“Have you got new Jordans? Isn’t it like what you ordered? Do you feel you have been fooled with fake cool greys? Well, we cannot help you if you have been fooled, unfortunately, but we can surely assist you with spotting those fake cool greys. “

We are here to help you with this article which will tell you if your cool greys are real or fake. Read it till the end to get yourself sure about your newly purchased cool greys. We highly request you put a heavy stone on your heart if you received the fake cool grey 11.

What Will Help You Spotting The Fake Cool Grey 11?

Listed below in this article are some of the main points making a check on which you can verify whether you have received the authentic or fake cool greys.

  • The shape of the shoes.
  • It should have 23 heal lettering.
  • Insole, outsole or midsole of the shoes.
  • Embossment of Jumpman.

1. Quality Of The Box: 

The jordans come in a beautiful, sturdy box with all small details counted as beauty. You can easily spot the difference between the real and the fake cool greys 11.

  • The box of the cool greys comes with a logo on the lid as well as on the side.
  • The fake cool grey must have spelling errors or errors in the branding logo or alignment, or you can easily see the worst quality of the box.
  • To check the authenticity of the box, check out whether the box is tightly packed or has any gaps. The real box has a tightly packed lid without any gaps.
  • The colour and texture of the box need to be uniform. The colour should not be lighter or darker on any side.

2. Manufacturing Sticker Outside The Box: 

A Lot of valuable information can be collected just from the manufacturing stickers that are on the outside of the box.

  • There is a label fixed on the side of the box which contains all the basic information about the shoes, like the size, colour, manufacturing place and date and name etc. Read everything carefully to conclude the matter of real or fake Jordans.
  • The second thing to consider is the nine-digit long style number. The fake label must lack any digit.
  • Pay attention to each spelling.

3. Tag Inside The Snickers: 

After the label on the box is the label inside the shoe, which contains all the exact information on the outside label, i.e. the size, style, colour, manufacturing place and date. By inspecting the label inside the shoe, you can easily spot if the cool greys are fake.

  • Above, we discussed the nine digits style number. That style number is on the label inside the shoe. The style number must match the style number given on the box. There is one error in the number, and here you are clear that the shoes are fake.
  • You need to inspect every small detail to ensure that your Jordans are real.
  • When we talk about small details, we literally mean every small detail, like the tail of the word Q.
  • The tail of Q in the word Fabrique should have a circle.

4. Snickers Production Date

Sometimes simple steps can help a lot. You have to make a Google search for the manufacturing date of the sneakers. Match that production date with the written date outside and inside the box and shoe. The date on the fake cool greys 11 or so-called replica shoes is always later than the actual production date. Key to remember! This only search can save you from a long hustle.

5. Label And Jumpman Underneath Tongue:

The label needs to be inspected carefully. It should be attached to the shoes in such a manner that it forms a flat surface without any bumps. You can easily see the label mismatched, wrinkled, misplaced, or carelessly attached in the fake ones.

The famous Michael Jordan logo is the best thing to notice in the jordans. The real Nike Jordan cool grey 11 had a good quality fabric on the tongue. The Jumpman is neatly embroidered on the tongue of the shoes. The colour of the Jumpman should match the colour on the website and the box.

The tag underneath the tongue should have the following written words, “Greatest Player Ever”. The real jordans would have these words in white colour, really clear and easily readable

6. Laces Details And Jumpman Logo:

Again we are talking about the small details. And these tiny details are about the places. Laces are like the cherry on the top. Pretty laces mean pretty shoes. Inspect the shoelaces, tabs and tags around the laces carefully. Check out the spacing between the shoelaces and the logo on the shoes.

Another red flag is the location of the tag of the logo. The logo on the top should be placed neatly in the third lace space. The tag would be improperly placed between the second or the fourth laces in the fake shoes. It might also be on the right or left and not in the correct order.

How can I make sure that I am not buying the fake jordans?

With the help of the above-given points, you can ensure the authenticity of the shoes. Unfortunately, some exact looking replicas cannot be identified easily. For that, you need an expert’s help.

Which market most usually sells fake cool greys?

That is something no one can tell. Everywhere you can get fake or replica products. Online as well as in the local markets because people do ask for replicas. If there are 10 websites, you cannot easily verify which of them sells the authentic product.

How can we verify our purchased product?

Well, this article is the best guide to verify your cool greys, and you can also get your hand on some professional verifying websites.


So, to conclude, we would ask you to be sure about each of the above points. Remember that authenticity is everything, and you should connect with any genuine website or seller to get your product, as money is not something to waste on fake things. Once again, we are sorry if someone robbed you of your money for fake cool greys.

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