“New York City has always been a great option for vacations and visits. The city, made up of 5 boroughs, as distinct neighborhoods. It doesn’t matter if you are visiting the city for the first or not. Whether you prefer a quiet neighborhood or a location in the heart of the city, you have a wide variety of places to stay in New York City for different categories of people. If you know your way around, you will definitely find something that’s just for you.”

Where Are the Best Places To Stay In New York For A First-Timer?

If you are visiting New York for the first time, Midtown is one of the best places to stay. It covers the Manhattan island area with the East River and the Hudson River on the east and west borders respectively. A large percentage of the occupants of this area are tourists.

Midtown is a perfect choice for first-timers because there are lots of great sights in the area. Most of the hotels in Midtown are a walking distance away from famous sights like central park, times square, and 5th avenue. So, the transportation costs and time is less once you lodge here.

The area also hosts a lot of hotels with a wide range of prices. Although the cost of the hotel rooms is noticeably higher in comparison with other locations, they come with many generous deals and offers.

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Where To Stay In New York If You Are A Luxury Lover?

The upper east side of New York is a great location for visitors with a fondness for exotic shopping and luxury. It is a quiet high-class neighborhood popularly known as a home to the elites. The upper east side is characterized by lots of lavish boutiques and elegant buildings.

It is also an ideal location to lodge if museum exploration is the main purpose of your visit. The museum mile, where you find the most famous New York museums, is situated in this neighborhood. Hence, you could easily stroll from your hotel accommodation to the museum(s) of your choice for a delightful exploration experience. There is hardly a need to spend extra cash calling a cab.

Where Are The Best Places To Stay In New York If You Are On A Romantic Getaway?

This is not the first time you will be visiting New York City. you are here with your partner this time around to enjoy a more indigenous New York lifestyle away from tourist-packed areas. Both Greenwich Village and Chelsea are excellent options for you. Both neighborhoods are located on the west side of the Manhattan borough.

You have access to lots of nice restaurants in the different price ranges. You could also get accommodations at affordable prices. There are lots of swanky clubs, comedy clubs, and jazz bars in the area. Places like the Statue of Liberty, wall street, and even the Brooklyn bridge aren’t too far away. In the company of your partner, you could explore the city further through a short train ride.

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Where Are The Best Places To Stay In New York If You Are A Hipster?

Soho and the lower east side are ideal neighborhoods for hipsters. Located in the lower region of Manhattan, New York, the majority of the residents of these areas are the city’s locals. Although they are quite far from famous sights, this region still contains a lot of affordable restaurants and trendy boutiques.

In addition to this, there are lots of nice spots to enjoy live music. Coolhunters and hippies would most likely love this part of New York. Soho is notable for its art and design shops as well as its cast-iron buildings. Also, you can more easily reach other city locations from Soho and the lower east side area.

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Where Can I Stay In New York If I Am On A Budget?

Queens is one of the five boroughs of New York City. Accommodations in this area cost far less here than in Manhattan and many of the other areas in New York. In the Queens district, you get more value for money by getting pretty decent rooms at very affordable prices.

Apart from the cheap hotel prices, it is only 15 minutes subway ride to Midtown. Hence, it is not too far away from the famous attractions in the city. You also get to enjoy the city’s extensive skyline view.

New Jersey is also a great option for cheap accommodations. Even though it is another state entirely, it is just across the Hudson River very close to Manhattan. You should check out hotels in Newark. You don’t get the beautiful view of Manhattan but you spend far less getting good accommodation.

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Where Is The Best Place To Stay In New York When Visiting With Family?

Are you planning to visit New York with your kids or family? You should consider the upper west side. The area has a lot of parks, playgrounds, and a children’s museum which makes it perfect for fun family time.

You can enjoy the green atmosphere while your kids have fun with various sports and games at the park. With the subway lines and buses, it is fairly convenient to move around with your family in the city.

Additionally, the upper west side is one of the safest and most quiet neighborhoods in the City. The hotels here have family accommodation options with very reasonable prices too.


To avoid unnecessary travel costs and time, you will need to choose your accommodation location. Of course, you do this with your budget and the purpose of your visit in mind. To fully enjoy the best the city has to offer you can follow this guide of the best places to stay in New York for an idea of the best options for you.

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