“Is it exhausting to depend on a flashlight that runs out of battery within an hour and leaves you hanging in the middle of your work? If yes, we are here with a solution to their problem.”

OLIGHT S2R II 1150 Lumens EDC Flashlight USB Magnetic Rechargeable Torch Light Equipped with Variable-output Side Switch and Dual Direction Pocket Clip (S2R II)

We understand that you are stuck with a flashlight that hardly cooperates with you when you need it. Your flashlight runs out of battery sooner than later. Also, it fails to lighten the area to ensure visibility.

Since you have to use a flashlight almost daily, dealing with this flashlight is frustrating when it stops working in the middle of your work when it does not illuminate the area you want to see completely; thus, making it hard for you to see.

Therefore, we will discuss OLIGHT S2R II 1150 Lumens EDC Flashlight to provide you with a solution to your problem. Without making you wait any longer, let’s dive into the article!

What Makes Olight S2R Baton II Flashlight Special?

Olight S2R Baton II is a flashlight made to assist you in maneuvering dark areas with ease and convenience. Coming in a compact size, it is easy to carry everywhere. Also, the body of the flashlight is composed of small squared texture milling. It will allow you to have a firm grip on the S2R flashlight.

S2R II flashlight is known to give a maximum output of 1,150 lumens. With 1,150 lumens production and a TIR lens, the flashlight gives a balanced beam. Also, the peak beam distance of the balanced beam is about 147 yards.

OLIGHT S2R II 1150 Lumens EDC Flashlight has a rechargeable lithium battery with a maximum runtime of 6 days. Besides, it has a switch on the side, which serves many functions. This switch will allow you to choose any three standard modes, including moonlight, strobe, and turbo mode.

S2R Baton II comes with two-way pocket clips, which are made of stainless steel. You can hang the flashlight on your pocket, backpack strap, cap brim, and belt by using these clips. Furthermore, the flashlight has a magnetic tail. If there is an iron surface, you can attach the S2R II to it using this tail.

Last but not least, the S2R II flashlight is waterproof and damage-proof; thus, it will not be damaged by water or any fall.

What Are The Awesome Features Of Olight S2R Baton II Flashlight?

  • Longer Battery Life

The long-lasting battery life of the S2R II is a commendable feature. The battery can keep running for six days straight. Due to the amazing battery life, the Olight flashlight can be used for an extended period. So, if your work requires continuous flashlight usage, you will face no trouble related to the battery running out mid-work.

  • 1,150 Lumens and TIR Lens

Olight S2R II produces 1,150 lumens. It also possesses a TIR lens. Both the lumens and lens are responsible for the creation of a beam that is balanced. The availability of such a beam makes the surroundings extra bright, making every nook and corner visible. Thus, you will face no difficulty observing your surrounding with this flashlight, even in a dark place.

  • Battery Indicator

S2R Baton II has a side switch, which serves multiple functions. One of the functions includes showing the percentage of the battery remaining by using three colors. With a battery indicator, you will see if your flashlight needs immediate charging or not. Thus, you will not have to fear your Olight S2R II flashlight dying on you without any warning.

  • Faster Charging Cable

In the box of the flashlight, there is an MCC 1A charging cable. This cable can charge your battery in a short time. Thus, even when you are in an emergency with no charge in the battery, you can charge it instantly. So, using this cable will save you from the trouble of going through a long waiting period while your battery is being charged.

Pros and Cons of Olight S2R Baton II Flashlight


  • Outstanding battery life.
  • Compact size.
  • Great beam distance.


  • Expensive.
  • Poor clip design.

Benefits Of Using Olight S2R Baton II Flashlight

  • It is a durable flashlight and will not be damaged by water or any hit. Thus, you can use it for many years.
  • There are many light modes available in Olight S2R II, which you can choose according to your need.
  • Having an Olight S2R flashlight will prevent you from using the flashlight of your phone.


To conclude, OLIGHT S2R II 1150 Lumens EDC Flashlight comes with features that make it suitable for any person who uses a flashlight daily. Taking it to different places is convenient as it comes in a small size.

Also, the perfectly balanced beam and an extended battery life ensure that you get a better view of your surroundings for a more extended period. Moreover, the availability of two dual-direction pocket clips will keep your hands free.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy Olight S2R Baton II and illuminate your life instantly!

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OLIGHT S2R II 1150 Lumens EDC Flashlight FAQS

No, Olight S2R Baton II does not focus. The intensity level of this flashlight is sufficiently excellent that you will not feel the need to focus.
No, the lens is not made of glass. It is an upgraded TIR lens, which cannot be shattered. Also, you cannot scratch it because it is countersunk inside the body.
If your S2R II flashlight battery goes bad, you can replace it with a new battery. You can buy the new battery directly from the brand, Olight.
Yes, you can use Olight S2R II flashlight while it is getting charged.
No, AA batteries are not compatible with S2R II. You can only use a rechargeable 18650 battery with it.

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