“Do you wish to hit the slopes but cannot find the best water ski jacket to bear all the cold, plus look amazing having it on? The hunt to invest in the best ski jacket can be a bit overwhelming. With so many brands, fabrics, styles and colours to decide from, it is hard to figure out where to start and can be exhausting.”

QPNGRP mens waterproof ski snowboard jacket have more to present than just being affordable. It is best for winter outdoor sports, hiking, mountaineering, cycling, hunting and of course, skiing and snowboarding. It has SBS full front zipper with well-made buttons, a stand collar, and so much more, you will find out in this article.

To put an end to your exploration of finding the best waterproof ski snowboard jacket, we have brought you the review for the QPNGRP mens waterproof ski snowboard jacket and tell you how it can be the best investment of your life, along with some tips and tricks on what features to look for before buying a ski jacket. Stay with us till the end of this article, and you will get to know everything you should know!

Incredible Features of the QPNGRP Mens Waterproof Ski Snowboard Jacket

1. Detachable Hood

QPNGRP is a flexible yet trendy clothing line. The detachable & adjustable storm hood can protect your neck, head and ear from harsh icy winds and arctic temperatures. It maintains warmness and comfort during the cold days because of the built-in insulation layer of the storm hood and won’t let you overheat on the warm days due to the same detachable layer.

2. Fabric Shell

The fabric shell is made of the finest quality polyester fabric, water-resistant, long-lasting and abrasion-proof. The micro-pores composition of the fabric wicks moisture is breathable and dries up faster.

3. Inner And Chest Pockets

Pockets are an essential part of jackets as it makes it easier for you to carry your belongings. The QPNGRP mens waterproof ski snowboard jacket comes with one waterproof zippered chest pocket on the left on the outside of the jacket, along with 2 zippered hand pockets. It also comes with 1 zippered internal secure pocket suitable for carrying a wallet, passport, and other accessories.

4. Stand Collar And fleece lining

It also has an adjustable stand collar, gives you additional warmth, acts as a shield, and can safeguard your ears and head from cold wind. On top of that, it has SBS full front zipper with two snap button closures, is strong and well made, and is guaranteed to hold up for years. The jacket also has a soft fleece lining cotton that quickly accumulates heat to keep you toasted.

Pros and Cons of QPNGRP Mens Waterproof Ski Snowboard Jacket


  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Multiple pockets
  • Removable hood


  • Limited sizes
  • Poor quality material used

Tips For Buying The Ultimate Snowboard Ski Jacket

Staying warm on the mountains or in the snow is one of the most crucial features of having a delightful experience. Nothing can destroy a ski trip more than sporting a useless jacket to keep your body heat at a comfortable degree. You won’t have to surrender style for comfort.

1. Waterproof

The main reason you need a snowboard ski jacket should be to protect you from the elements. It is potentially an important attribute, as this restrains water from penetrating your shell. The degree of waterproofing will be shown as numbers signifying the water test.

10,000mm is average and should be the rock bottom level you should judge for any snow jacket. 20,000mm would be high, and anything beyond that would be sky-high. However, the higher waterproof rating can restrict the capability of the jacket to let moisture and escape the heat.

2. Breathability

At the same time, the breathability factor also plays a vital role while buying a snowboard ski jacket. Breathability means allowing moisture to escape from inside your jacket. If your jacket has a low breathability rate, it means all the moisture and sweat stays in your jacket, which will make you damp. Breathability is measured in grams, and the same principles apply to the breathability rating.

3. Insulation or Shell

Mainly there are 2 types of jacket that you can decide. First is the insulated one. It is made up of an insulating layer built with the jacket. The outside of the jacket is typically windproof and waterproof, while the insulation is made of synthetic fabric.

It provides more warmth but is slightly flexible. There is this rule where anything under 60 grams is mildly insulated and good for airy conditions, whereas anything over 100 grams is designed for extreme conditions.

The other is the shell ski jacket that is light and breathable and optimises mobility because it is a waterproof and windproof shell. The primary difference from above is the shell does not have any insulation, allowing you to add more layers underneath to manage your temperature.

If you choose a shell, be certain you understand how to hold your body warmth well using foundation and mid-layers.

Do You Need a Waterproof Jacket to Snowboard?

It doesn’t have to be waterproof; it just needs insulation to keep you warm. Your snowboarding or ski mid-layer is your most flexible layer. You can change to a thinner mid-layer or remove it entirely.

Is Polyester Waterproof for Snow?

Polyester is not 100% waterproof but is safe to use for everyday conditions, such as being out in snow or rain but not immersed in water for a longer time.

Should a Ski Jacket be Tight?

Your ski jacket should be able to fit you well enough to keep you cosy without any layers but not too tight; those layers would make you feel tight or clunky.


Picking out the right ski jacket is all about taking care of the conditions you might experience on the mountain, in the rain or the snow. Some people go for a shell for flexibility, and some go for a bit of insulation to keep the cold at bay.

In contrast, the budget-seekers like all-in-one functionality and with QPNGRP men’s waterproof ski snowboard jacket comes with all the qualities, whether it be waterproof, breathability, windproof or insulation, and it is also very affordable.

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