“Are you a cowboy and love wearing wranglers? Or are you an old-fashioned lover? Well, Wrangler is a famous American brand known as Wrangler western wear. The brand recently launched, in competition to classic 13 MWZ jeans, a premium performance cowboy jean, and named it 47 MWZ.”

Wrangler has surprised its customers by updating their jeans of 13 MZW after almost six decades. 13 MWZ has been in the market since 1947, and it is causing curiosity in customers as to why wranglers felt the need for upgrading.

You will be presented with a wrangler 47MWZ vs 13MWZ in this article. After reading this article, you will get to know the information about both jeans and get to know the similarities and dissimilarities between both.

Wrangler 47mwz Vs 13mwz

Wrangler has taken all of the classic elements of the 13 MWZ and added features that bring enhanced performance capabilities. While designing the 47 MWZ, Wrangler considered what the working cowboy of today really needs and wants. Whether it’s riding, ranching or just enjoying the day at hand, Wrangler was passionate about getting their rights; they talked to hundreds of consumers over two years.

Ultimately they found that above everything, this core consumer needs a comfortable, durable gene that he can depend on. In both premium performance cowboy cut jeans styles, they added a more comfortable waist, ring-spun, broken twill denim that not only last 20% longer but is more comfortable. Flat inside seams for added comfort and durability, larger front scoop pockets and a watch pocket large enough to hold a cell phone.

Each premium performance cowboy cut style includes all of these great features; these have two different fits, the 13 MWZ original fit and the 47 MWZ regular fit, which offers everything that the 13 MWZ does with a more tailored fit through the seat thigh area.

Comparison between Wrangler 47mwz and 13mwz

Here is the comparison between Wrangler’s cowboy jeans.

  • Design

Wrangler 13MWZ

The 13 MWZ fits originally. These jeans are best suited with your best-loved pair of boots. These jeans comfortably fit in your thigh and waist. 13 MWZ gives the shape of a cone which is loved by Wrangler’s customers and ultimately is the reason why customers love it.

Wrangler 47 MWZ

The 47 MWZ is more comfortable than 13 MWZ as Wrangler has included a 22 per cent longer ring-spun shattered denim. Denim is known as a pure and durable form of cotton; if we talk about a 22 per cent increase, then it is the best option so far.

  • Classic Cowboy Jean

Wrangler 13MWZ

Wrangler jeans are specially made for cowboys. 13 is a truly classic piece for champions and classic cowboys. Wrangler has almost seventy years of experience, and they know how to make their cowboys look good and comfortable.

Wrangler 47 MWZ

Wrangler 47 MWZ is also made for the same purpose but with some upgrades, like an extra room of waist and thigh.

  • Durable Materials

Wrangler 13MWZ

The durability of any product makes the product authentic. Wrangler 13MWZ is made up of durable material. These pants can be washed and dried. These jeans are made up of pure cotton denim.

Wrangler 47 MWZ

Wrangler 47 MWZ is superior to 13 MWZ in terms of 22 percent longer-lasting denim, making it more durable and comfortable.

  • Comfortable Wear

Wrangler 13MWZ

As mentioned above, both jeans are made up of pure cotton and are comfortable for wearing under any weather in any situation; whether you are on a field or at home, the 13 MWZ and 47 MWZ give you comfort.

Wrangler 47 MWZ

Wrangler 47 MWZ is more comfortable than 13 MWZ. These are made up of pure denim and can be worn even in the garage. It will give you comfort while working.

  • Pocket Styling And Colours

Wrangler 13MWZ

Wrangler 13 and 47 MWZ comes in a number of colours, having a number of pockets. Wrangler 13 MWZ has five-pocket styling and comes in 9 to 8 colours.

Wrangler 47 MWZ

On the other hand, Wrangler 47 MWZ has 4 pockets and comes in more than 11 colours. All colours give an attractive look.

Similarities between Wrangler 47mwz and 13mwz

  • Both jeans are from the Same famous company of American known as Wrangler
  • Both are made up of pure denim
  • Both are specially made for cowboys

What does 13mwz mean on Wrangler jeans?

13 MWZ is sort of code for Wrangler’s first-ever jeans that were designed almost six decades ago. You go into the market and see different types of barcodes on the products. The same goes with wrangler jeans; it is some sort of barcode or a product number. MWZ stands for men with zippers.

Why are Wrangler jeans so popular?

Durable material and experience in making jeans make Wrangler jeans that popular. In spite of their durability, they are also famous for their style. Also, using pure cotton or denim in their jeans makes them famous.

Which Is Better, 13mwz Or 47mwz?

No doubt, 13 MWZ has been loved by thousands or millions of people since the 1940s, but you cannot compare Nokia 3310 with iPhone 11 pro. 47 MWZ is the upgraded version and is much better than 13 MWZ. From all angles, 47 MWZ is the upgraded version of 13 MWZ and is the better option.


To conclude, wrangler 47MWZ vs 13MWZ was a difficult comparison as both pants are from the same company and from the same category. Wrangler 47MWZ vs 13MWZ both have almost a similar design. In terms of quality, both are good, but 47 MWZ is super good and will last longer. Variety in terms of colours is also the same.

The premium performance cowboy 47 MWZ cut has the same authentic classic look of the 13 MWZ but with enhanced features for comfort, durability and function between these two fits, the premium performance chain is the best thing to happen to cowboy cuts since 1947.

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