“Having a charging rack just looks better than having a bunch of wires protruding from your console. Combining a charging dock with a PS5 wall mount is a great way to improve the look of your entertainment center and match your wall-mounted TV.”

PS5 Controller Charging Dock PlayStation 5 Charging Station Dual Fast Charging Dock Station with LED Display Compatible with Sony PS5 PS5 Pro

PS5 Controller Charging Dock PlayStation 5 Charging Station Dual Fast Charging Dock Station with LED Display Compatible with Sony PS5 Pro, With 2 charging ports, 2 controllers can be charged simultaneously or individually. Simply place the controller on the charging station to charge it and remove the controller when you are using it. its compact tower design and cool, stylish look. It also has the sturdiest design with the widest base plate for mounting. Because of this, you won’t need to worry about it tipping or falling over.

How Do I Know If My PS5 Controller Is Charging?

The charge status of each controller is clearly and separately displayed on the 2 LED displays. The red light means charging and the green light means full charged.

What Charger Does The PS5 Controller Use?

2.5-hour USB Type-C fast PS5 charger double charging ports for PS5 DualSense/ PS5 controllers simultaneously. Ideal Dual charging base for your PS5 controllers, agitate to 2 DualSense wireless controllers via USB C adapters without having to attach them to your PlayStation 5 console, saves your time, and Perfect to keep your PS5 DualSense neat on desktop.

This charging station contains the functions of charger and holder together. Aside from charging controllers, it also keeps PS5 controllers clean when not in use. 4 anti-slip pads hold the charger and controllers firmly in situ.

How Long Does It Take To Charge A PS5 Controller?

Support Charging two PS5 wireless Gamepad simultaneously. Get fully charged for two DualSense controllers within 2.5h.

The charging station offers high speed and safe charging for the controller and protects it from being overcharged. It takes about 1.5 hours to charge 1 PS5 controller and 2.5 hours to charge 2 PS5 controllers, which leaves more time for fun with games.

Perhaps the single biggest reason to get a docking controller charger is fast-charging. A generic USB-C cable will charge just fine but a docked controller charger will charge even faster. The best charging docks can charge controller batteries in only two hours.


The PS5 Controller Charging Dock B08TMKLP1T station minimalist design would look fine on any gamer shelf. Controller chargers are one of the most useful console accessories that you can have. With one, you’ll store your controllers neatly while simultaneously charging.

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Warm Tips:

  • You can use the game console’s USB port to charge the PS5 controller. You can also use the 5V / 2A adaptor for quick charging.
  • The controllers are NOT included.
  • Please use a 5V/2A power source to ensure fast charging.

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