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DEWALT Mechanics Tools Kit and Socket Set, 108-Piece (DWMT73801)

How Did I Tell You that this Toolset is the Favorite of Many Mechanics?

  1. Because I’m also related to the Mechanical field, I know many mechanics who admire this toolset.
  2. Forget my word look at the ratings that this toolset has achieved in Amazon.

Ratings by feature,

  • Sturdiness 4.8
  • Durability 4.8
  • Value for money 4.8

Out of 6000 plus feedbacks, 108 Piece DEWALT Mechanic ToolSet has got 4.9 stars. Well, mechanics are hard critics. You can not achieve decorated feedback like that if this was toolset was not up to the standards.

It’s time for you to read the article and decide whether this is the ideal toolset for you.

Does 108 Pieces Toolset match Your scope of Mechanic Work?

This is the first thing you have to decide when you are buying this toolset. Because for someone who rarely does anything related to mechanical work, this toolset might seem too much. But if you are someone who has a garage workshop or fixes your vehicles on your own, 108 Pieces are never too much.

Let’s first look into the quality of this toolset because that will be common to each and every tool included here.

How Good is the Production Quality of the 108 Piece DEWALT Mechanic Toolset?

  • When you get any tool onto your hand, you will see the excellently detailed finish on each of them. When you attach any socket to the ratchet, you will feel everything is a perfect fit.
  • That’s about the fine finish of these tools. Every tool has a quality chrome vanadium finish. Because of this, DEWALT Mechanic Toolsets are durable and able to withstand high torques.
  • In many toolsets, manufacturers neglect the quality of bit sets and hex key sets. I have seen many such tools wear off fast. But DEWALT has not ignored their bit sets or hex key sets like that.
  • Another significant feature I noticed in these tools was knurled control ring for better grip. I think that made my jobs much faster.
  • You can’t ignore the high-quality vinyl grip bit driver. It gives a fine grip too.

What are the Tools Found in 108 Piece DEWALT Mechanic Toolset?

  1. 1/4 in Drive 6pt sockets 16
  2. 1/4 in Drive 6pt deep socket 8
  3. 3/8 in Drive 6pt sockets 15
  4. 3/8 in Drive 6pt deep sockets 8
  5. 3/8 in x 1/4 in Reducing Adapter 1
  6. 3/8 in Drive 3 in Extension 1
  7. 1/4 in Drive 3 in Extension 1
  8. 1/4 in Pear Head Ratchet 1
  9. 3/8 in Pear Head Ratchet 1
  10. Standard hex key 14
  11. Metric hex key 14
  12. Nut driver bit 5
  13. Speciality Bit 22
  14. Vinyl grip multi driver 1

You can find every tool included in the above list in your 108 Piece DEWALT Mechanic Toolset. Now let’s see what all these tools are for and the sizes each set comes with.

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) and Metric

You can find two types of numbering systems in these tools. Those are SAE and Metric.

  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Numbering

In the SAE system, tools use inches for the numbering. Toolsets with this numbering system are used for American-made vehicles and machines.

  • Metric Numbering

In the Metric system, tools use millimeters for the numbering. Toolsets with this numbering system are used for foreign-built vehicles and machines.

1/4 in Drive 6pt Sockets and 3/8 in Drive 6pt Sockets

Based on the requirement, you can select any of these sockets. These types of standard sockets are used in basic projects all the time. Two extensions can be used to connect sockets to the ratchet.

1/4 in Drive 6pt Deep Sockets and 3/8 in Drive 6pt Deep Sockets

You can use deep sockets to reach bolts located deep in your vehicle. As I said before, you can use extensions with these sockets as well.

Take a good look at all the sizes available on the two tables. DEWALT has given you a variety of sockets by expanding them in between standard and deep sockets.

Two Hex Key Sets

These two also come as standard and metric hex key types. As I mentioned before, these hex keys match different machinery. You can find 14 hex keys in each set.

All the hex keys come in a dedicated key holder. Because of this, you will never misplace or lose your hex key. Holder has numbers printed over every hex key holding spot.

1/4 in Pear Head Ratchet and 3/8 in Pear Head Ratchet

DEWALT has included another ratchet into this instead of an adapter. I like this addition because I can share the additional ratchet with someone else to work on a vehicle simultaneously.

Two Tool Boxes

This came to me as a surprise tbh. Because there was an additional toolbox in the original toolbox. The small box is to store the specialty bit set and other related tools. Both toolboxes are well built and have a separate space for every tool.


Words may not be enough to express the quality of the 108 Piece DEWALT Mechanic Tool Set(DWMT73801). But I think you came to the conclusion that this toolset has everything you need. If you go through the reviews and confirm the quality of the product, I don’t think you need to think twice about purchasing one for yourself.

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