“Are you facing trouble in starting your car with depleted battery through a traditional jump starter? If yes, then we understand your problem. NOCO GB70 Jump Starter box is here to solve all your problems.”

We acknowledge that discharged batteries are a big issue that car owners usually face. Jump starting is the only solution to power the cars in this case. Traditional jump starters give a spark and fail to jump-start properly. If you fail to do so, the battery can catch fire when jumper cables are placed on it. Therefore, you require a high-quality jump starter box to power the cars efficiently.

NOCO Boost HD GB70 2000 Amp 12-Volt UltraSafe Lithium Jump Starter Box, Car Battery Booster Pack, Portable Power Bank Charger, and Jumper Cables For Up To 8-Liter Gasoline and 6-Liter Diesel Engines

Don’t worry because we are here with the best product for you. NOCO Jump Starter box can jump-start electric cars to truck diesel engines in seconds.

Let’s know more through this NOCO GB70 Review. Don’t Miss Our Picks of The Popular Articles: Best Selling and Top-Rated Jump Starter.

Best Qualities of NOCO GB70 Jump StarterBox

Nothing can beat a handy jump starter like NOCO GB70 that has the potential to kick start your vehicles like electric cars and diesel trucks with dead batteries. It is the best choice for vehicles with 12volt batteries because it can start them in a short time.

NOCO GB70 is safe to use as it comes with spark protection technology, vital for reverse polarity protection. This powerful jump starter has the power of 2000Amps and gives 15 Amp output. You can freely use it with eight litres gasoline engine.

However, if you are looking for a jump starter for your 6 liters diesel engine, NOCO GB70 Jump Starter would be the best fit for it. It is lithium powered and gives out 15700 joules of energy to jump-start a 12V battery in few seconds.

Keep on reading NOCO GB70 Review to know about the best qualities of this jump starter.

Unique Features of NOCO GB70 Jump Starter box

  • Ultra-Safe

You don’t need to worry about fire hazards due to incorrect connections because NOCO GB70 is ultra-safe. Its spark protection technology and mistake-proof design eliminate the chances of reverse polarity.

The chances of fire are eliminated because the sulfuric acid present in the battery could get no source of ignition. NOCO GB70 can safely connect to your 12V battery, and it can be your partner for long journeys.

  • Multi-Functional

NOCO GB70 has led flashlights to cope up with emergencies. The LED light has seven modes to adjust the light intensity. Moreover, you can also charge your tablets, smartphones, and USB devices by connecting with them through ports.

NOCO GB70 jump starter can be recharged in six hours with a 2.1 Amp port. It also includes SOS and emergency strobe. Moreover, you can charge all inverters and tire inflators through its 15 AMP output port by reading the NOCO GB70 Manual.

  • Advanced Design

NOCO GB70 jump starter has a compact design, due to which it beats many competitors of its kind in the market. It has all the functions enclosed in a single case, including the lithium charge technology. Due to its compact design, you can use it during bad weather too.

NOCO GB70 is water-resistant and molded with rubber that prevents scratches on the main surface. It weighs just 5 pounds, and you can charge it in two hours from the auxiliary port of your vehicle. You can easily attach it with a car battery after reading NOCO GB70 Manual.

  • Handy And Portable NOCO GB70

Due to the compact design, the NOCO GB70 jump starters are portable. You can take it anywhere with you because it requires no special place inside your car. NOCO GB70 is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for a lightweight jump starter.


  • Compact design
  • Spark proof technology
  • Portable
  • Rechargeable


  • Doesn’t work with heavy vehicles
  • Heavy on pocket

Tips to Use NOCO GB70 Jump Starter Box

The method to use this jump starter is mentioned in NOCO GB70 Manual. There are some tips that can help you to use the product safely.

  1. Never let the jumper cables come in contact with the battery’s sulfuric acid because it can lead to a spark.
  2. If the polarity is detected, remove the jumper cables from the battery.
  3. Always make tight connections for starting the cars through jump starter.
  4. Power on the jump starter after making connections with the battery.


Discharged batteries are often a problem for car owners because they don’t let them start properly. Jumpstarters are required to start the cars and power the batteries. Traditional jump starters produce a spark; that is why they are dangerous to use. NOCO GB70 jump starter is the best choice for you if you are looking for a compact and spark-proof jump starter.

It has amazing features mentioned in our NOCO GB70 review like mistake-proof design, led flashlights, and USB charging ports to charge your devices. Hopefully, this article helped you to solve your problem. Give MyJumpStarters.com A Try? Best Selling and Top-Rated Jump Starter.

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NOCO GB70 Jump Starter Frequently Asked Questions

NOCO GB70 Jump Starter can easily turn on 8ltr gasoline and 6ltr diesel engine because it has 12-volt power. It can supply 2000Amperes that is enough to start an engine. Therefore, if you are planning to buy NOCO GB70 Jump Starter for a 3.5-liter turbo diesel engine, it is a good choice for you.
No, NOCO GB70 Jump Starter has no effect on the computer systems in modern cars as long as the original battery is inside. Keep the vehicle battery inside the vehicle, and don't use the boost pack as a stand-alone battery. This will never let the jump starter affect the computer system of modern cars.
If you are looking for a jump starter for your car, you should buy the NOCO GB70 jump starter because it has amazing features. It is portable and handy because all the elements are enclosed in a rubber molded compact case. Moreover, spark protection and mistake-proof design make it a product worth buying.


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