandise. The buttons, rivets, and their accompanying numerals mean so much to a careful buyer. The products from Levi are secured from fake dealers by high markers. When you think of jeans, think of Levi’s products.

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