“In the pandemic, I looked elsewhere for Nintendo Switch then my friend told me it had been on Amazon then I got it and it had been great.”

Nintendo Switch – Mario Red & Blue Edition – Switch

Nintendo just released a really special edition of the Nintendo Switch. Themed after its iconic plumber, the Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition is almost guaranteed to sell out fast. Give VRHeadsetOnline.com A Try? VR Headset Can Provide a Great Escape From the Real World.

Contained during this fresh Switch bundle are all the quality gubbins you get with a replacement Switch console, and a few extras, too.

In addition to a red Switch and dock, plus a red pair of Joy-Con with blue straps (well, the straps themselves are red and white with a touch yellow button) and a blue Joy-Con grip, you’ll also get a Mario Red & Blue Edition carrying case (with a little yellow zip) and a screen protector to keep your new console in tip-top condition.

Act quickly if you would like one, as these appear to be selling out quickly.

What is The Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition?

Released to commemorate the launch of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, the Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — a limited red and blue version of Nintendo’s extremely popular home console-handheld hybrid.

This Nintendo Switch system takes inspiration from Mario, with a bold red design on the Nintendo Switch Console, Joy-Con controllers, and therefore the Nintendo Switch dock.

A solid blue design is featured on both the Joy-Con grip and Joy-Con wrist straps. As a bonus, this Nintendo Switch bundle includes a Mario red & blue Edition carrying case adorned with Super Mario iconography.

Real fun you can play games handheld but also on the TV and allows for a versatile gaming experience. you can play interactive games that get you moving or just something on the controllers. this lets everyone in the family have something to do.

If You’re Getting to Buy This Console, There Are a Couple of Things to Stay in Mind.

Firstly, the device doesn’t include a replica of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury, despite both products having an equivalent release date.

Secondly, these limited-edition Nintendo Switch consoles tend to sell out quickly, and there’s no telling if and when they will be restocked.

It’s really nice to take your console game anywhere you want!

If You Play a Medium Amount of Games I Would Recommend the 256GB – 512GB MicroSD Cards.

There is a 1TB microSD card on amazon for around $300.00.

Get this one if you’re a hardcore Nintendo player. There are many accessories on amazon to also decorate your Switch.

You can decorate the controllers with skins or buy the different color joy-cons.


Nintendo Switch Mario Red & Blue Edition:

  • Great for people who miss the days of PS Vita’s, DS, etc. The switch gives you the best of both. play in my room or in a car is or literally anywhere is a big plus for those who want to.
  • There are tons of games available to play, from Nintendo classics to indie games.
  • Perfect for casual/busy players. Its cheaper price-tag and mobility make it perfect for gaming for one or two hours a day, without breaking the bank.

Warm Tips:

  • It’s 2021 and Nintendo still doesn’t support voice/chat for online playing. You have to get a third-party app to be able to do so also means that you will be using your cellphone to do that.
  • The dock is, well, It is an electrical part surrounded by a piece of plastic. I highly recommend buying a docking sleeve or a screen protector before using the dock.
  • It sucks that Nintendo didn’t give us enough storage space, so make sure you buy a microSD card to store your games and their content. not all SD cards work with switches. you might just need to buy the branded SD card for the switch, which is more expensive than a regular old sd card.

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Nintendo Switch HADSRAAAF(B08M8YQMH4) FAQ

Google the model number and on Nintendo's own site it tells you that the model number of this listing HAC-001(-01) has 4.5-9 hours of battery life which is the new one. If there is no (-01) then that is the older version.
Good news! Nintendo announced that they will restock at the beginning of April. (From Nintendo's Twitter)
No, it does not come with the game because it costs the same price as a regular Switch by itself at MSRP. Not charging more and including the game upfront is better because now people can buy the console and choose whether to buy the physical or digital edition of the game.
Eventually yes. With the onboard memory, you will be able to download the updates (Wolfenstein 2 had upwards of a 13 gig update.

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