“Are you looking for the new “Hey Dudes” shoes everyone is talking about lately? Well, you’ve landed at the right spot! Getting a comfortable pair of shoes is all about getting them in the right size. Get one size too small, and you’ll be in a world of pain. This is why one must know whether shoes come in half sizes. “

We understand that you might want to jump on the bandwagon with all the hype around hey dudes on tik tok, but if you want a shoe that provides a snug fit, you need to know the sizing of the brand. In today’s article, we’ll answer the questions,” do hey dudes come in half sizes?” and “are the hey dudes on tik tok real?”. So keep reading.

Do Hey Dudes Come In Half Sizes?

Most people ask the question, “Do hey dudes come in half sizes?”. Well, the straight answer is no. Hey Dudes only come in full sizes. Well, this raises the question of whether you size up or down for the shoes if you wear half sizes.

To answer, for the best fit, you need to size up. That’s a general rule of thumb, but you may need to size down for certain shoes like the Wally and Wendy Hey Dudes. In that case, you’ll find specialized sizing tips with each shoe.

Make sure you take a look at them before making your purchase. Generally, all hey dudes have a width with a rounded toe-box for more breathing room than your typical standard tennis shoe with a tapered toe-box.

Are The Hey Dudes On Tik Tok Real?

Lately, there’ve been many sellers popping up on tik tok claiming to sell the real hey dudes. This has led many to question, “Are the hey dudes on tik tok real?”. Well, the answer is we don’t know. Some of these could be real, while some could be fake. The only way to tell them apart is by looking for the trademarks of a hey dudes pair.

For your convenience, we have listed them below.

  • High-Quality Material

Real hey-dudes are made of the best material that provides the ultimate comfort. Their smooth texture and design remain unmatched in the industry. However, with fake hey dudes, you will notice that the upper material is hard and isn’t really breathable. Another thing to look for is whether the water steers out of the shoe.

That’s what happens with real hey dudes since they’re made of a porous material.

  • Light Weight

You can tell the difference between original shoes and fake ones by simply carrying the pair in your hand. The original hey dudes are pretty lightweight. In fact, they feel like a pair of socks in your hands. The average weight for these shoes is around 5 ounces. While fake shoes are generally heavier, owing to their material.

  • Unique Cushioning 

Another feature that distinguishes real hey dudes from fake ones is their unique cushioning. The memory foam is fitted to provide the best possible support to your feet while walking. The foam absorbs all the shock, thereby protecting your feet.

However, a fake pair of hey dudes might overlook this. A missing forum lining around the shoes at the part where the shoe surrounds your ankle is a sign that the hey dudes pair you have your eyes set on is, in fact, a fake. Real hey dudes are also toothed beneath the EVA sole for more traction, so that’s also something to look for.

  • Check The Offical Website

A foolproof method of testing whether the hey dudes are fake or not is to go on the official website and compare the two pairs. The most skilled con artists cannot make a copy of the shoe down to the smallest details.

They end up making mistakes, and you can spot them as you compare the shoe’s colour, design, and other details with those given on the website.

  • Lose Fitting

Another thing to note is the fitting. Hey dudes, come in loose-fitting. They feel light and loose on your shoes instead of laced shoes that feel tight. For this very reason, you’ll find elastic bands when you look inside the original shoes.

These bands are responsible for adjusting the shoe to the size of your feet for that perfect fit. On the other hand, fae hey dudes will not have a loose fit. You will actually find them to be a bit too tight.

Are Hey Dudes Comfortable?

Yes, hey dudes are very comfortable. The sole has been designed to provide adequate support, so there’s no pain even after wearing the shoe for long hours. Moreover, the material of the shoe is breathable, so you won’t find it to be particularly sweaty.

Can hey dudes get wet?

Yes, hey dudes can get wet. They are made out of a special canvas material, so they’re not waterproof. However, they do dry easily, so do not worry. Moreover, since their soles are made out of lightweight material, the shoes can actually float on water.

Can I put the dudes in the dryer?

No, you can not put your hey dudes in the dryer. If you want to dry your shoes, make sure you leave them inside or outdoors. However, if you’re leaving them outdoors, make sure you aren’t leaving them in direct sunlight since doing so might cause them to bleach or other types of damage to the fabric.


Summing it up, this article has two questions – do hey dudes come in half sizes? And are the hey dudes on tik tok real?. Hey dudes, in fact, do not come in half sizes.

Additionally, you can tell whether the hey dudes on tik tok are real or not by looking for certain qualities of the shoe, like whether they’re made out of high-quality material or are they lightweight. You could also go on the company website to authenticate the shoes. If you’ve still got any questions, let us know!

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