“Do you want to know whether the cool grey jordan shoes you’re about to buy are real or fake? Well, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get the original one quickly by using some tips. We all know that Jordan is one of the biggest shoe brands of all time and one of the most copied brands.”

Jordan Mens Air Jordan 11 Retro CT8012 005 Cool Grey 2021 – Size 9

However, we also understand that obtaining genuine ones in a world full of scammers might be difficult as duplicates can be found almost anywhere these days, from the internet to your local shoe store.

However, having basic knowledge about the qualities of genuine items and the distinctive properties of fakes will help you identify the real from the fake ones.

Fortunately, we will cover all of these aspects and much more in this article. So be ready to go deep into it because it will be well worth your time and money. Keep scrolling to have more insight.

Original Cool Grey 11 2021

The fact that original Jordan sneakers ensure high-quality performance is the primary reason for their uniqueness. They provide excellent comfort and support as high-quality shoes, unlike other counterfeit items on the market. As a result, they can be worn for long durations without discomfort.

Moreover, original ones are also available in various styles, making them popular among fashionistas, sports, and celebrities. The original cool grey 11 features a sturdy water-resistant leather top, a curved heel, and the standard icy blue sole, which looks great and helps prevent premature yellowing.

The genuine cool grey 11 is available in cool grey color with a logo sewn onto the tongue in such a manner that it is slightly curved downward. These are some of the qualities of original cool grey shoes.

5 Amazing Tips To Spot Real Vs. Fake Cool Grey 11 2021

Pay attention to the following tips, as they will assist you in identifying the difference between real vs fake cool grey 11 2021 in a matter of seconds.

1. Check Overall Shape/Contour 

Examine the shoe’s overall shape, particularly the heel. The real Jordan cool grey 11 has a curved heel, whereas the fake has a more straight appearance. There’s another thing to keep in mind.

A wavy line can be seen running along with the midsole if you look at the side of the shoe. However, this line should be thinner and closer to the midsole in the real one, although the fake shoe line is slightly larger and away from the midsole.

2. Check Logo

Another easiest way to detect if cool grey is fake or not is to check the trademark Jordan Jumpman. Logo. Look for any aspects of the logo that are out of proportion. Also, check that the logo is in the correct location at the shoe’s tongue.

The arms and legs of the real jump man logo should be identical in size and stitched in high-quality thread. On the other hand, many fakes have the Jump man’s arms or legs positioned improperly, as well as logos placed on the side of shoes and made of vinyl or with low-quality embroidery.

3. Check Toe Box

The toe box is another good way to tell the difference between real vs fake cool grey 11 2021. So have a look at the toe box rubber, which is more translucent than the original, to the point that the color of the shoe can be seen through it.

Furthermore, the rubber’s shape should be more curved and defined. The toe box of the fake, on the other hand, is not translucent and is slightly raised upward.

4. Check Label

The inside tag of the shoe should have a nine-digit style number. To make sure they match, compare this number to the original webpage description. If you look at the box, you should find the same information on the manufacturing label.

The logo should be printed on this label, which should be placed on the side of the box. On the other hand, fake ones come with a ten-digit style number that cannot be scanned against a website.

5. Check Outsole

The outsole is another feature you check in these shoes. The originals are composed of carbon fiber for maximum comfort and have sharp edges that match each other like a chessboard. However, the carbon fibers on the Jordan 11 cool grey replica have a gap in their pattern and have rounded corners.

What Does SE Stand For In Cool Grey Shoes?

SE stands for “Special Edition.” On certain auspicious occasions, festivities, and significant events, Jordan shoe businesses offer a limited-edition collection. Because they are only released on particular occasions, the entire collection is branded as a limited edition.

How Can You Prevent Scuffing On Your Jordans Cool Grey?

  • To avoid scuffing, dilute a tiny amount of shoe cleaning serum in a small container half-filled with lukewarm water.
  • Wrap a cloth around the inside of the shoe to keep it from getting wet.
  • Using the bristles of a gentle brush, mix the solution.
  • Then, using a brush, apply the mixture to your shoes and wait 5 minutes.
  • Then wipe the mixture from the shoes with a gentle cloth.
  • And that’s all you are done with.
  • However, remember that you should always use a brush to avoid ruining Jordan’s stunning leather.

Do Cool Grey 11 Run Small Or Big?

In general, the Jordan 11 is a shoe that always fits true to size. It has a unique midsole, making it extremely comfortable to wear on and off the court. However, for greater precision, you can check their website’s size grading system to select the size that best fits you.


To summarize, people who want quality and performance at a moderate price will prefer these shoes to others. However, having a fake one in your hands can ruin your mood and waste money. Give HowToTellFake.com A Try? Get Truth About Products, Reviews, and Sellers Before You Buy.

But we hope after reading our article you will be confident enough to differentiate between the real and fake ones as we have provided you with every detail about how to spot real vs fake cool grey 11 2021. So what are you waiting for? Hurry up! Get yours before it’s too late.

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