NexiGo Upgraded PS5 Controller Charger(TP5-0521/0588), The Best 3rd Party Charger. Best alternative controller docking station for PS5, I’m not a fan of flipping my controller upside down on a USB port or having it suspended in the air for style points. So if you are looking for an OEM alternative that looks sweet and gets the job done, picks one up now.”

NexiGo Upgraded PS5 Controller Charger with Thumb Grip Kit, Fast Charging AC Adapter, Dualsense Charging Station for Dual Playstation 5 Controllers with LED Indicator, White

The charging station for PlayStation 5 provides an easy and quick way to charge up to two DualSense wireless controllers at the same time without having to connect them to your PlayStation 5 console. Give A Try? VR Headset Can Provide a Great Escape From the Real World.

This 3rd party charger is the next best option since the Sony-branded one is never in stock, its ac adapter for the wall is a must if you like having a USB slot open to using for headsets or other accessories. Charges fast, easy to slide in and out, and matches the Ps5 design to a T.

Product Features

  • Intelligent micro control technology is adopted in output management.
  • It can charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously.
  • Type-c adapter is used for charging, which is easy to be inserted in or pulled out for controller charging and effectively protects the charging interface of the controllers from wear.
  • Green and red charge lamps are simple and easy to be understood.
  • Aesthetic appearance with convenient placement.
  • Low power consumption in standby, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

Charging Instructions:

1) Please use the special power adapter of this product for charging. Other Type-C power supplies may cause charging failure or extended charging duration

2) The orange light shows that charging is in progress and the light will be turned off automatically when the controller is fully charged.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose NexiGo Upgraded PS5 Controller Charger(TP5-0521/0588)

The first thing first is to make sure that you are getting the correct product. Nexigo has several chargers for the PS5 but this one got it almost perfectly right.

  1. The controllers fit almost perfectly on the unit, you don’t have to place a special attachment to the USB-c port to make it fit, nor do you have to install the controller upside down and try to get it to slide perfectly into the adapter.
  2. The style of the unit fits in perfectly with the PS5 looks as if it could have been a product directly from Sony.
  3. The orange glow while charging fits in perfectly with the theme and the fact that it stops charging when fully charged is definitely a plus.
  4. The controller’s seat very well although there was some minor play to learn where to place it, it does have a small guide that gets you to the right place and unlike the review of some other 3rd party units once it is seated it stays seated.
  5. It is an excellent addition to my PS5 set up. It ensures that I always have a charged and ready-to-go controller no matter how long I play.


NexiGo Upgraded PS5 Controller Charger(TP5-0521/0588):

Great charger and looks like OEM. LED indicator that lets you know controllers are charging is a nice touch. This feature alone beats the Pulse charger.

Don’t give your money to scalpers, just buy this and be done. For the price, I was a little skeptical but the quality and aesthetic make it worthwhile.

Warm Tips:

  • Please use the power adapter of this product for charging. Other wall chargers may cause charging failure or extended charging duration.
  • This will not charge your controller if you have a skin/sleeve on. The contact points will not touch due to the thickness of the skin.
  • Don’t buy USB-C-based chargers, it’s hard to fit your controller in the right spot and it scratches your controller.

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NexiGo Upgraded PS5 Controller Charger(TP5-0521/0588) FAQ

The light only goes off when you put a controller to charge to indicate that it's charging, once fully charged the light turns off.
Only wall outlet to ensure charging of both controllers.
No, if the skin is too thick, it will not be able to charge at the bottom.
Yes, NexiGo is an American-born company.

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