“Are you worried that the label on your crocs ‘Made In Vietnam’ is a fake one? Have you been asking the question: where are crocs made? Well, we have the answers right here. Crocs offer a comfortable pair of footwear worn all over the world. You’ll notice that different pairs have different manufacturing labels.”

The variation might leave you confused, doubting the authenticity of the pair. Would a high-quality shoe like the one from Croc Inc. really be manufactured in China? Knowing the manufacturing site is important for you because it helps you determine the quality of the product.

We understand the urgency of your situation, which is why in this article we’ll be answering the question: where are crocs made? We’ll also be going over why the shoe company went for these locations and not others. So, keep reading.

List Of Locations

Crocs is a Canadian company founded by Lyndon Duke Hason and George Boedecker Jr back in 2002. However, despite being Canadian in origin, that’s not where the shoe-wear company chooses to manufacture its goods.

Surprisingly, the company does not oversee production itself but instead outsources to third party manufacturers. So where are crocs made? The locations for different manufacturing sites are as follows:

  1. China
  2. Vietnam
  3. Italy
  4. Bosnia
  5. Mexico
  6. Indonesia
  7. Argentina
  8. Romania

In the previous years, a major part of the manufacturing used to take place in Mexico, but the business has mainly shifted to China now. Crocs manufactured at different sites show slight variation and are not the same. You can find out where your pair was made by looking at the tag located at the bottom of the shoe.

Why Here?

These locations are, in fact, not random and have been chosen for the local benefits they bring for production. Here’s a list of reasons.

1. Better Resources

Countries like China offer low prices for resources needed to manufacture Crocs. Materials like rubber and foam are readily available outside the USA and Canada for much cheaper rates, which is why the company has made the smart decision and set up shop in such areas.

Doing so also reduces the transport cost of resources since these materials are locally available. If they opened a manufacturing plant in America or Canada, they would lose money on transport of these resources.

2. Cheaper Labor

Labour outside the USA also comes cheap. The minimum wage is low in countries like Vietnam and China, which is all the more reason for Crocs to manufacture their shoes since they wouldn’t lose a lot of money on paying their employees.

Although the labour is cheap, it doesn’t in any way compromise the skills of the company’s employees. A workforce comprising, let’s say, Chinese or Vietnamese folks are equally as efficient as USA based workers. They’re all well aware of the level of care that goes into manufacturing each pair.

3. Considerable Consumer Audience

A lot of thought went into establishing plants at these locations, and one factor that made these sites ideal for doing so was the fact that the shoes were in high demand in these countries. There is a considerable consumer audience in these places who are seeking out comfortable shoes like Crocs.

Setting up shop in these places comes with advantages like an easier delivery system and reduced shipping costs. Customers can get their pairs quite easily and in due time and even reach out to customer support which would be a little harder to do if Crocs was a foreign-based company.

4. Friendly Laws

The USA doesn’t have friendly laws for promoting businesses. These laws can hinder the production growth of these companies and put them at a loss. Instead of opting for illegal, companies like Croc Inc. opt for setting up their base of operations outside the USA.

Countries like China have much better commercial laws that, in fact, promote large-scale business production.

5. Reduced Cost Of Production

All these benefits add to reduce the overall cost of production for the company. They get to cut back on resource costs, transport costs, and employee salaries, all the while they end up with a high-quality comfy shoe.

Some pairs might need to be shipped to the USA for final touches, but in most cases, the entire manufacturing process takes place on foreign land at a cheap cost, allowing the shoe company to rake in thousands of dollars in profits.

Are Crocs plastic or rubber?

Crocs use neither plastic nor rubber. Instead, they are made from closed-cell resin made from polymer. The synthetic material is responsible for giving the shoe that scratch resistance. Additionally, the material also makes the pair slip-resistant.

Additionally, the material known as croslite is non-toxic, odor-resistant and does not leave any marks when the shoe is worn for a long time.

How long do crocs last?

Crocs last you a long time. These pairs rarely wear out. The material used in their construction is robust. Over time, the foam may get compressed, but they’re still wearable. You can extend the life of your pair by taking care of them.

Make sure to protect them from sunlight and avoid hard surfaces.

How can you tell if crocs are fake?

You can tell if your crocs are the real deal or not by feeling the distinct circulation nubs under your foot sole. You should also check if the footbed has the authentic Duke logo. An authentic pair will display two eyes of the Duke on the front, and six even bumps on the back.
Additionally, each croc has a unique barcode that doesn’t match any other pair in the world. If it does, the shoe is most likely a fake.


Summing it up, Crocs are the most comfortable pair of shoes out there. The shoes are not manufactured in the US or Canada but in countries like China, Mexico, Vietnamese, Italy, etc. Setting up a manufacturing plant in these locations has proven to be the right move for the company.

Benefits include reduced wages, reduced production costs and an effective delivery system. The best part is that the quality of the shoes holds at each of these locations. So you’re safe whether you buy a pair from China or Italy.

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