“This is the best and by far the cheapest outlet strip I have ever encountered. When I first saw this and the price, I hesitated because all the other strips that cost $25 have only 8-10 outlets capacity, and this one has 21!”

Power Strip (3-Sided) with 6 Ft Cord, POWSAF Surge Protector with 18 Outlets and 3 USB Ports, 6 Feet Heavy Duty Extension Cord (1875W/15A), ETL Listed, White (1)

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POWSAF Power Strips very much useful in the back of my tv to pile up all connections like Tv, streaming devices, gaming consoles and Alexa or Google Home devices and soundbar what else.

Do you know that jumbled mess of cords you end up with when your TV, DVD player, Wi-Fi router, cable hook-up and all that other crap you need are connected in the same spot?

Everything comfortably in one place with good space between each pluggable port.

Why Are POWSAF Power Strips So Popular?

  • POWSAF is a professional manufacturer of power strips, surge protectors, USB wall chargers, etc.
  • It contains more than enough plugs for my home computer workstation. There are more than enough plug spaces and plenty of room leftover.
  • Love how this is compact and all sides are accessible.
  • This surge protector has helped us get more cord-organized than EVER before!
  • This surge protector is A KILLER, at its price-point. It may not look flashy, fancy, or have LED’s coming out of the USB ports, but it gets the job done.


POWSAF Power Strips

  • It is a very good and sturdy surge protector.
  • It organized all the messy cable.
  • Perfectly spaced outlets make this the best power strip I’ve ever owned.

Warm Tips:

Really nice setup of the outlets and USB’s but it doesn’t have a flat plug so the cabinet is pushed off the wall too much.

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POWSAF Power Strips FAQ

Does the switch turn off all outlets or just a subset of them?
The single switch controls all the outlets.

Can this be used outdoors in a protected area?
No, on the label on the back it says “use indoors only in a dry area.” Condensation inside the outlet strip from being outdoors even in a protected area would cause huge problems!

Will 2 prong cords work?
Yes. This will accept two-prong or three-prong (grounded).

Are all the USB ports 3.4A or just one of them?

What is the center-to-center measurement between the outlets on the powsaf strip?
Each “section” (line to line divider) is exactly 1.5 inches. Likewise, the center to center (ground to ground) is 1.5 inches. In case you need the vertical, it is 2 3/16″. In other words, each section is 1 1/2″ x 2 3/16″.

Is it really safe to use, with so many plugged into one power strips?
Yes, it is. this power strip has overcurrent protection and overvoltage protection.

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